The Season: Ole Miss Football – Memphis (2019)

Last week on The Season. There’s one thing about
Ole Miss, and it is a family. So, when you put
that Ole Miss on, you walk around with your chest
out and you walk around. We are the University of
Mississippi. You know we’re out here
doing a photoshoot. You know, we’re trying
to look swaggy. Smile. Smile for me.
Smile for me. Cheese. Today we got our helmet
try-on, you know. Get shopped up for the season. Oh, that’s nice. Smooth. Classic freshman,
I have no idea what I’m doing. This is the hardest part
of the whole thing. It has to be.
I’m assured that it has to be. We have Meet the Rebs right now. We got the people
out here, yeah. Yes, sir. Who’s the awesome
bachelorette this year? On the who? Go get it.
Go get it. Go get it. Go, go, go. That’s good. Come on, now, there’s only
one way to play this game. [Music]. Get up. Let’s go. Let’s go. [Music]. All right. All right, here we go. All right,
welcome to game week; okay? So, it is 3:39; okay, on Sunday. Okay, I promise you, I told you all back the day
after the Egg Bowl, I said before you blink, okay,
before you blink, it’s going to be
the first game of next season. I told you during screen ball before you blink
it’s going to be here; okay? And I’ll tell you again,
it’s here; okay? In less than a week;
okay, in less than week, you’re going to be playing
your first game, some of you,
your first game in college, some of you, your first game;
okay, since maybe an injury. Maybe it’s the first game
you’ve played since high school,
whatever it may be. But it’s going to be
a lot of firsts. It’s go time; okay? I hope a lot of you got to watch
football last night, got to watch some of the guys
you know you played with. I know you played
with some of those guys, some guys that you’re familiar
got to play; okay? You saw some guys
make mistakes. You saw some guys
do some things right; okay? But understand
something, it’s old. If you can go full speed every
single rep that you’re in there, we will sub you out
if you’re tire. If you’re saving yourself
for the next play, you’re wrong. If you’re saving yourself
for play six on a drive, you’re wrong; okay? Every play has to look
like this play. If you’re in between
the white lines, you are playing with
that kind of intensity, that kind of effort
every single play. If we play with an intensity and a mindset that every play
is our last play; okay, you’re going to have
some room to run and make a play after the catch. Got to do a great job
of seeing the ball thrown, seeing the ball handed off. Chase the ball. Chase the ball. Get the block; okay?
May get a fumble. May recover something.
May spring a bigger play. Okay,
do the little things right. Remember, every defender
wants the big hit; okay? You got to put them in space,
make them miss a space. We get straight up the field,
got a chance to make a catch. Ball security,
usually the fumble occurs from the defender you don’t see; okay,
from a defending you don’t see. Because right now,
who is he peeking at, Dannis? He’s looking at this guy; okay? Who’s coming for the strip?
The guy behind him; right? So that’s why
we preach ball security. That’s why we’re on y’all
every day; okay, about ball security, because that stuff right there,
securing that ball or fumbling that ball can win
or lose a game. Two corners you need to know;
okay, number 2 and number 31. Two is normally going to be
to the boundary; okay? Everybody good? 31 probably
going to be to the field. They are a boundary field
corner team. Does that make sense?
Okay, number two, that’s what they consider
their best corner. Okay, probably going to see him
more to the boundary; all right, because that’s the way
Marshall did it. They put number three,
Marshall did, to the boundary. That was more their deal; okay? They’re more
of a mirror technique or feather technique
than a hands-on press you, try to make sure
they jam you at the line. They are good enough that they
are going to defend the play. Go get your chest to ball.
Grab the rebound. Most of you guys
played some version of high school basketball; okay, so you know
what I’m talking about. We’ve worked on this
all fall camp. That was a huge emphasis for us. I can’t express enough
right now: okay? You’re sleepy,
I don’t care; okay? You were out last night,
I don’t care; okay? I don’t care. Tonight, okay, is the most important night
of your entire life up to this point
as an Ole Miss Rebel, because we got game coming up;
okay, like, five or six days, whatever the day’s count is it. Everybody on the same page? All right, dressed,
4:40 on the field. Dressed, ready to go indoors. Not 4:41, 4:40. [Music]. Good morning, Rebels. This is A.J. Finley
about to head to class. Second day of class,
looking to have some fun today. I think we’re heading
to History. I had Math and Biology
yesterday. That was fun. But History, I’m ready to see
what that’s about today. I’m still learning
where I got to go. I got the class
on my maps right now so I don’t get lost,
looking like a little freshman. But it should be easy
when I get along. I’m a finance major right now. Yeah, I think I had
a pretty good GPA. I had a 3.4 GPA. I came out with a 23
on the ACT, yeah. So, like, I’d say
that’s pretty good. I think I just saw Casey, man.
I think Casey’s in my class. Are you in the class?
Where this class in? Where is it at?
I don’t know, bro. Oh, my God. I don’t know. I don’t know why,
but where are you at right now? Inside of this place. Oh, there you are.
Okay. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I don’t know where I’m going. I thought it was right here. What’s up, man? What’s up? How you doing? What’s up? It’s my boy, Casey.
We got all our classes together. We don’t know
where our class is yet. We’re still young. [Indiscernible]. Yeah. I think it is this building
right here, bro. It’s not, because
she said it’s right here. Said it was right there.
I know. Excuse me, sir,
do you know Bishop Hall? Bishop Hall? Bishop? It’s on the other side. All right, thank you. Thank you.
Appreciate that. Don’t know where, oh, where. Lost, lost, lost. I thought I wasn’t going
to get lost today, man. It tried. But, you know, things don’t work
out all the time, kind of late. Kind of late.
Will be a good first day. First day cut us
a little slack. Spotter’s already letting me
know I’m not in class. Where is the room at?
101 put on. Where are we, in 101? Go up. Oh, God. Is there
a first floor? First day of class late. Late. Oh. Good stuff. I hope this is it. Woo! Dude, how did you know
I was coming out? You just waiting? Right on time. Right on time. Right on time. I’m tough, by the way. Don’t say nothing. Lucky the kid’s got hands. The manos, los manos. Are you aiming at a target, or are you just throwing
aimlessly into the wind? Are you watching and picking out
a shoulder, an ear, or nothing? Always. Never just throw
to throw it safe. Always throw to a target,
an ear, a shoulder, or a number. You know what I mean? It’s like watching film
without a purpose. I mean,
when you’re watching film, you’re looking for something. You’re not just watching. You might as well watch
Sponge Bob Square pants if you ain’t watching
for a purpose. Ready, ready, ready. I watch a lot. I’m not going to lie to you.
I watch a lot film. Ryan? Matt Corral says he watches
Sponge Bob Square Pants, but he also watches
more film than you do. I said there’s no way. Dude, I haven’t watched Sponge
Bob in like a week. I don’t watch TV. When I do watch TV,
I’m watching SpongeBob. Take it. A little flick of the wrist. No balls on the ground. Concentrate. Why do we have balls
on the ground? Holy smokes, give him
a chance to catch it. Woo. There you go, Matt,
get out of here. Don’t sub. Don’t sub.
What are you subbing for? Oh, get it down,
Greg, give him a chance. I don’t want to jog;
I want a sprint. Get out of there,
there’s bad dude’s chasing you. Don’t get all hoowah,
hoowah, hoowah. Oh, no, no. You got to tack him
as fast as you can. Go, give us a look. Give him the grease.
Give him some water. Rinse him up. On Saturday,
we got to cut it loose. If there’s anything, anything
at all that you’re not sure of on any play that we run,
ask me or ask your coaches. We’ve got a lot
of good athletes. I want to let you guys loose. We got a long-time
play football. We’ve not had a game
since November; right? Been a long time.
Get ready mentally. One good day physically; all right, three more days
mentally, then we’re ready to go. Got that?
Good work today. Let’s get a break in here.
Let’s go. Family on three.
One, two, three. Family. College football is back; right? 63rd meeting
between these programs. No love lost
between the schools, between the fan bases. This is what college
football is all about. We’re here, baby.
We’re here. It’s up. And it’s something,
yes, sir. [Cheering]. Woo, I’m glad
to be here, man. Game day. What is it, 18 months? We’re back already. Woo.
Have a good game. Everything well worked for, bro. This is our first chance
to put it on the table. That’s what
we’re looking for, bro. I love you all. You want the control. People say that control
what’s on the field. You take it today.
Are we on the same page? Our moment’s here. Well talked about it; right? Trust your training; okay? Don’t do something out of body. Trust your training.
Trust what you know is right. You don’t have to do something
else on top of it, okay? The Liberty Bowl is starting
to fill in a little bit on an early kickoff
on this all 31st, final day
of the month of August. Now you remember this, you
remember this, pressure is what? It’s something that you apply. Hey, you don’t beat,
pressure is something you apply. It’s going to get crazy
on the field today, man. Let’s kick this thing off.
I can’t wait. It wouldn’t take long
after the opening kick for both teams to realize this was going to be a hotly
contested defensive battle. From the 25 there’s the snap
and hand-off the backfield. Good penetration for the Tigers, as Scottie Phillips
had nothing there. 32, pass complete to the edge. It’s Jones, and Jones is going to stopped up
short of the first down. Third down and eight
for Ole Miss. From the Rebel 24. Corral he’s looking to the throw
over the middle. Shoots it way too high.
Incomplete. In a game of defensive
back and forth, penalties are always
the back breaker. You saw Sam Williams
reach up to try to grab him. He got some of that face mask, and that will help
the Memphis cause. A lot of pursuit out there. Turned back inside, where there’s a whole
bunch of defenders, but just simply reached out
and grabbed the face mask and now inside Rebel Territory. Capitalizing on two
drive-saving penalties, the Tigers put the first points
of the game on the board. Two tight ends,
quarterback sneak and punching it
in is Brady White, and Memphis has scored
first here in the Liberty Bowl
Memorial Stadium. Helped out with some penalties, the Tigers take
a 6-to-nothing lead. Everything else was penalties.
We just gotta be smart. We had them at 30-all.
And they got us. We gave them that. That was us. That wasn’t them.
That was us. Matt Corral,
his first collegiate start, was now playing from behind. But the freshman
never backed down. Four-man rush for Memphis. Matt wants to throw.
He’s got his man near side. And that’s going to be
caught by Elijah Moore, and that’s going to be
a targeting foul, obviously. I’ll take it, baby. Let’s go.
Let’s go home, baby. Corral got the Rebels
within striking distance, leaving specialist Logan
with a 50-yard kick to size up. This will be from the 40,
a 50-yard effort for him. As long as last year, was 40.
He’s got the distance. Is he on target?
No. The unusual miss from Logan was answered quickly
by the home-standing Tigers. So, here you go,
two tight ends H-back right, power look with an I formation
under center’s White. Taylor again. This time he steps
into the end zone. Touchdown, Tigers. Patrick Taylor with his 17th
rushing touchdown of his career, running through the arms
of Lakia Henry that time. I think we ought
to push The Season, once the team
gets better and better. We’ll see if they can
make the adjustments at half-time to come out
and make this a closer ballgame. We ran 27 plays
in the first half. That ain’t us.
You got to get off your heels. You got to go apply
the pressure, man. Quit playing on your heels.
Offense, go attack. I just need you all
to go out there and lay it on the line
and have some fun. Thirteen points is nothing.
It’s a two-score game. One person can make
a difference. One guy making a big play
is and knocking the ball out can make a difference;
all right? Hey, go win the second half.
Let’s go. Family on three, one,
two, three. Family. [Music]. Memphis will start at their own
20 right, 13 to nothing. Memphis with the ball
to begin the second half, and they put it
on the ground, loose. I think Ole Miss got here.
Tigers got on top of it. That was a golden opportunity
for Ole Miss to start the second half. Got to find a way
to get that football. Golden opportunities
don’t come by often in the game of football. Benito Jones will not
let the opportunity pass his team by twice. Brady White dropping way back
and picked off at the 40-yard line
by Benito Jones. The big fella
showing some hands. But in the back-and-forth
defensive struggle, the turnover yielded
no points. 9:36 to go third quarter.
Memphis leads 13-nothing. Rebels will go for on fourth
and five the Tiger’s 30. Matt Corral takes the snap,
looking down field, steps into, throws it over
the middle, and incomplete. So, the ball will flip over
to Memphis at the 30-yard line; The Tiger defense rallies
and gets the stop. Not discouraged in the least, the Rebel defense continue
with their dominance. On the left-hand Tiger
is moving the ball again. Play action bootleg right. Now White is in trouble, hit and sacked back
at the 43-yard line. They’re going to for it here
on fourth and short. Makes a catch,
couldn’t make the move and a great open field tackle
on the play by Jarrian Jones. And Ole Miss will
take over on down. Anchored by an aggressive deep, the Rebels put up
their first points of the game. And finally, the Rebels
on the board 13 to 3 now. Their deficit with 3:11
to go in the third quarter. And Matt Corral and company
wasted no time in adding to their total. It’s a huge drive
Memphis defense. They’re looking for a big stop. And there’s the snap
and the fake to Phillips, and the pass down field is going
to be caught and up-ended, but getting first down
at the 32-yard line. [Cheering]. Corral takes
the reverse, kept it. Good decision. Corral,
shot down short of the end zone, and he took a big hit. Phillips another chance.
No doubt about that one. The Rebels in the end zone for the first time
this afternoon, and they cut the margin to four,
potentially to three. Uncle Moe is in the building. Wow, this second half,
what a role reversal. [Indiscernible]. The score had left the Rebels within easy striking distance
of the Tigers, now it was up to the defense
to get the ball back to a surging Rebel attack. For the Tigers, trying to rest
the momentum back. White under duress and sacked. Let’s go, yeah. Mike MacIntyre’s defense
comes up with a huge play. The red and blue defenders
had done their job. But Tiger punter Adam Williams
had the perfect response. This is going to work out great
for the Memphis Tigers. It will be down to the two-yard
line after that great punt. Try and dial up a little bit
of pressure on them deep in their own end zone. Corral to pass. And he’s going to take
a safety, Bryce Huff. The safety stretched the Memphis
lead to five points, leaving the game one defensive
stop away from a comeback. I’ll be honest with you,
and they may wind up getting up, the nicest game away,
and it may be the right call. But as I look at this, if you punt based off
what you punted last time and you force him to go
a long way to score a touchdown. If you don’t,
you give Ole Miss the ball in great field position. Fourth and two. Shuffle pass
and they’ll get the first down. Gainwell, boy a nice call
by Mike Norvell. Gutsy call paid off.
Excellent play design. Mike Norvell has had
that sitting in his holster all day long. The defensive struggle
would come to an end, with the Memphis Tigers
hanging on by a thread to edge out the Rebels 15 to 10. [Music]. Whenever you lose
a game like this, you’re going to have to deal
with a bunch of negativity outside. The boat’s gone. It’s just us. You got what I’m saying?
It’s just us. But it’s a long season, guys. This ain’t a sprint,
this is a marathon. Defense did a hell of a job.
You did a hell of a job. Now listen to me, listen to me,
I want to build on it. I want to build on offense.
We got a bunch of young guys. We got to go get it fixed
and then come back next week. We start SEC play at home;
okay, so don’t hang your head. Hey, stick together; all right?
Stick together. Don’t let anything separate us.
You understand this? We’re in this thing
together no matter what. Win, lose, whatever, we’re in
this thing together; all right? But I love you and I want you
to keep your head up. I know it hurts. I know it hurts.
It wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t what we expected;
all right? But, hey, we can’t do
anything about it now. I mean, we played together
like a defense, the way it’s supposed
to be played. We fit everything up. We really just played
everything the way it’s supposed to be played,
and it allowed us, you know, not get a lot of points
on us today. I thought overall,
especially the defensive line really reached out tough
and got after it. Yeah, it’s a conscientious
group. They’ll work hard. They’ll see what we got
to get fixed and that’s it. You know, really,
really disappointed with it. You know, our defense kept us
in it for the whole game, and they played and looked like
a much-improved defense. We have to do a lot of
growing up offensively.

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  1. I'm not an Ole Miss fan but I enjoy watching this. It's very well done. With that being said, this might be a long season for Ole Miss fans. Good luck. Roll Tide.

  2. Offensive line, corral, and the WRs looked absolutely trash. They won't win 3 games with that offense. But I'm super proud of the defense they did everything they needed to do to win and the O let them down. Gonna be a long year rebs. Maybe even yearS.

  3. They keep referring to the game as a defensive struggle….. as if that will hide the fact that the offense was absolutely atrocious…

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  5. We have no offensive line, no quarterback, no receivers, but the defense does look a little better. It's going to be a long season.

  6. the offense needs a little time to grow up just set your expectations of them low cause there all new to this give them a year and they will be way better

  7. Can't stand Ole Miss, but I love watching these videos. Gives a new perspective to us who aren't living the life of a college athlete or coach. Really great job on the video. That being said, Go Hogs.

  8. Lifelong Razorback! (go hogs go) However…Coach Morris…. Is a "dipstick" OK? He's got to go! You guys can "help"…heres what I need: "Kick the do do out of us OK?" Afterwards…. Say "the only reason we stomp Arkansas… Is because "Coach Morris…. Is a complete tool! Morris couldn't coach "crap… Outta a Goose! He's the worst coach we've ever faced! (Thanks Rebels. Countin on you boys!) Otherwise… Woo pigs…. Sooiee! (miles of Texas) PS Y'all can do this! (please?)

  9. Breaking in a brand new offensive line can be tough. Played better second half though. Matt Coral better pick it up, or he won't be starting very long. That safety cost Ole Miss the game. Throw the ball away!

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