The Top Reason People Hate Golf!

today I’m starting a new series of why I
hate golf this is this will be Episode one of a billion episodes do you notice
anything about about what’s going on here
anything stand out to you they move over anything look at this there’s a there’s
a hole for a team the rubber teeth there’s a hole here one two there’s like
eight holes for them but there’s zero zero T’s come here loose range latest
it’s brand new like they redid the whole thing all these mats they’re all brand
new brand new mats how many of them are there look look at this look at all
these stations one two three four five six seven eight I counted them all okay
all the way to here it’s the last one there’s fifty two fifty two brand new
mats at this range look I know why you do it because those things cost like
fifty cents when you buy them involved they might cost a dollar you got fifty
two brand new mats those are pretty nice I have like three
mats at my house I had the motivo math they’re like a hundred box hunter box
these are better higher quality okay so let’s say your mats these great
mats cost two hundred dollars fifty two mats at 200 bucks that’s ten thousand
four hundred dollars okay you spent over ten grand on Brandi mat and you can’t
spend fifty bucks for some T’s you charged eleven dollars for a bucket of
balls I mean I dollar that could go towards the teeth you worried about
someone stealing a tee but you leave these fifty two brand-new mats out all
night I’m taking just joking I take it break yeah okay I
would never take a mat and steal the man I wouldn’t steal it come on give me a
break and you shouldn’t either but they leave all of these 52 mats out all night
long there’s no like security here or anything so gate and they’re worried
about people stealing a little teeth does that make any sense at all and by
the way they hate when you do this but you forced me to do it because I I never
bring a rubber T with me see I don’t wanna have to do that but
you make me you just force me to construct my own little tea
I mean who steal and tease anyways you guys if you’re stealing those things you
got bigger problems in your golf game okay you need some serious mental help
and I don’t know if anybody is there for you if you’re still a little rubber tea
out of the driving range just put him out here just to play we’re
paying to be here you know people wonder why the golf industry is struggling all
the time do you think maybe just maybe this might have something to do with it
especially when juniors and kids show up and they’re like how do I hit my driver
mom dad what do I do it’s kind of discouraging only in golf
no business would ever operate this way it would be out of business
oh gee I wonder why so many golf courses are closing around the country little
stuff guys little things that could make it such a huge difference I mean look at
my man back here he’s hitting he’s hitting off the grass just we can get
some some real life’s you know situations out here at the driving range
totally breaking all the rules but I love it because he is making it work for
him the golfing the golf industry golf courses listen up you guys make us feel
like we’re your enemy when we come out to practice and we’re paying to be here
it’s like you don’t want us here that’s what it feels like so I got to go into
enemy territory pay you and practice and you don’t even like me it’s my new best
friend hit not the grass this road here let’s start a movement
give us the rubber tease at the range please I’m begging you make it easy for
everybody just little stuff don’t spend ten grand and cheap out on
50 cents please help help everybody all right
it’s a little PSA from mr. short game I love you guys let me know what you think

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