The Wall Hitting Drill for Baseball

Hey, what’s going on guys? I got another great
hitting drill for you today and it’s called The Wall Hitting Drill. All we’re going to
do in this hitting drill is very similar to The Wall Pitching Drill or the Net Drill that
I’ve got on my website. You’re going to stand close to a wall when
you’re taking your swing. Now, what happens is, if you don’t gain enough ground off your
back leg going forward, what’s going to happen is you’re going to hit that wall with your
bat. Okay? Now, what I don’t want to see is guys taking this swing from here and cutting
it off short. Okay? That defeats the purpose of the drill. What I want you to focus on
is having a good swing plane so that you’re getting your bat into a good position and
swinging through, but getting enough momentum while gaining enough ground away from that
wall so that you’re not hitting it with the bat. So, it looks a little something like this.
I just like to get onto it where my elbow is touching on the back side. So, my elbow’s
touching right here and I’ve gained some ground going forward. It didn’t touch. The main thing
you want to focus on in this hitting drill is having the correct mechanics. You don’t
want to change anything because the wall is back there. You want to get into a good swing
plane, drive on through that ball, but gaining some momentum away from that wall. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe
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7 thoughts on “The Wall Hitting Drill for Baseball

  1. Im not sure about this drill john?? I dont want to see the kid carry the bat forward with him as he over strides to get AWAY from the wall..Im a big believer of TIP and RIP..i think the tip FORCES a kid to keep his hands back..that in turn promotes stretch..the tip also promotes a swing path that comes naturally along with EARLY BARREL have a hard time carrying the bat forward with you when you are tipping concern is this drill PROMOTES carrying the bat forward and not keeping your hands back creating the stretch.??? 

  2. @wogdoggy I saw your comment but it went to the "spam" box.  I tried to recover it but it's not showing up.  I don't remember exactly what you wrote, but let me tell you why I like this hitting drill.  I like this hitting drill for guys who don't gain any ground going forward.  I see a lot of kids that stay over their back leg the entire time, or too long.  This drill is a good one for them to get the idea of going towards the baseball and then sitting back.  I agree with you about the "tip and rip".  I think those hand mechanics help with bat speed, but I also believe that you need to have some linear energy as well as rotational energy, as well as hand energy.  And yes, I did over exaggerate the swing from the side angle.  I wouldn't be a coach if I didn't over exaggerate and make things sound more important then they really are 😉  But in conclusion, I only use this drill on the guys who have little to no energy going forward.  Watch your favorite hitters is slow motion and draw a line at their back elbow before their swing starts and see if they hit that line when they swing.

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