The Season: Ole Miss Women’s Golf – Champions in Cabo (2020)

[Music]. The Ole Miss Women’s Golf Team
ended last season with the greatest finish
in program history. 2019 SEC Women’s Golf Champion,
University of Mississippi. Two new freshmen have already
shown great promise this fall. And with two first-place
finishes under their belt, the Rebels had their eyes
set on another. [Music]. I came here, like, two
or three times last year to read and, like, do carpool and stuff,
and it was really fun. I think it’s important,
because, as student athletes, we have such a big hold
over these little kids, and they look up to us so much.
All right, let’s do it. Ready? Three, two, one, fins up.
There you go. Now you might see yourself
on TV, Chance. Hey, y’all.
So, my name is Conner Beth, and I’m on
the Women’s Golf Team. Can I get a show of hands
of who knows what sport golf is? Oh, yeah, let’s go,
right there. Ole Miss is the best
because my dad used to play. Your dad used to play?
Go Rebels, huh? All right,
so let’s get started. There was an old lady
who swallowed a cow. I don’t know why
she swallowed a cow, but she did it somehow. Around the farm
they began to prance and do-see-do
at the barnyard square dance. That’s why the old lady
swallowed the cow. Can y’all throw me
a fin real quick? Throw me a fin.
Aye. Looking good, guys. It’s always way fun to go
to other people’s classes. But when it’s time to hit
reality and go back to class, it makes me wish I was
in third grade again too. [Music]. It’s currently, like,
6:30 in the morning and we’re in the airport on the
first leg of our trip to Cabo. First thing I’m going to do
is put my stuff in my room, probably change into a swim suit
and then hit the pool. Probably swim in the ocean. Oh, yeah, the ocean,
not the pool. I want to go to the beach.
Ocean, yeah. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to San Jose Del Cabo. The local time is 12:16. We thank you for flying
American Airlines, and we hope to see you again
on a future flight. [Music]. [Laughing]. This is us in Cabo. [Music]. [Laughing]. Did you get
the perfect Instagram photo? Yeah, I think we got
one of the 500 that we took
are probably okay. It’s beautiful out here.
The water feels great. It’s not cold.
The sand is amazing, and it’s just what more
could you ask for, we’re in Cabo, baby. [Music]. Woo. How do you say birdie
in Spanish? Tweet-tweet. Tweet-tweet.
Tweet-tweet. Oh, my God, that was
a really good shot. You know when you’re surprised
because you make a shot? That was one of them.
Coach, for Christmas, I think I’m going to ask
for a groove cleaner to put on my bag,
like one of the little brushes. I told Julia I’m starting
my senior women’s professional career
a little bit early. Birdie two in Cabo,
back to back. It’s because
I’m an old person. My back hurts
when I swing the driver hard. Tweet, tweet, tweet,
tweet, tweet. I don’t know where the current
path, like, starts and ends. Oh, my goodness, the wind. We need to get two,
so Julia can go like this. Go. Woo.
I hit this so well. With the Rebels
coming into town, the end of the earth
would need to be ready for more than
the normal number of Rebels. Coach and I talked about,
we were like, oh, you know,
we’ve got the opportunity to take the whole team, felt like everybody had been
working really hard in the fall. We’ve had a great fall,
let’s reward them, because we’re going to have fun.
They’re going to love it. I mean, it’s special
to be able to do that, because no other teams
can do that. Like, they were surprised
that we were able to do it, so it was super cool
to be able to experience it. We are, to put it simply,
deep, very, very deep right now, and so qualifying has been
super tight, super close. I mean it’s been one or two
strokes between who gets taken and who doesn’t
every single time, and so I think the coaches
just wanted to reward all of our hard work. Well, I’ve been talking
to a few other players, in Cabo especially,
and they were all, like, amazed by the fact that we actually got
to take the whole team with us, because that’s pretty special.
Usually teams don’t do that, so I think it was amazing
that Coach Kory and Coach Zack gave us this opportunity
to take all of us. Now, with all
the Rebels present, the team would go to work
on the opening round of play. But Campestre proved itself worthy to boast
such a strong field. It was super windy out there.
I think it was, you know, obviously you’re near the water
so we expect that. But we hadn’t played
in conditions like that for a while,
so I think it just kind of took us a day extra
to get acclimated to it. The wind is kind of more
in this direction. Try hitting nine
on the front fringe, and hit nine to about 12 feet. Playing 47.
No. 47 and then
we got a problem. Playing 32?
30. So, I mean, we’re just trying
to get it right in here, and it feeds down to it. It was tough.
I mean, the course was probably one of the tougher ones
we played all semester. So, we finished in the middle
of the pack after that day, and the girls were
definitely disappointed. So, you know, I know
they were motivated the next day to continue to do a lot better
to climb the leader board. After a tough day on the course, the Rebels hit the courts
to enjoy the sunshine. Oh, come on. I mean I think if you have a
good baseball or softball play, that applies more to tennis,
baseball, because golf is more
of a downward motion, and tennis is more
like a horizontal. I mean I played softball
for four years, so I feel like that could help,
but it’s really not. Ah, look at that backhand. Yay. See, now that I’m tired. Woohoo. Come on, Dee. Yeah. I suck compared to these two. We recruited them for golf,
and that’s why. Hey now,
I didn’t do so bad. Oh, I don’t think
you did bad at all. But I don’t think
you have a career in this. [Music]. The opening round
dampened the mood in paradise. The skies cleared on day two, and so did the Rebels’ path
up the leaderboard. It was kind of like,
after the bad day at Medinah, you know,
they were on a mission. You know, it was like, let’s just give ourselves
a chance to win the next day. That’s your goal, and, you know,
we’re not out of it, so let’s just go play
Ole Miss golf and give us a chance
that final day. I think we had a chip
on our shoulder a little bit. We knew we were a better team
than the score we put up. I haven’t seen us put a score
like that in a long time, and so I think that we knew
that we were better than what we did
the first day, and we wanted to prove
that to these teams. It’s just not Ole
Miss Golf anymore. We really were just trying
to push ourselves the next day to play better,
to beat ourselves basically. And so we went out there
and we all beat ourselves and we all beat
our last round score, which came to
a better team score, and that’s typically
how we like to play. They have this pit
bull mentality of when they struggle
a little bit, that they come out and they are
just wanting to prove a point; that we’re better than
what we just did yesterday. And when they came out
that second round, there was a mission,
and it’s kind of — we don’t even talk
about it that much. They just do it. The Rebels carried this
mentality to the course, lining into the top spot
heading into the final round. I think only two teams were
under par on that second round, so it wasn’t easy conditions
that day either, so the ten under
was quite impressive. So, it just shows that the first
day wasn’t their normal golf and that they’re better
than that, and I was really proud
of the way they bounced back after round one.
I was a bit overwhelmed. I mean the course was hard,
but I didn’t expect a five under for two days
to be the leading score. I just tried to memorize
what I did for those two days and tried to repeat
this the last day. Since they’re in these,
they didn’t have maybe as much attention
from the coaches but still showed that they’re,
like, independent players that can make good decisions
and perform on a high level. I was super impressed
so, obviously, I’m not going to
keep up with them. [Music]. Sophomore Macy Somoskey may have been playing
as an individual, but her role on the team
doesn’t go unnoticed. Macy Somoskey
is the best teammate that you could ever ask for. She is the hardest worker,
your biggest fan. She is a giver.
She gives everyone on this team. She gives all of herself
all the time, constantly worried about
what she can do for others. I love Macy.
She’s so much fun, and she just motivates me
every day to be the best that I can, because I know
she works so hard. She is the one reason
that we won SECs. I mean, obviously,
everyone had a part in it, but if she didn’t make
that putt, everything we worked
for wouldn’t have happened. I always pick on her
if she hits, like, a bad shot 50 feet with a wedge
or something, she’s mad. I’m like, I’ve seen you make
one 50-footer, so why not make another one. You know, everything’s
a challenge to her. If she can’t do it,
she wants to learn to do it. She learns Swedish every day.
She has an app on her phone because she wants to be
an honorary swede, she said. Thank you. That was awesome. Great. Yeah. [Speaking Swedish]
She’s still makes such an effort and to understand a different
culture and where we come from. The practice round in Cabo
was the perfect time to brush up on some
Swedish vocab. Like what have
you been practicing? Okay, I know my animals.
I know my basics. You know your animals.
You probably know animals that we don’t have
even have in Sweden. That would be amazing.
My favorite one is [speaking Swedish]. Yeah, we don’t even have
[inaudible] in Sweden. [Speaking Swedish]
is, like how you’re feeling. So, it’s like, how are you. You give the response [Swedish]. That’s similar,
like problem. Problem? Yeah. Your response [laughing]. Several problems. While welcoming
to her teammates, Somoskey keeps a stoic exterior
on the golf course. We call her the terminator. She has that mentality
of I want to beat you so bad, but you never know it.
She’s so nice. I think that’s why
she’s so successful, because she has that. She can be intimidating
if you’re playing against her, and you don’t really know
where she’s at, what her emotions are like. She’s, like, balancing out the
team, because we have like — I mean Americans are more, like,
super excited, super emotional, and I mean,
I feel like I mean me, P, Ellen are more maybe
kind of low, like, in energy. It’s kind of nice to have
somebody in between. She’s very consistent.
She’s very trustworthy. She’s very reliable.
I know when I look at May, if I’m super excited
about something, she’ll help bring me down. And I know if I look at May
and I’m pretty mad about a double bogie
I had on the last hole, she will build me up
as much as I need. I feel like I owe it
to these girls, because they gave me a family. They gave me a home,
you know, away from home, and so I just want to do
my part on this team to, you know,
really get us number one, get us back
to an SEC championship, get us to a national
championship. I can’t wait for her
to get going in the spring. When she starts working, it’s so hard
and it’s on the right stuff, and it’s so detailed,
I can’t wait, because I know by March
and April, she’s going to be
playing great golf. [Music]. With 18 holes left to play, the Rebels knew
they needed to shine once more to claim the crown. Early on, it was clear
that junior Julia Johnson had a bright day ahead. Yeah, I picked her up
on the fourth tee box, and she pulls up and she kind of
gives me a little smile. And I heard from
the Virginia Tech coach that she eagled
the first hole. But she kind of like
shook her head. Why you shaking your head for? Eagle, birdie.
Oh. Yeah. Well, then I’ll just
leave you alone. Yeah. Hey, there,
nice to see you Julia. I don’t think an individual
title ever occurred to me. I wasn’t focused
on myself that day. I was more focused on
just having a good mentality, having good attitude,
getting out there focused and just doing the right
things that morning. Beautiful golf swing.
So good. Let’s push it up. So, the starting line
is the gap. At the tongue. The tongue, yeah. Golf shot kid.
Great shot out of that lock. Really awesome.
She played really good, but she hadn’t had a round
that it just all came together, because this is some of the best
I’ve ever seen her hit the ball. We were hitting spots
that were this big, and she was landing it
on those spots and she was just calling
every shot that she hit. We were visualizing, and then she would just hit it
exactly as we were visualizing. It was unbelievable.
It was incredible, you know. Like the only person
I really told was Conner Beth, because she was right
in front of her, so it was kind of motivating
Conner Beth as well. And at that point I was even, so I was like, get it together,
Conner Beth. Like, let’s turn this on.
I would turn around and look and see her five feet
from the pin. Turn around the next hole,
six feet from the pin. I mean, she was
right there all day long. She was just having
fun out there, and I think that’s a big part. I think that really helped
with playing good golf and not putting so much
pressure on herself. I mean that whole day,
we were just laughing, joking, just out trying to have fun. That poor fly just got
shoved into the ground. It is so faded.
Oh, it’s so old. Those tan lines
are going to be horrendous. Pull your socks up, bro. What?
How does anyone wear them? Honestly, they kind of
brought some birdies. I really was feeling it.
I was liking it. I was comfortable,
nice and cozy out there in Cabo
wearing long socks. They’re ugly. They’re horrible.
I don’t know. Yes, the tube socks made a very
good running joke for the week. Even through the jokes, it became clear
that Johnson was up for a fight. I was actually playing
with Andrea that last day, and I remember we got to, like,
the 16th hole or something, and she looked over at me
and she said, “Hey, I heard, like, Ju just, like, going low.”
And I was like, “Like how low?” And she’s like,
“Really, really low,” like eight, nine under
is what we heard. But a 61, wow, you know,
that’s the NCAA record. And she played–
it was an easy 61. I know that sounds crazy,
but it was one of those days where I don’t think
she had a putt over 15 feet. For somebody that could have all these personal accolades
tied to her name, she only cares about
Ole Miss, women’s Golf, winning a national championship.
That’s pretty cool for someone that has played as well
as her over her time here. He’s told me
this entire semester, it’s coming,
your time is coming. Those low, low rounds
are coming. Stay patient. And he believes in me
just as much, if not more, than anyone. So, to have him there when
he’s such an encourager of me and gives me so much support
was really special for me, because I felt like we were
both shooting that round. [Whispering]. Remember last week
when I said beat Julia. That was what
I was talking about. Great round.
Thank you. Oh, my God,
I’m going to cry. I’ve never seen anything
like how Julia played. She played unbelievable. It’s a memory that not only
she will have, but Coach Zack, I will have,
our whole team will have. I’ll remember that forever. Playing these amazing
rounds together as a team and breaking records
and under par and everything just shows
you can never count us out. The Rebels climbed the board
to first place and claimed their third
championship of the fall season. I think some people are still
doubting us and our abilities and kind of think that,
oh, it’s a fluke thing. But I think we’ve proven
ourselves time after time, and Cabo was an A field, and we continue to beat
these teams that are saying, oh, Ole Miss, you know,
they’re just kind of on a hot streak right now. And I mean we had an individual,
Chiara, come up second. It was pretty cool, actually, for us two freshmen
to play well, and I think it may also
have helped the team, seeing that for the rest
of the team that we got eight players that can actually compete
on a high level has probably been pushing
everyone even more. They’re all ready to go. They’re all good enough
to go out and make a difference. That, for us,
is huge going forward. It just comes from
within each of them. They’re all competitors
and they want to win, and that’s what they tee it up
every time to win. We need to keep working.
We need to get even better. You know,
we shot 19 under as a team. Let’s shoot for 20. Let’s just
keep pushing the limits, because there are other teams that are obviously
as good as us, if not better, and so if we want to win a natty
in the spring, we’re going to have to keep
grinding as hard as we’ve ever grinded before. [Music]. If I don’t make it
of the Rebel Blooper Reel this year
at Rebel Choice Awards, someone’s going
to get yelled at. You still have a mic. You just got to pick your spots
and pay attention to the wind. This was trending, like,
two years ago. Happy, happy birthday
from Applebee’s to you, we wish it was our birthday
so we could party too. Ah. We’ll see about that one.
I’ll hit another one. Oh, no,
did you capture that on camera. I had brought
three packs of them. And You ate them all?
I ate them all. For many years I’ve celebrated
my birthday at Applebee’s. Ow.
It’s going backwards. I’m having the best time
of my life. Oh, God, bugs.
We had a fun week in Cabo. I had a great time.

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