The Stride – Baseball Rebellion Rebel’s Rack

Now that you know how to hold the Rack let’s get get into the stride. Put the Rack just as we said before as high as you can go pulling back and then set up with your line here. Now I’m gonna use a softball pitching rubber um the reason I’m using it is because it has the rubber to get over later in in the movements but it also has lots of lines. So I like to straddle the lines okay. So I put the lines in the very middle of my back foot and then I set up however it is that I normally set up . Now the key to the stride is that your heels are in line when you land, so if your striding, no matter how you stride you’re in like this obviously my heels are not in line. I want to make sure my heels are in line, they are on both they are on the same side of the line that I’m straddling and that doesn’t matter if I’m lefty or if I’m righty. So if I’m here I want to have my foot open and my knee cap forward to the pitcher. Now you’re probably not actually gonna hit like that in a game but from a training rotation, power and speed perspective its far away the best way to land and here’s why when you land with your foot open your kneecap works straight back and that’s how you’re leg is supposed to work. When your foot is closed your knee works in a circle this is extremely problematic especially for female athletes because of the structure of the knee. You want to make sure that we’re allowing our joints to work the way that they’re supposed to work and the knee only works up and back like this. So we want to land with our foot open, and our knee open, our hip open but we wanna keep our head back over our back shoulder. So from the side view we want to make sure your striding with your head back and your hips working out from under you as opposed to with your head forward like we used to teach. This has been a transformational change in what we teach and it’s allowed our hitters to hit the ball much farther, much higher and get on plane much better. So from the left side you stride here okay heels in line, front foot front leg nice in flex with our head back over our back hip. Right side, same deal that’s what we’re looking for, heels in line every single time. The way that I like to do it first is going towards the mirror so the hitter can see that they’re heels are in line so when I’m looking in the mirror I should not be able to see this part of my back heel at all If I can, I strut in just a little bit and I want to immediately start over and re-stride here. So you can have a big leg kick, you can have a toe tap, it doesn’t really matter if you’re landing heel to heel with your front knee and front foot open with your head back over your back hip you’re probably doing a ton right.

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