The Tactical Defense Flashlight

These days everybody has a tactical
flashlight, but can your flashlight defend you from attackers?
What about help you escape in an emergency? Nick Bolton here with our
newest addition to the Bell+Howell tactical series. We call it the TAC bat.
The TAC bat combines the best features of our super bright lights, but also has
the heft and strength of military-grade aluminum-alloy, for the ultimate in
personal protection. It even doubles as an escape hammer, that can help you
quickly break a window in an emergency. Plus, this flashlight has all the great
features you’ve come to expect. It’s 22 times brighter than a regular
flashlight, can be seen up to four nautical miles away, and yes, it also
works underwater. It can survive being frozen in ice, or even being run over
with a heavy duty vehicle. And, it protects you and your family in two ways,
disorienting would-be attackers with a tactical strobe, right before they meet
the business end.

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