The Season: Ole Miss Football – FSU (2016)

(bold music) – [Narrator] Last week on The Season. – I-82, (truck engine rumbling)
thousand pounds of sod. Coming along real good, the
sod looks really good, healthy. – Oh yeah, I gotta go see
my mom before I leave. Gotta go tell her, tell
her, “See you later”, because she don’t like when I say, “Bye.” – Hold on, let me let my Ole Miss shirt. – Oh! Okay.
(mom laughing) – The theme this year is, “Rise up”. I have an accountability and a responsibility to Issac Gross. My job is to speak truth into his life. (whistle blows) You gotta test one of these younger guys. Get on the ball! On the ball, on the ball, on the ball. Find the ball, find the
ball, find the ball. (players grunting) (whistle blowing) – [Number 30] I’m on you, boy. – [Number 85] Oh, you know that’s fair- – [Number 30] Oh, come on, no way, no way. I was gonna come over aggressive. – This is the standard. You just experienced it. Don’t forget it. (intense rock music) (vibrant orchestral music) (upbeat rock music) – Hotty Toddy!
– Hotty Toddy! – You know, freshman, first day, you really don’t know what to expect, I mean, all this is brand new to me. So many people, so many faces, but I’m just trying not
to be late for class, that’s about it (chuckles). – First day of class is all right, it was way different than high school. This is all just new to me, I was still trying to take it in. – We’re going into the Turner center now. This is where most of my classes are. You gotta go in and try
to find the class now. Oh, that’s exit (chuckles). – No. They ain’t said nothing to me about the first day (laughing), so this is all hitting
me in the face right now. – Don’t dress up for
the first day of school. It’s not high school anymore. All right, I just seen Matcalf, he has on, little polo shirt, all the way up to the
neck, got on khaki pants. – That ugly boy over there. – You and D.K.?
D.K. yeah (chuckles) That’s my roommate. – Don’t take this year for granted, they gotta hit the books hard. Freshman year is important. – 246, it’s gotta be
down here, that was 240. I hope it’s down here (chuckles) There we go. (upbeat music) – All right, I’m about to
go put some more work in, at physics, I’ll holla at
y’all later, peace out. (upbeat music) – Thank y’all for following me around, it’s time for me to be studious and learn a little bit about exercise science. I’ll catch y’all next time. (crowd speaking softly) (bright music) – Here we go, three claps, hooray, hooray. Welcome to 2016. Rise Up Commitment Service. We started this camp, I had asked every one of
you what your goals were. Win the National Championship. I heard that over, and over,
and over, and over again. (bright music) I’m really not concerned with those goals. Here’s what I’m concerned with. What is one thing you can do, that will make a commitment, that will help us get to
whatever the goals are. Let’s talk about the daily commitment that will get us there. That’s the mental toughness required to achieve anything great in life, is you’ve got to be willing to get up and do it over, and over, and over again, and that commitment lasts long after you said it in
the mood you said it in, because right now it’s
real easy in this room. It can be a special year,
I’ve got a vision, I see it. But how do you see the end? What is the result you
want out of football, and what is the result, most important, you want out of life? So any senior that would
like to commit to that, I’d love for you to come down. That’s right. – Good decision, yes sir. That’s right, rewrite your story. – Always. – Finish it. – Yes, sir. – Don’t stop short, let’s finish it. – [Player] Ready to commit, coach. – And I need you to
lead in that locker room more than any other person. You have the ability to
tell people the truth. And love, and they’ll respect you. – I need you to really be a leader. – [Player] Yes, sir. – More than ever before,
in the locker room, and speak truth in their life, man. You know what the truth is, and you’ve experienced
hardship and difficulty, but you know it. The last ride. – [Player] I’m all in, coach. – I’ve never had a doubt. – [Player] I’m all in, baby. I wanna be best me I can be.
– I need you to lead. You’ve gotta speak truth
into these young guys lives. – I really wanna be great for you coach. – You’re going to be. – Straight from me to you, coach, I love you man. – I love you too, man. – I appreciate this opportunity. – I love you man. – [Player] Appreciate it, man. – You’re gonna have a great year. – Appreciate it, coach. – Rise up. You’re time will, you never know when it’s gonna be on the line, and
you’re prepared for that time. So, you all committed, or… (girls speaking together in agreement) Well, what about this, what about committed to beliefs, behavior, is your performance, gets you the results? – Hundred percent.
– Yes, sir. I love you all. – [Girls] We love you too. – It will be a fun year. (orchestral music) – [Narrator] Next, on The Season. – [Player] I actually didn’t
suspect a crowd this size. – I didn’t expect a crowd this size- – These speakers are bumping. – [Coach] If you are locked
in to this film right here, they’re telling you what they’re doing. I’m not gonna be out there
to point it out to you. You’re the one that’s got to
communicate to get lined up, go do what you’ve gotta do. – Yeah man, you already know man, T fade chickenhead man,
from the one to two, you already know man. We ready for the season, baby. Get ready, man. Hotty toddy. (jazzy music) – How y’all doing today,
Ole Miss fan, Ole Miss rose. Yeah we here, we’re doing
our video promo shoots. (upbeat music) (player cheering) (players laughing) (camera clicking) (camera clicking) (rattling) (crew members talking) – [Player] You’re toast. – If you wanna stick it out, or whatever, just make sure it’s up
closer in front of your face. If it’s too low we won’t see it. It’s gonna be about ten seconds. It’s gonna feel like a long
time, it’s really not though. – So, we’ll do it from a couple
things from both of them, but first thing let’s get
you to toss the ball around. (crew talking) – [Photographer] But this,
for us, is kind of like you’re just walking
towards us, straight face, looking right into the lense. – Hey homie, let me sign something here. (player chuckles) – No. Not right now. (machine clicking rapidly) (crew talking) (laughing) (growls) – All right, 38. – All right.
– All right, let’s do this. – What do you have on your face? I don’t know mom, it got on my hands, too. – It time to go, Florida
State’s on the field. Be there or be square. (rhythmic music) – All right, this is some
of yesterday’s stuff. Now I wanna show you a
little bit of Florida State, so let’s watch this right here. This was probably the one play yesterday we didn’t get lined up, so we gotta get slid
over, all the way over. I like what you do right here, Armani, you got the right idea. That’s where you gotta get
to, but you get there so fast you’re overrun, right? (player agrees) Okay, that’s all it is. All right, if you notice right here in these first few plays, they wanna see what you’re gonna play against these certain looks, true? (players agree) All right, so expect that in the game. You have to visualize all
these things are gonna happen. Look at him, cut, blocking
the linebackers right there, and he finds that little seam, and there he goes, and
makes him ten or eleven. We’ve got to be able to get to it. We’ve got to see what’s happening, and not get sealed by
one of these linemen. The teams that beat them
last year stopped the run. The team that plays the hardest, makes the fewest mistakes, is gonna win. Somebody turn on those lights. (players talking) We’ve done a pretty decent job, there’s a couple of them
earlier that they could’ve done a better job on, stopping the run. They’re telling you what they’re doing. If you’re locked in, this film right here, they are telling you what they’re doing. So when you’re watching film,
keep watching over and over, and they’re telling you
exactly what they’re doing. All right, let’s have
a good one out there, let’s stay locked in, get this thing down. (funky music) (drumming) (whistle blows) (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – I’m so jazzed. What do y’all think
about this new stadium? Looks pretty nice.
(crowd cheering) New video boards. (crowd cheering) – [Player] Heck yeah. – We play away for game one, we’re gonna play a great
game thanks to you guys, so. Go Rebels.
– Go Rebels. (crowd cheering) – [Player] All right, my
dude’s got one question. – Are you ready? (crowd cheering) – [Crowd] Damn right! Hotty toddy, gosh almighty, Who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam, bim, bam, Ole Miss by damn! (crowd cheering) (funky music) – [Narrator] Stay tuned
for more of The Season. – [Announcer] Kelly, well
protected, loops the ball to a wide-open man, A.J. Brown. – Hey, he’s only a freshman. He’s only gonna get better. – [Announcer] Judd, center steps, and gets into the end zone. (intense music) (melodic music) – [Narrator] The start of
the 2016 football season for the Ole Miss Rebels placed them on the biggest stage of the opening weekend. The only prime-time
game on Labor Day night, the Rebels would square off against the Florida State Seminoles, in what was essentially
their own backyard. – Being able to play on that
stage was an awesome feeling, for me personally, and then
for our players as well. – Only game on TV, eight
o’clock prime time, everybody’s watching, so a lot of emotions were going into it, we were really hype. – Run well, and have your hat
to the ball on every step. You need a blow, I’ll get you out. – Play the game in the way
it’s supposed to be played. You’ve prepared, and you’re ready. – Ole camp talked about, “Rise up.” Rise up. This matters in… – [Players] Our hands. – Your hands. – Nobody else really matters. No one gets to define for you who we are. It’s time now to finally, finally put the ball down and let’s go play. (deep music) – When we’re able to run
the football effectively, and throw, play action off of it, we’re a pretty salty offense, and that’s what we’re able
to do in the first half, you know, mix the run up with
the pass and be very balanced. – Our offensive plan the first
half was really effective, we went tempo, we went fast,
we got the ball down field, we protected well, Chadwick made great decisions
and threw great balls, so in the first half we
were really clicking. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Kelly well protected, loops the ball to a
wide-open man, A.J. Brown. – Hey, he’s only a freshman,
he’s only gonna get better. – [Announcer] Kelly, slam,
touchdown Damore’ea Stringfellow. (crowd cheering) – Who mess with us? – [Announcer] And the Rebels strike, in less than two minutes. (players laughing) – It got so loud, man, I
couldn’t hear nothing at first. – [Announcer] Fake over the
middle, caught by Engram. He’s long to the middle
of the field at 15. – Tell them move the sticks,
man, move the sticks, man. – [Announcer] D.K. Metcalf,
a freshman from Oxford, is in it wide out to the left. One on one, left corner to the endzone, and it is going to be… Caught. Touchdown, the
freshman D.K. Metcalf. – [Player] For him to be
able to jump high enough to reach over the defender,
and tip that ball up to him, that’s pretty special, by anybody, but very special by a true freshman. – [Announcer] The hometown kid,
welcome to college football. – Ain’t nothing but the weight room, man. Hey, good job out there. – [Announcer] Play action,
pass near side, a pass, he caught it midfield.
(fans yelling) He sees all these young guys making plays, other veterans getting involved. – …An empty set, Kelly, over
the middle, he’s got his man, caught, touchdown!
(crowd cheering) – Now we’re here, baby! – [Announcer] Hit him, in stride, and the Rebels get six more. – They went two-high safety
so I just broke in the middle, and literally, like as I stuck, the ball was already in the air, so as soon as I turned
my head the ball was literally like right in my hands. It was a beautiful ball by Chad. – [Announcer] That’s
anticipating, from Chad Kelly. Engram wasn’t even
looking for the football. – [Commentator] Second down
handout, Judd center steps, and gets into the end zone. (crowd cheering) Rebels in the red zone. Stayed perfect tonight. Four red zone trips, four touchdowns. (loudspeaker echos) (deep music) – [Narrator] As the Rebel
offense was heating up, the Seminole attack was frozen in place. – [Announcer] Dropped in the backfield, Cook has nowhere to go. – We knew that if we could stop the run game with Dalvin Cook, then it would kinda
force him to pass more. – Our D-line controlled
our line of scrimmage, our linebackers were flying around, our defense was playing really great, they fought all game, and I think they got some
room to grow and get better, and that’s the scary part. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Hand-off, left side, stuck, is Patrick by Benito Jones. (crowd cheering) Francois has been dropped. Marquis Haynes, around the quarterback. – Francois, he took some hits now. He got stroked a little bit in that game, so to see us put pressure
on him in the first half was very, very satisfying for us. – [Announcer] Second down,
ten, for the Seminoles, Gibbs to Cook, and he’s
hammered at the 40. Issac Gross, welcome back the senior. – That’s our nature, baby, we fitting to send a statement, baby. We come here tonight and
make a statement, baby. – You starting to run, that’s the door. They’re not used to no
D-line like y’all swarming. – It’s here, it’s showtime. It’s showtime. (bold rock music) – [Narrator] For all that went right in the first half of play for Ole Miss, there was one play above all others that cast a long shadow on the game. – [Announcer] Sets to throw, Settles, fires deep down the middle, one-on-one coverage, the
pass is gonna be incomplete at the ten-yard line,
intended for Kermit Whitfield, and back there defensively
to knock the ball away was Kendarius Webster,
but Webster is shaken up. (dramatic piano music) Laying flat on his face
at the eight-yard line. – [Commentator] Looks like
he came down on his knee, guys, it does not look good. That left knee looks like he came up holding it after he hit the ground. – Whenever he got hurt, it
was just, it was devastating, but at the same time, it
was amazing that he was trying to encourage us to
get those guys, beat FSU, “don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine”, like, “You guys do your job,
and don’t worry about me, “y’all go ahead and get this one for me”, and I just thought that
was just amazing that he wasn’t even worried about
his self in a time like that, he was just selfless, and he wanted what was best for the team. – We talk about family all the time, and playing for the guy next to you, and at the end of the day, you wanna make sure that
you’re doing more for him than you do for yourself. For him to do that, while he knew that his
season was possibly over, speaks volume of his character, and that’s what we try
to teach on this team, just to put team first. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] It was a game of two halves. With the Rebels dominating the first, and Florida State controlling the second. – [Announcer] Kelly to
Gross, swings it near-side, deflected and intercepted. – You know, any time you
turn the football over, especially on your end,
it’s gonna be tough. You give those guys a short field, the whole play book is over. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] And Lewis’
pick, Francois’ scramble, Stevenson’s touchdown,
and here come the ‘Noles. – [Commentator] Kelly to throw in trouble, and he’s gonna lose the
football as he’s sacked, spinning on the ground, there’s a pileup, and Florida State recovers it at the 11. Toss pitch, sweeping to the left, getting to the corner,
and in the end zone. – [Announcer] A furious rally fueled by a couple of turnovers,
and the ‘Noles are in front. – Man, it’s real tough
just because it was like, we had it in our hands, and then it just, kind of slowly started seeping away. – It was tough. I think those two turnovers
really changed the momentum, got the crowd back into the game, and that’s something we control. Those are mistakes that we control, is taking care of the football. – [Announcer] Here’s the play action, looking to throw, Francois
fires back on the end zone, wide side, touchdown Izzo. Wide open. – [Commentator] The
‘Noles have put together a 30-nothing run. Rebels reeling now, in Orlando. – Hey, hey, eyes open. Eyes open, buddy. Eyes open, eyes open dude, eyes open. Hey, eyes open, eyes open. – [Announcer] And the Seminoles
have figured out a way to right the ship and get the wind. The fourth-ranked ‘Noles
over the 11th-ranked Rebels, 45-34 our final score. (dramatic music) – The thing you knew is
that a good football team was gonna come in here tonight, and one was gonna win, one was gonna lose, and now, all the things
we’ve talked about, rising up, and all that
stuff, so now you get tested. We have to take it on the field
and go earn our way through the Southeastern Conference. We’ve got a great home schedule, we gotta get back on a short week and play a difficult offense to defend. We’ve got to fix all the mistakes and start taking care of the football. Men, you’ve got to stay together,
and leaders have to lead. There’s so much build-up
into these games like this, that how you handle it
will determine that. You know that the last
three national champions have lost a game and had
to come back from it. So what kind of team will we become? Keep your head up, we win
together, we lose together, and we move forward together. They definitely came
out of the locker room with a lot more life, and we
turned the ball over twice, that really shifted the
momentum to their favor, and when you’re playing in a game against one of the nation’s best teams, you can’t turn the ball over like that. We wanted to stay balanced
and we just didn’t. We can’t, we weren’t balanced at all, and then the two turnovers
that just kind of just shifted the whole momentum of the game, then we didn’t feel like we
had an opportunity to run, they were really… That front is very, very talented. That whole defense is,
they return so many kids, and they’re very talented,
and once they got momentum and knew we were one-dimensional, it makes for a difficult task. We getting ready to
start a home stand that, our September’s very brutal. We’ve got to play a difficult offense to defend in a short week, and then we’ve got two big
conference games coming in, so there’s no time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself,
it’s a long season. We’ve got to get ready to play. – One thing I take from
this game is finishing. I mean, we can… We looked unstoppable, we were unstoppable in the first half. – We won’t hold our heads down, we’ll use this as motivation
to definitely just step up, and, you know, as a wake-up call. – We couldn’t be any more excited. We’re ready to get this
bad taste out of our mouth and get back home in front of our fans. – Walford, just watched a film on them, they’re gonna be a nice challenge for us, one that we… We wanna get back on the
field and get back going, and get this sour taste out of our mouths. – It’s gonna be a fun weekend, and I can’t wait to see our
fans, and the new stadium. (bold music) – [Narrator] Relive your favorite episodes whenever you want. Purchase your copy of The
Season: Ole Miss Football on DVD or blu-ray at, and be sure and pick your
copy of the home opener game program this Saturday
at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, which features senior, and Batesville, Mississippi
native, Issac Gross. Download the Rebel Rewards App to unlock exclusive
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  1. Going to c the rebels play wofford this weekend. Hope we can bounce back and not have an MSU vs south Alabama like game lol

  2. part on webster was special. good luck to that young man bouncing back. go get bama, rebs! you still have a serious say

  3. This is pretty good… I gained alot if respect for coach Freeze from this its one thing to be a coach… It's a whole different ball game when it comes to being a mentor to these young men and impacting there lives … They played a great game Monday I hope they run the table in the SEC GO Noles…

  4. I see seminole nation has decided to come on our oage and talk trash.. I congratulate you guys for winning, we did just what we said we do, take dalvin cook away and nake your QB beat us it just so happened that francios is as REAL QB bit i tell yall this if you had any.other QB in that game besides him you noles fans would be very quiet right now. most of yall on here talking trash is the same ones that was probably cussing and fussing at the TV during the first half. HOTTY TODDY we see yall again in playoffs or new years six bowl and we will see whose laughing then

  5. Great game..2 very different halves…reminded me of the Florida State / awbarn NCG in 2013…. Ole Miss will have a great year..and hopefully the Seminoles will too! #TRIBELIFE-;;->>

  6. Guys, I'm an FSU Alumni and fan (obviously), but I missed seeing one of your guys getting hurt in the game and I hope he's ok. Both sides played some great football out there at times and the cookie crumbled our way this time. Still, I wish you all the best the rest of the way.

  7. Using the spelling "Ole" is totally incorrect. To abbreviate old, is Ol'….as in Ol' Yeller, or Ol' Glory, or Ol' Man River. That's the way they want it, but it looks stupid. Ole looks like a Spanish word. But, Mississippi has never been known for brains.

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