The Time Zack Morris Sucker Punched Slater Over A Girl He Just Met

– [Singer] Zack Morris is trash. (bell rings) – [Narrator] It’s the
first day of senior year. Zack’s eager to exploit
susceptible freshmen. Like this kid looking for the bathroom. Zack says freshmen pee at home, unless you buy one of his passes. – Duh
– Duh – [Narrator] It’s going to be a long year. Kelly wants to know who found
dates for the senior party. Zack says the hard part
is turning babes down. A lie. And Belding has
a c-plot wig. Who cares? Zack spies a new woman to harass
and demands her attention. Must be her first day. He’d
remember her beautiful face. – I bet you say that to all the girls. – Oh I do. But this time I mean it. – [Narrator] Zack’s corny
mind games somehow work. Slater takes the non-creep approach. Asking permission to sit, what’s her name, Joanna, and where she’s from. You know, normal human shit. Zack arrives late.
– Hey boys and girls! It’s time to rock and roll.
Let the party begin. (laughs) – [Narrator] To hold up
class like an asshole. Zack and Slater both met a girl. Slater says she has a pretty smile. Zack uses her to call another woman ugly. – She makes Madonna
look like Bart Simpson. – [Narrator] Slater sees
his special someone. Zack says, ” No dummy, that’s mine,” instead of talking to his
close friend of many years. Zack asks if Slater has invited her to the party yet, so
he can beat him to it. Instigating an awkward double
invite that overwhelms Joanna. Joanna wants time to think.
Zack signals they should not leave her alone
with her lady thoughts. Then, kicks Slater’s
chair to humiliate him. Unlike Slater, Zack does not
ask for permission to sit down, and crowds them at a desk meant for two. Causing a scene, Zack tries to resolve with unwanted touching, landing
them all extra homework. Slater apologizes for Zack. Zack offers to help Joanna
with the punitive assignments with a study session at his place tonight. Slater wants to take her to a
movie tomorrow, a real date. Instead of Zack’s sad transparent attempt to graze a butt cheek while
reaching for a pencil. – Put our heads together
so our minds can touch. – Really?
– Go with it. It’s a proven study technique. – [Narrator] Slater
interrupts Zack’s sham studies to say he owes him $20 and
he’s here to work it off, a valiant effort to guard
this young lady in peril, and remove Zack’s homework that is surely just a list of sneaky ways touch a thigh. Zack tells him to beat it. Joanna feels bad because
Zack is acting like a jerk, and invites Slater to
join because if they are in fact here to study,
the more the merrier. Slater takes Joanna on a legitimate date. Zack has Screech pose as a menacing usher. Then, hires a woman
pretending to be Slater’s mom to say Slater invited her to the movie. – I’ve never met this
woman before in my life. – How could you treat me
this way on my birthday? – [Narrator] Real classy touch. Screech corroborates the despicable story of Slater’s mom-poster. Joanna, mortified, makes room for this
stranger while Zack gloats. Slater accurately feels
that wrecking his date by making it look like he hates his mother was too low, even for Zack. Zack says it was retaliation forgetting his chair kick started all of this. Zack escalates his smack
talk with a weak shove, and after getting shoved back, sucker punches Slater in the face. Slater, a trained
fighter, defends himself, and uses his body to end
Zack’s spazmatic flailing. Belding realizes this must be over a girl. He warns 22 years ago, a woman ruined one of his friendships forever. Zack’s simple ass wonders what the very obvious point of that story is. Belding makes them shake
and agree to move on. But instead of moving on, Zack
hounds Joanna about the party She’s not going with
either of you, dumb ass. Zack immediately runs his mouth. Zack enters the party
pouting. Where’s Slater? – Slater who?
– [Narrator] Very mature. Slater wishes everyone a great year. Then politely removes himself
from Zack’s toxic environment. Zack bullies Slater,
who just wants a drink, and splashes him. What the
fuck kind of move is that? Slater defends himself
from Zack’s attacks. Then helps Zack with the only chance of getting his dick wet anytime soon. Belding intervenes, and
Zack feels safe enough to get physical again.
Belding’s c-plot wig falls off, and their shared laughter
offers a moment of clarity. Slater of course makes the first apology, and we never see Joanna ever again. Because after the misery
Zack put her through in the first week of a new school she probably fucking killed herself. Let’s review, Zack Morris
called dibs on the new girl, but after she hit it off with Slater, tried to pressure her into a date, when she wanted time and space to think, gave her neither, and
commenced his violence, then tried to fix the consequences of his behavior with a bogus study trap, and when Slater took
Joanna on an actual date, framed him for scorning
his mother on her birthday, but instead of apologizing, kept pushing, then sucker punched his friend over a girl he met two days ago, and learned nothing,
continuing his harassment, and assault, and couldn’t
be the first to say sorry, and never apologized to Joanna. Zack Morris is trash. – [Singer] Zack Morris is trash. (bell rings)

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Sucker Punched Slater Over A Girl He Just Met

  1. This is dumb clickbait. Do you know what a sucker punch is? They pushed each other then zack threw the first punch face to face. If Slater turned around then zack hit him would of been a sucker punch. If zack was like "ok man we are cool" then punch him would have been a sucker punch. I think your jealous of zack. Your zack is trash says it all. Also the fact Slater comes from a military family, a top football player and wrestler and zack still hit him first shows no fear.

  2. Zack a lil messed but he a mastermind full of confidence . He the I can do anything type he knows he privileged he dun care

  3. Wow what a loser. That's exactly how a man should deal with another but then again, only a man would know that

  4. I love how they are both completely in the wrong, but Narrator-kun goes so far out of his way to paint Zack as the villain and Slater as completely innocent

  5. Growing up I watched every single episode of this show and didn’t realize how much of a dick Zack was! 😂

  6. What is Zack Morris response to slaters non aggression – a sucker punch right to the mouth – slater then , defends himself which is legal right ; however, this time it isn't as bad as the other times men have been fighting over girls for yonks and yonks

  7. I'm binge-watching all of these Zach Morris Is Trash videos… and I never saw a more punchable face in my life. "Zach Morris Is A Worthless Piece Of Human Debris" is more like it.

  8. The guy doing the voiceover genuinely has some deep unrelated issues with zack this is so passive aggressive I love it

  9. Sucker punch from Zach? Sorry but they both pushed eachother then socked him while they were face to face. Mutual shoving is grounds for fair combat.

  10. Sucker punch? I think the narrator needs to look up what the definition of a sucker punch is. Someone violently shoves you into a locker and you retaliate with a deserved right hook, that aint a sucker punch. A sucker punch is throwing a punch unexpectedly or when someone isn’t looking. This narrator is trash. This Narrator is trassshhhhh

  11. I used to do the "duh" thing with the hand when I was a kid, not really understanding the implications.. seeing it now it looks super ableist and disrespectful.

  12. Zack is trash i get but that was not a sucker punch he pushed him like shit if me and someone get into a pushing contest I gotta swing

  13. Zack goes to great lengths to fuck over everyone that he comes in contact with, he's a piece of shit..BUT. it wasn't a sucker punch. They both shoved each other and Zack threw a punch

  14. I hated this episode. Because it proves how Zack only puts himself before anybody. He embarrassed Slater twice. Made him look like a liar and a neglectful son. Threw the first punch and used Screech to lie for him. This video shows Zack is really the antagonist

  15. If this would of happen in real life. Slater would of got his homies and beat Zacks preppie ass all over Bayside

  16. Zach flirts with an attractive student at his high school.

    Narrator: After Zack sexually harasses Joanna, and she stupidly agrees to a date with Chad.. ahem.. i mean zack. even after being pretty much raped by the sex hound Zack in broad daylight, how zack isnt in prison getting dicks shoved up his ass for being a heterosexual male, is beyond me.

  17. If they were both smart get her drunk at a house party then they can both bang her while they are both going at it they shake hands real homie shit right there

  18. Sucker punched? Uhhh if the person is standing in front of you AND looking at you how can it be a sucker punch Slater's defense just sucked. To sucker punch someone they have to be NOT looking 🙄 thus why they just got SUCKER punched has to be from the side or behind it's also called getting stole on in urban land. However I do agree looking back there are a lot if things to laugh at in this show lol

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