The Season: Ole Miss Football – Texas Tech (2018)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season: [Cheering] Are you serious? That’s the way you attack, if you’re going to be a Landshark, you got to attack. I just realized I didn’t bring a TV. It’s the house, I’ve been here for a year now. My goal is to get this whole wall filled by the end of the season, so hopefully I’ll get that filled up. Here we are, 2018 Ole Miss Rebels. Why we walking? Why we walking? Let’s go, on the ball. Hurry up. [Cheering] Hey, let’s get it again. Let’s get it again. Ball, ball, ball, yeah! Go, go, Rog, go! There it is! That’s it. That’s it. I don’t want to – Defense in survival mode, and I’ve got veterans big enough – It doesn’t happen. That’s how you end up on the bottom of that rushing defense. We’re not going to live like that, do you understand? Get it fixed Vance, it’s on you. Get it fixed. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Get up! [MUSIC] Let’s go! Ball. [MUSIC] [Waves crashing] [Chanting] Jordan Ta’amu’s home may be over 4,000 miles away from Oxford, Mississippi, but the senior quarterback always holds Ole Miss close to his heart. What’s up guys? I’m here back on the island, back on the rock for two weeks before I got to go back in June, but I’m out here spending time with family and friends and enjoying the beach, enjoying this spicy Ahi bowl and rocking my Ole Miss tee shirt, so Hotty Toddy. You know the thing I think that’s so special about the islands is just whenever you get there, you feel the love from the people. The people back home they’re very friendly oriented, they’re family oriented. You know, they’re right there to welcome you when you come in. The people are nice, the food is great. Growing up in Hawaii for our family is – it’s all about the family oriented spirit that’s there. The aloha. As soon as I go home, spend time with my family, of course. And then I’m always going out to the beach, it’s just awesome to be home, just the wind, ocean breeze flowing through your hair, you just walk around with no shirt, it’s the greatest feeling ever, just being relaxed and nobody cares how you dress, nobody cares how you look and you just hang with the guys and just going hiking all over the place, eating great food, great seafood and who doesn’t want to be from Hawaii? Let’s give a round of applause for Jordan Ta’amu, ladies and gentlemen. [Applause and cheering] [MUSIC] Hello guys. Good to be here, I’m super honored and blessed and it’s good to be home with family before I go back to Mississippi later. I’m super proud and just representing the island, representing my culture. I’ve always told Jordan this, and I’m sure Miss Louisa and Mr. Billy have told Jordan this; is always be humble and don’t forget where you came from. At the 2018 SEC Media day it was certainly hard to forget where Jordan came from when he and his culture were front and center. Here at SEC Media Days in Atlanta with Ole Miss quarterback Jordan Ta’amu. Growing up in Hawaii, what if anything did you know about Ole Miss? I want to go into your life man. You’re a Hawaiian kid. How does a quarterback from Hawaii end up playing over in Oxford, Mississippi? How did you end up in Oxford, Mississippi? I took the junior college route in New Mexico, it’s called New Mexico Military Institute. The first game I threw eight touchdown passes, so that’s what sparked up D-1 level eyes. Give me the exact correct pronunciation. Tah-AH-moo. Tah-AH-moo. Okay, I was saying tay-AH-mo. Well a little south. Say your last name so we all can get it right. Ta’amu. I would say Jordan Ta’amu, I am wrong? So just go ahead and just let the world know how to say your name. Alright, Ta’amu. Ta’amu? Yep. Tay AH- mo. Ta-AH-moo. I said Ta’amu. Ta’amu. Jordan Ta’amu. Jordan Ta’amu. Jordan Ta’amu. Jordan Taalolo Ta’amu-Perifanos. [Laughter] That wouldn’t fit on the back of the jersey, would it? No it would not, it would not, it would not. I got another “a” here? Yep. And now do the ‘m”. ‘U’ ‘U’ I’m glad I’m writing this down. Before anyone was trying to pronounce Jordan Ta’amu’s name, he was a second string quarterback thrust into the spotlight on national television. Hey, hey, hey nobody panic, nobody panic, just do your job, baby. Just do your job, we’re in good shape. Hey, let’s get our tempo and go on and finish, we good, we good, let’s go. So here is Jordan Ta’amu in at quarterback for Ole Miss. I’m like super nervous, I’m super pumped at the same time. And I’m like this is really going to happen, I’m really going to go in. And I said to myself, this is my shot, this is my opportunity and I’m going to go and make the best out of it. It was kind of nerve wracking for us at first, but we knew he can do it, you know, he was prepared for his whole life for this. Once I started doing the plays and just going with the flow everything just started coming natural and I said to myself, I prepared for this, and I’m made for this, I dreamed about this my whole life, I’m going to do what I can to help my team out. There is a designed quarterback run and look at him go, Jordan Ta’amu and smartly gets out just inside the 20. Let’s go Mariota. Mariota. After leading two scoring drives, Ta’amu was handed the keys to the offense, but was unaccustomed to the driver’s seat. It’s too chilly out here. It’s not like Hawaii. You look different. Huh? You look like an athlete. I feel different. Oh shoot, oh yeah. I’m always used to that side. Nah, nah, nah, you’re over here now. I’m feeling good. Alright. I’m feeling good because I get to throw to you. [Laughter] Ta’amu. Ta’amu. Jordan Ta’amu. Ta’amu. Ta’amu. Ta’amu. His name’s not Ta’amu, it’s Mariotta. Mariotta. Little Mariotta Ta’amu. Hey Marcus. Hey Marcus. I guess this is the life now, I guess. You know what you’re going to say? What do you think they’re going to ask you? Uh, how I feel about the starting job and all that. But, we’ll see and hopefully I’ll answer everything correctly. I’ve been getting texts and all that from the team saying that they got my back and I’ve been texting them saying I got their back too and I’ll give it my all. After dipping his feet in the water, Ta’amu and the Rebels were looking to dive headfirst into a new era. Not many people in our culture are given this opportunity. You know what I mean? Just take advantage of it. I will. You know put them on the map. I will. Ta’amu, do what you’re doing baby. Third and four, Ta’amu wants to throw, quarterback draw, keeps it, straight up the middle, first down and more. Go Jordan, go Jordan, go Jordan, go Jordan. He’s at the 30, he may outrun him, he’s at the 15, 10, 5 in the end zone. Touchdown Ole Miss. [Cheering] There you go. There you go. Yes, sir. That boy nice, that boy nice. That’s the player way baby. That’s the player way. Yeah, Hawaii. Hawaii, that way. Jordan Ta’amu will trot back on the field and they’ll need him to be clutch down the final 2:14. I mean we were all just out there knowing that we had to have a touchdown and knowing, you know, what we had to get it done. They knew that they were going to go down and score, they knew they were going to go down and do what they needed to to win that football game. In the huddle we were saying we’re fitting to win this game. Like, no pressure. I think everybody on the whole sideline had a feeling, “Okay we’re about to score here.” D.K. one-on-one with a little guy like that, I’m like; they got to throw this up. What play call you going to next? Fade it? You going to fade? Fade it to D.K. D.K.? We have three receivers to the right and then D.K. to the left one-on-one, I knew my matchup on one-on-one, I knew it was nice. Third down and goal, trips to the right again, D.K. Metcalf is one-on-one here, wide left. [MUSIC] That’s it, it’s a touchdown. Touchdown Ole Miss, it stands for D.K. Metcalf, the former Oxford Charger. I knew he had a really big arm, but like, I didn’t even know he was that accurate. One thing I always mess with D.K. Metcalf about, is hey man you’re the big man, man go up and get it. You know, a ball is going to come to you, and so it comes to him and he gets it and it’s a touchdown. You know, you can see it and everybody’s livid and fired up and you know, things like that is very special that you don’t forget, you know what I mean? Those moments, you know, rather than, you know every play in the game, but you just remember those times. As far as Jordan, he’s a cool customer. I knew we had the right guy back then. It was a great turning point for us just to see where he is as a leader, you know, as a guy. His composure came into play and that really helped us. The dude, he’s not really an outspoken guy, but he’s able to lead by example. Here you go buddy, it’s my towel. Thank you. Yeah, any time. Yeah. Oh yeah, lighting. Got to get that lighting. You ready? Yeah. One, two, three. It’s just an awesome feeling, just to give back to the community because of what the community gave me and the kids just mean everything to me. How old are you? Uh, 12. You’re 12? Yes, sir. Okay. What position are you going to play? I was playing – I played D-tackle. Yeah. Like now I get my grades up before I think about playing football. Exactly, that’s where it all starts is in the classroom. He’s a good young man and he was raised the right way and he is an awesome kid. He was a guy that could always, you know, make people feel special around him. I go to class every day and it starts in the classroom and translates on the field. So just keep working hard, alright? Sure. Alright, have a good one. You too. Bye Mom. Bye-bye. So dreams come true, just to be a role model to these young ones and just getting the time to say what’s up to them, putting a smile on their face and that’s the main reason why I do this is for the kids and it’s all glory to God the reason why I’m here. So, it’s a blessing. Thank you. I know I was little once and I looked up to a lot of guys, and the best thing you can do to a kid is just give them advice and that’s what I did. Good throw, from a kid? You could be a quarterback one day; alright? I see it. You want to try on some jerseys? Going to try on some jerseys. I want number 13. He had a great affinity for and a great devotion to young people. Oh that was good, that was good. And it means a lot to me because it gives the little kids at home hope that they can come out here, they can go anywhere they want or dream of, and become a starter, become whatever they want to be and just being a great role model to my culture and just being a great model for the kids back home at the island and it’s just awesome and just going and seeing kids and putting smile on their faces and just being out here shows them that they can do what I can do and I believe they can do whatever they can. [Waves crashing on shore] [MUSIC] An 11:00 a.m. kickoff versus the Texas Tech Red Raiders meant that not only the eyes of Texas were upon the Rebels, but also the eyes of the nation. On the first Saturday of the season, Ole Miss would have the spotlight to start the day. Let’s go, lead us baby, lead us let’s go. Lead us, lead us, let’s go. Played a bunch of football before, lead us let’s go. Downhill RB’s, downhill, downhill. It’s game time baby. Prime time game time. All the way from Oxford to Houston baby, let’s get it. You know it boy, now we batting. Hey this one is going to be special right here. Now is your time, wait on nothing, make every play you can, play your ass off, get your eyes on your season. Hey, most importantly have fun, let’s go. Come on. Good luck LBs on three. One, two, three. LBs. Just like we talked about last night. It’s the time to put our life’s work on that field. But you know what else? It’s time for talk is over, the time for talking, the time for fear and worry and doubt it’s over, put it behind you, because right now it’s time to put the damn ball down. You want to put it down in Oxford? Put it down in Oxford. You want to put it down in Houston? Put the damn ball down in Houston. 11:00 in the morning, 12:00 at night, it don’t matter. Put the damn ball down. [Cheering] [Hitting and grunting] Quick pass out to far side, it’s going to be caught by Lodge, he’s – Thank you, go five, go five, go five, first down all day, let’s go. We’re going to put seven up fast. Get the ball back and then put seven more. Mississippi is known as the hospitality state and Mississippi native D.K. Metcalf, would waste no time properly introducing himself. Down field and caught. Striking quickly D.K. Metcalf with the (inaudible) early. Oh yeah! [Cheering] That’s how you get started quick, I told you it was coming to you. Excellent throw by Jordan Ta’amu, puts it out in front. D.K. Metcalf haves to extend his arms, reach out, that’s too easy right there partner. And they raised the belt, NWO Nasty Wide Outs. This is what we do. Give them what they want. They begged for this. They want this, we’ll give them what they want. The quick strike would set the tone for the Rebels in the first quarter, unleashing a red hot flurry of points from the team in the snowy white unies. Alright Jay Jones, hit one. Here’s Jones on the return, Jones on his feet, nobody to beat. [MUSIC] Take that Red Raider Nation. How’s that for an answer? 94 on the floor, touchdown. Ain’t going to kick to him no more. They tried the first time and you see what happened. They ain’t going to kick him no more. He caught that one baby, he had – he was smiling when he got that. Hey that is a bad man, you know where he from? He from Texas, you know, we doing this, we Mississippi made, hey we here now, we here, we’re in a hard town, we (inaudible) As good as the offense was in the first quarter, it was at its best when faced with a do or die situation. Hey, get a touchdown, let’s go. Finish, run your feet. Fourth down coming up and one to go, they’re going to lead the offense on the field. Come on Scottie, come on Scottie. Come on Scottie, come on. Texas Tech was really good in short yardage situations last year, not this time. Great juke, oh he hit it with the sauce. [MUSIC] Touchdown Mississippi. That’s my roommate, that’s my roommate baby. [MUSIC] Flag. Complete, what a catch by Lodge. Hey, am wood, am wood, am wood. [MUSIC] Coach, scored I think on six of seven offensive possessions. How did you feel about the first half? Pretty good, need to be a little bit more efficient in the red zone. You know, I want to come away with touchdowns not field goals. But proud of Luke Logan for stepping in there and making them. Thanks for your time. Yep, thank you. No body outside this building still gives us a chance. You understand that? Hey, but guess what? We’re all we got. We’re all we need. Hey, one more half guys. Hey, give me everything you damn got for one half. Let’s go. Family on three. One, two, three. Family. You all know we didn’t play our best in the first half, you all know that. Let’s give them what they want. Let’s give them what the hell they want. And there’s a handoff to Phillips and he’s got some room up the middle, 45, 50, if he can beat him he’s gone, to the 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown Ole Miss. I’ve never seen Scottie smile, now he’s smiling though. And here’s a great run by Phillips bursting up the middle, touchdown. Right on boy, right on boy, right on boy. There you go Phil, there you go. 65 yards for Scottie Phillips. Hey 2-2 Red Out, Red Out, Red Out, Red out. Passed down field, wide open, caught and in the end zone, touchdown A.J. Brown. New year, new us. Hey, hey, Arthur Brown. The Nasty Wide Outs strike again, NWO. Hey let’s not, you know, over look or under sell the fact that Brown is thought to be by many the number one receiver picked in the draft in April. As well as Ole Miss was playing, the defense still had their hands full with a dynamic Texas Tech offense. Run a little receiver screen complete for the first down and then some, Wesley taken a shot here and a great catch, who else? The long and rangy Vasher with another first down. Handoff, and touchdown ruled. Excellent job with the vision and the ability to cut back against the grain and get his offense a much needed touchdown. They didn’t earn that; we gave it to them. Get the long looks off your faces and let’s go. Hey that’s what we bid for, adversity. Heading into the fourth quarter, it was the job of the defense to step up and force the Red Raiders off the field. I just want to let you all know, hey if they don’t score they can’t win. If they don’t score they can’t win. Hey, it’s impossible. Start of the fourth quarter, a ten-point deficit for Texas Tech, gambling here on fourth down and five. Bowman up top, contact. No flag and Ole Miss will take over on downs. [Cheering] Hey, that a way seniors, that a way seniors, that a way seniors. That time you all were smiling, you’re too ugly to frown, I like it. Good job baby. Third and seven, Bowman in the end zone. Incomplete, he couldn’t come down with it. Broken up at the last minute. Texas Tech will have fourth down and seven from the 14-yard line of Ole Miss. There’s the snap, back to throw, fires nearside, batted down at the five-yard line, a beautiful play. I swear to God that’s four PPU’s I better get every single snap. Every single snap. You stack already. Although the stat sheet at the end of the day was a thing of beauty for the Rebs, the victory formation and kneel down dictated the most important stat in the ever so sweet category of undefeated in 2018. [MUSIC] I just want to know, just want to know (inaudible) I just want to know man, we got a little (inaudible) [Cheering] Came out, executed. Going back home, signed off, go Rebs. It went perfect, but we played pretty good. I felt like we played fast, not it’s time to go get ready for next week. Finally getting it out of the way, you know, my nerves is all wrecked up until tonight. We came out and fought for each other and got the dub man. Now we’re going back to the best city in the world; Oxford, Mississippi here we come. I’m glad we got the W. And we had little mistakes but we got to clean that up and get ready for week two, but right now we’re going to celebrate that W. All I got to say is I’m feeling good. Man, he ain’t going to talk to you because I’m going to talk to you. Listen here, 22, 200-plus yards, what all can you ask for? Just hand the ball off Coach, we can do it both ways. Hey, let’s just take it one game at a time, man. We get 12 of these, let’s cherish each and every one of them and take it one at a time. Alright, because there’s going to be a bunch of things that we got to get fixed. Alright, so let’s have that mindset coming back on Sunday. Let’s enjoy this tonight and then let’s fix the things that need to be fixed. And then let’s be even better next week in front of our home crowd. Hey, that’s one thing we need to do a better job is protecting our home turf. Alright, let’s make sure we got that in our mind. Hey, I love you guys, great win. [MUSIC]

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  1. You can tell by this season EP that Jordon Ta'amu is team player.. That is what will win games this year we should lose.. Mark it down..

  2. SAMOAN manners. Raised with Humility through Christian beliefs. God above all, Parents, siblings, peers, the world. Fa'a Samoa(Samoan way) See, Seau, Tatupu, Saliemoa, Tuiasasopo, Thompson, Mariota, Tagovailoa, Te'o, Maualuga(maybe not him lol) etc..We all have that one, Rey is Special. These boys are all SAMOANS, raised either in the state of Montana, Oregon or Hawaii, no matter, they're SAMOAN-AMERICAN.

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