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Who wrote these questions? F**k.
Oh my God. I don’t know.
I have no clue at all. Arey yaar. Ask.
Ask me questions, why aren’t you asking now? Till today, these people used to ask questions and you people used to laugh at our answers. And today we are going to ask you questions and when you people will not reply, then we will laugh. As you know the cricket season is going on…. we are going to do ‘The Ultimate Cricket Quiz’
with you all. And we bet you don’t know much about cricket. So do you like cricket? Yes. Do you watch cricket? Yes, a lot. Do you play cricket? ‘Gully Cricket’. Do you have any childhood cricket memory? How would you feel when
you had to pick the ball from a ditch? Yeah, my elder brothers used to tell me to go pick the ball from the ditch. So people are mostly ball boys, you were the ‘Naali boy’? Yeah, I was the ‘Naali boy’. Very good.
Very nice. Yeah I have fractured my
friend’s nose too, with my bat. Nice answers, so we’ll move on to the next participant. One, two, three action.
Tell me the names of ten cricketers. Sachin, Virat, Dhoni, Mark Wallace, Steve Wallace, Michael Bevan’, Michael Hussey. Sanjay Manjrekar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar. Shrinath, Zaheer Khan. Matthew Hayden. Mithali Raj. AB de Villiers. Lance Klusener.
That’s it. Robin Singh. Ratio. Please observe the ratio. Observe the ratio. First question. Sachin Tendulkar. Was it Sehwag? Tendulkar. Sachin. Sachin Tendulkar. That’s right.
Very good, right answer. Really? Of course. Yeah. Next question. Kumble. Kumble. Sudara Dakshina. Kuldeep Yadav. Kuldeep Yadav. Agarkarr.
Ajit Agarkar Bumrah. Kapil Dev. Yeah, it can be Kapil Dev. Yeah. Is he Indian? What did you say? Anil Kumble. Is he Indian? Jadeja. Jadeja.
She knows everything dude. Yeah, you come here.
Very good, very good. Next question. Tendulkar. Tendulkar.
Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar. May be Parthiv Patel. Yuzvendra Chahal. K. L. Rahul. Yuzvendra Chahal. Chahal. Parthiv Patel. Parthiv Patel. Parthiv Patel. Was that right? That was the right answer. Next question. I think it’s Virat Kohli. Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma. Kohli or Dhoni. Kohli. Virat Kohli I’m assuming.
It has to be Virat Kohli. Am I getting something for this? Of course you’ll get something for this. A perspective change. Oh damn!!! Do you really think that this quiz will be that easy? No, this looks like a very simple question. In all your answers, there’s one thing wrong. What? Do you know what is wrong? My answer is wrong. No. Then? Perspective. When we think about cricket,
what do we think about? Male cricketers. About the male cricketers. All the questions I asked just now, all these records were made by female cricketers. Oh really? Yes. Oh yeah. Women Indian Cricket.
Who is Mithali Raj? Captain. Captain.
Very good. Perspective. Ladies first. Ladies first.
It’s not about being ‘first’. Who said first? They are ahead. Ladies with us. Us with ladies. Again it’s all about perspective. Equality. Tell me one thing, if tomorrow there’s one Indian Cricket team in which there are men as well as women… then will you watch it? Definitely. Yes, why not? Yes, obviously. We’ll definitely watch it. Hundred percent. I don’t mind watching, both of the genders play together. Or any gender for that matter. Ananya is cool, be like Ananya. Yeah. When we started the video, we had no idea that so many people will surprise us… but people have surprised us. And those who did not surprise us, we surprised them… we might have changed their perspective. Its time for you to change your perspective. Follow the link below and vote… India’s first ever mixed gender T20 match. #challengeaccepted An initiative taken by Royal Challenge Sports Drink. Till then LIKE… SHARE. COMMENT down below. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to ‘OK TESTED’. Anchor Kanishk Priyadarshi signing out.

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cricket Quiz Feat. Indian Cricket Fans | Ok Tested

  1. First off, let me say that women ARE equal to men in almost every aspect of life. However when it comes to physical capabilities, women simply don't match up to their male counterparts; and this isn't meant to be a sexist remark, it's basic biology.
    Instead of a mixed cricket team, what we need is a 50% representation of women in the Lok Sabha, considering that half of India's population is female and men are taking unilateral decisions for both the genders. In the backdrop of national elections, I personally think that "Women in Politics" would be a more apt movement.

  2. Main Ni kar Raha kyunki royal challenge Vijay Mallya ka hai
    Chor sala ???? indians ki badduaon se hi uski team haar Rahi hai???

  3. Why we youngsters can't vote for this as we aren't above 25 ? Really !? Why such limitations in this great initiative ?

  4. wth..!!it says 25 above .dude uh can actually choose government at 18 but can not vote for this wonderful cause??sad

  5. These public interviews on OK tested look cool..Should continue doing these more I guess with the original testing content. Kanishk bro..Great job.

  6. A great initiative to encourage people to support equality. I have voted for the Mixed T20 match. OK TESTED I am impressed with YOUR PERSPECTIVE ?

  7. I am sure Mithai raj would score 100 when she faces 145 kmph bowlers and kohli would easily get out when he faces 120kmph bowlers …. KOHLI sir needs to practice more …?

  8. it's very pathetic that when I'm saying was the first cricketer to score double century in ODI as on Google even Google is saying that it is Sachin Tendulkar..

  9. Change the perspective. Can't give advertisement for alcohol, so let's make a sports drink. Ek teer do shikar. Change karo perspective yaar.

    Jokes apart, liked the video minus the choice of sponsor

  10. Best thing that they are talking about true equality not so called equallity with a hidden face of enequallity

  11. Thank you Kanishk for negating the notion "ladies first" and talking about equality.. this should be the perspective..

  12. Mixed gender match mai maza tab aayega jab Indian men cricket team ke batsman @PoonamYadav ko face karege .Fir Indian mens team ki asli takat pata chalegi.I mean woh bandi jara sa bhi pace ni deti hai khelne jo khelna hai apni takat se khelo.??

  13. Such a nice video honestly I thought it's gonna be one of those same videos again like asking people questions and stuff but I knew ok tested always come up with great content also Kanishk's personality, his way of communication made this video a wholesome wish I could double subscribe this channel honestly, please come up with more unique and flavorful video like this in the future team ok tested! Lots of love ?

  14. Kya chutiya quiz hai…..pehle bol na women's cricket questions bhi hain. What a time waste. Quiz Karke chutiye perspective change kar rahe hain.

  15. I thought it was a regular "on the street" kind of Video but OMG THE ENDING MADE IT ALL SPECIAL. I DON'T KNOW WHY I CRIED WATCHING THAT

  16. I loved that…it is not Ladies first. It should be Ladies With Us. Both genders should encourage eachother.

  17. Oh god, Kanishk, you r Soo damn cute. Especially when u said " Of course you will get something. A perspective change ?" Cutest. Love ur expression. Ok Tested ???

  18. Kuch sawal jyada hard the. I also follow cricket but agar kisi question ka answer parthiv patel ya jaddu ho to sorry man aap hr cricketer ko itna deep me follow nahi kr sakte

  19. Actually, Sachin is the first cricketer to score a double in Odis.. Because women's cricket is called WODI.. ODI means men's cricket by definition.. It's not a perspective change whatever it's just pushing woke propaganda..

  20. Second question.. Lack of clarity.. Does it mean that that player as played only 10 test matches and picked 40 wickets? I'm sure players have picked 40 wickets from 10 consecutive matches, or 10 given matches, or averaged better than 16 at any given day

  21. Apples and oranges. Most of them aren't even fans of women cricket. Cricket is nor cricket. Men's cricket and women's cricket very different. you should be doing this quiz with people who watch women's cricket like me.

  22. yaar kanishk bhaya big fan bhaya…. mood jesa bhi ho ur presence in the videos makes it changed…. the concept of the video i loved it yaar the perspective has changed thanks OK TESTED love u guys.

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