The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Professional Football Players – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Reasons why people
hate Football Players 1) Money.
It’s no secret that these guys earn way too much money.
Being paid millions per season to kick around a plastic ball seems like complete madness.
And don’t even get me started on the lucrative sponsorship deals that these guys sign to
pedal their cars, their condoms and their … chickens? 2) Wanting even more money.
These guys earn so much that they could wipe their arses with banknotes everyday.
That doesn’t stop these prima-donna football players holding their teams to ransom, and
threatening to go elsewhere unless they’re given more money.
When a football team is smart enough not to give in to these crazy demands, here comes 3) Disloyalty.
Doesn’t matter that the team and their fans idolise you.
You go and sign for their arch rivals for more money.
Yeah, real classy move. Nobody likes ungrateful, disloyal football
players. And congratulations, you’ve just made yourself
a whole new army of enemies … and these ones probably know where you live. 4) Diving
In the world of professional sports, footballers are probably the softest athletes in the world.
Don’t touch his hair now, because he’ll probably clutch his face and act as if he’s
just been shot. Running alongside a footballer will probably
make him fall over in theatrical fashion, as any near-contact impairs their sense of
balance. 5) Cheating
Sportsmanship doesn’t apply here. Footballers have the most creative way to
con the referee. From phantom fouls to getting opposing players
sent off, there’s no limits to what these guys can pull.
Too bad there’s no instant replay like in other civilised sports. 6) Abusing the Referee
It takes a brave man to want to go to work every day to be treated like crap, verbally
assaulted and physically manhandled. And the thing is – it’s perfectly legal!
A football referee can’t do anything about it because there’s no rules against it.
Watch any American sport to see how referee’s should react to abuse from players. 7) Arrogance
Most pro football players think that because they’re rich and famous, they think they’re
above the Law. From parking their supercars anywhere they
please, to flaunting their cash everywhere, these footballers really take the piss. 8) Biting.
Okay, this really only applies to one player in particular.
But when they’re not biting someone and protesting innocence, some players are intentionally
trying to break someone else’s leg. Some players throw darts at their own teammates,
and some practice their kung-fu skills on random spectators. 9) Womanising
At some point, a professional footballer has probably slept with … a prostitute, a granny,
a teammates girlfriend, a family members wife … and pretty much everyone every female
that isn’t their own wife or girlfriend. 10) Jealousy
Is it the money, is it the fame, their athletic bodies or good looks?
Whatever it is, people are jealous … and that’s another fairly solid reason to hate
professional footballers. Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

80 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Professional Football Players – EXPLAINED!

  1. The reasons 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, and 10 apply to any major sport. Number 6 is a lie, since a ref can book any player if he's acting out of line (insulting, making offensive gestures, or even complaining too much), and if you cared to watch the sport you'd know that this commonly happens. This whole video seemed to be made by someone who doesn't like football at all, which is bizarre considering some of the other sports that are praised on thsi channel, like Gaelic and Aussie rules football.

  2. Well, some of this reasons are undoubtedly true. But keep in mind that others "civilized" sports also have excellent representatives in being undeniably stupid. Plus, having a picture of NFL referee when saying "civilized sports" is, with all sympathy to this sport, at least funny.

  3. All of these are through 🙂

    Putty they weren't more like rugby players then the sport wouldn't be that bad:(

  4. Difference between rugby players and soccer players

    Soccer way over paid
    Rugby the best players get the same amount a soccer player gets in a week even tho they have to put there body on the line take massive hits
    Play on under extream pain

  5. #2
    Soccer players always demand for more money even tho already overpaid
    Rugby players want more money but are happy enough if they have a fair contract

  6. #3
    Soccer players always swap clubs for money dosent matter what team it is
    Rugby players normally stick with there home club and very rarly move unless don't get game time our they get offered a lot of money
    Most rugby players earn 100-600 thousand a year and there the pretty good ones most players don't get over 400 thousand and the most a rugby player was offers was around 3 million for 2 years

  7. #7
    Soccer they always say racist stuff and are always in trouble
    Rugby respect everyone and rarely get in trouble by the law

  8. #8
    Soccer they do that shit alot
    Rugby is known for players biting ears and stamping on each other however since the tmo was introduced they are almost whipped out due to sever punishment if caught now the mostly throw punches till ref breaks it up

  9. #10 people arnt really jealous of rugby players. Many wish to be rugby players but with the pros u have to be ready to break arms legs shoulders concussions dislocations life long pains and aces constantly trying to stay fit for next match online soccer players
    Ladadado for 90 mins grand job now where's my weekly payment of 500,000 a week please? Oh yeah and some guy touch my hair book me into the hair dressers for tomoz OK?

  10. Gridiron/American football is more civilised than soccer?! You really are taking the piss.

    Gridiron is a pathetic excuse for a sport. All that man bashing with no actual sporting action.

  11. People hate footballers because they will never earn that kind of money they earn per week in a year and probably have no interest in football or even talk to a football fan in general. Also society is more and more narcissistic and more self absorbed so they don't give a rats anus about performers and achievers

  12. American football doesn't have these problems. But don't they also get like $200k a day? So money wise that's it

  13. A American athletes are innocent Saints right NFL player beats his wife it would be better if you had said they don't have to do these things NHL players fight each other all the time come on NBA players fight a lot be fair and stop behaving as if America is a saint.

  14. 'Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries' one of the best insults of all time – thanks to the Python boys! And you for reminding me!

  15. Every game should be reviewed after the game and any player caught diving should get a fine and a game for diving. Conversely, refs should be allowed to Red Card any player that touches them after a whistle. There's is NO reason to touch a ref after play has been stopped. They should also be allowed to Yellow card any player that verbally abuses them and be publicly mic'd up.They should also have an additional ref, whose job is to monitor players away from the ball.

  16. Well this video also shows alot of reasons I hate football players like
    They are paid for literally nothing and they are paid some GREAT money this is the same thing as being paid for smashing your head on a wall

    Also because they demmand EVEN MORE money for NOTHING once again
    they are greedy and unfriendly to newbies like whenever they are playing with a newbie they blame him because they lost the game and they are blaming you as if they lost the game of their lives like they would have gotten all the money in the world for winning that game and they dont want to understand that they are newbies

    Great Video tho

  17. I'm really glad, that there isn't any kind of instant replay in soccer. In my opinion it's an important point of the game that the referee have to decide instantly what's right or wrong and could not rely on the replay. To err is human and this wrong decisons make the game more emotionally and interesting to watch. On the other hand it could be very depressing to lose a game due to a goal scored by hand.
    To conclude everything, it's nearly perfect in the way it is and we don't need any more changes in the rules applying on the gameplay

  18. As someone who is just starting to watch and get into Soccer/Football I can say that I noticed #4 right away and find it truly pathetic. The slightest contact and they flop over and clutch themselves as if they'd just been stabbed. That kind of crying wolf takes away from the real fouls and is very unsportsmanlike. Grow a pair and play the game.

  19. I've never followed Association Football, its a minor sport here in NZ. I'm shocked at the physical and verbal abuse the refs get from some players (#6). That sort of behaviour is unacceptable in any sport. Reading some of the comments below, it seems that the players aren't penalised for it. Time for a change of the laws…. Is it called the laws of football? or the rules?

  20. Hang on a minute, I thought referees could do anything they want. They can send managers to the stands so I assumed that they were allowed to send players off for abuse?⁉❗

  21. Football is my life, but people in the army and doctors should be paid the most IMO. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best club player ever and Pele is the best national player ever. GOOD VIDEO!

  22. The reason footy doesn't have video playback becasue of blatter. Now hes gone hopefully footy will get it now.

  23. Rugby (and his son gridiron) is a sport invented by and for people who were not good enough to play football!!!! hahahahah the awful true!!!! jajaja

  24. When you have many different leagues with so many different teams and so many different players, you can probably find some things to hate on, but how about we try criticizing other sports too.

  25. Gotta disagree with number 6. There definitely are rules against abusing the referee. Even verbally disagreeing with a call he makes can be a Yellow card offense (Dissent). Swearing at, and especially touching the ref is a straight red (Abusive Language/Violent Conduct).

  26. There are some things that are true others a little overdone. Is the most popular sport on the planet and the most profitable, this is hardly going to change. Only accept that it hurts less.

  27. Soccer/Football is one of the softest sports? I like to see you get studs in your face, random bruises, getting pushed, and many more things, you can die in the sport, you can dive like Penaldo and get penalties and shit, but Soccer/Football is no soft sport. Yes, players are greedy so they dive, and get rewarded, penalties or free kicks, but Soccer/Football is no SOFT sport. I'd like you to play the sport.

  28. Hey Ninh, Do you think that international soccer leagues should adopt the Salary Cap/Designated Player rules (where the team pay most players only up to a certain amount and only let up to 3 (usually international players) go past it) and the draft System from America. As an MLS fan (sue me) I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts

  29. 1:25 I think the MLS (the Association Football Leauge in US/Canada) Does in fact use instant replays from time to time, why the others don’t is beyond me

  30. If you haven't ever played or actually watched more than 10 games please don't be stupid and make video about something that you're not capable to understand
    Thank you

  31. Dude what about NFL and NBA players that at any play they have the need to show the public who's the boss by making stupid poses and showing off their muscles?? Ridiculous

  32. Interesting. Football is my favorite sport and I admit that this video shows all defaults and negative points about this sport. About players sleep with teammate's wife/girlfriend, that also happens in ice hockey and I am from Canada. Every things Ninh mentioned in this video are true and there is no doubt about that.

  33. Oh yes, diving and abusing the referee. Since I first saw your video about the rules of kendo I keep fantasize myself being the head of FIFA and introducing the rule of canceling the point for disrespect and lack of fair-play. It's 1 to 0 for your team and you dive? It's 0 to 0. You simulate an injury? It's -1 to 0. You roar at the ref? It's -2 to 0. And so on.

    Edit – Biting: "Ok, this really applies only to one player in particular" 😆😆😆

  34. They're de facto encouraged to dive. If the rules encouraged acting hurt in rugby, their player would do it too

  35. I love football, but I agree with you.
    I hate disloyalty and holding teams to ransome and I hate how much clubs pay, they even pay like £1,000,000 for a crap player,
    Okay sometimes they pay about 100,000 pounds, but still that is so much money.

  36. So you are saying instead of paying the players, whom generated all this profit with their blood and sweat on the pitch and face potential career altering injury, and instead give the money no the corporate fat cats sitting around behind a table? what kind of retarded logic is that?

  37. Diving is absolutely disgraceful and unmanly. The sport of association football needs to undergo major reforms to make diving as unacceptable within the rules of the game as it is among fans of the game. Part of the referee's job description is to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage for their team. If pretending to be fouled so your team is given an opportunity to score a goal is not gaining an unfair advantage, then nothing is.

    Embellishment also has got to go. If you were not really fouled, stay on your feet like a man. If you really were fouled, then take it like a man. Nobody wants to see your open-mouthed grimaces of agony that wouldn't fly in an elementary school drama class. Toughen up, and BE A MAN. These kinds of childish histrionics make it very difficult to defend this sport against sneering cultural commentators who say it's an un-athletic farce that doesn't deserve to be called a sport.

  38. Very nice and honest review of the hatred. The diving culture is the true turn off when it comes to this sport: but if they ever get rid of it, soccer would be quite enjoyable to support and cheer for!

  39. I have a reason my self. The stupid rivalries. I have to be honest i didn't think roben would get gold medal for diving. Thinking Back to the stupid rivalries. I have a video idea "Ninh Explains The top 10 famous sport rivalries"

  40. The reason I hate football/soccer is because there fans.their fans are like a annoying swarm of wasps that you can’t get rid of

  41. Ok guys, i am sorry for i gonna be rude right now but i hope you will understand why, dont get me wrong, i cant say anything but truth! Yeah of course "people hate football players" and here are 10 reasons, but there is no need for 10 reasons, only one is! u know what? i really hate football and im always trying hard to avoid watching a football matches in TV just for one reason, they fake falls and act like pussies, they just fall on ground like snowflakes for no reason and screaming for help, cmon guys really explain me what u like in this sport, i really want to know!

  42. Diving! It and "softness" are probably the main reasons soceer is not big in Australia. And given half the population are immigrant it probably should be.

    When you have AFL, Rugby League and Union – well?

  43. #4, #4, #4, #4, #4, #6, #4, #4, #4 and #4.
    Note on #6 – the referee DOES have a tool in his arsenal, yellow card for Dissent. It just isn't used enough.

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