The Season: Ole Miss Football – Fall Camp (2017)

Guys, we just hit you with a ton of bricks. And I’m sorry for all of you. You’ve gone through a lot. I wish there was another way, but this is what we have to do. We have a plan and we trust all of you to continue to provide the leadership you have already. Coach Luke? I want to start off by telling you guys I found out about this at five o’clock today. So, the first thing that goes through my mind is — you can imagine, right now a thousand things going through my mind, trying to tell you what you need to hear right now. I’ve been where you are. I am an Ole’ Miss Rebel and I promise you that I will give you my heart and soul to help lead you out of this. This is not the situation — you all know this has been a dream of mine being a head coach all my life. I mean, I feel like I was born to be a head coach, but this isn’t how I wanted it. But I will give you my heart and soul to help lead you out of this, I guarantee you that. Opportunities present themselves in different ways, they do. And right now what we have in front of us is an opportunity. We didn’t want to be here, but we’re here. We can’t do anything about it. We’re here now. And I can’t — I need your help, more now than ever, because it’s not me, it’s not the coaches, it’s us, man. It’s the Ole Miss family, and I need you now more than ever. You guys have influence. I mean, you guys came here on a belief and to win games; didn’t you? That’s why you came here. And I know there’s a lot of uncertainty, you got NCAA, you got this hitting you in the gut. There’s only one thing I can tell you is that on September second at 6:30, we’re still going to put our jerseys on and walk down that tunnel. And the guys that buy in and believe in it, we’re going to do it together. I can promise you that. If you look to your left and your right, that’s not changing. We’re still going to put that jersey on and we’re still going to walk through that tunnel, and we’re going to still represent this university the way it’s supposed to be represented. And guys, I’m going to be learning with you. I don’t got all the answers, but this has been a dream of mine and I just didn’t want it to come like this, you all know that. But I promise you I will give you everything I got if you give me everything you’ve got. [Music] [Whistle blows] [Music] As the sweltering summer heat beats down across the South, the Ole Miss Rebels return to the field. The offseason has been anything but usual, leaving this team cut, dried, put in line, and now bound back together. Come on, Greg. Matt Luke is a Rebel through and through. His father played defensive back for the red and blue, his brother quarterback, and Matt was an offensive lineman and team captain. Now, after ten years of being on the Ole Miss coaching staff, he holds the reigns of his alma mater. If this man looks like a kid in a candy store, that’s because he is. With the first game against South Alabama only weeks away, Luke prepares to welcome a team back that is hungry for a fresh start. The wait is over. The season is here. [Indiscernible] first day of camp. We’re in fall camp 2017. It’s about to get real. We got a little half practice today, so nothing much, a little half day. Got to sleep in, clearly. So, it’s going to be a great couple weeks, really get ready for the season. Kind of ready to put the ball down; you know? Kind of ready to put all this stuff behind us. So, we’ll see where it goes. Ready for it. A whole bag of gum? I’m telling you, you got to have the fall camp essentials. You have to. Heavyweight champion of the world. Moore. C.J. 255.6. I’m calling about 210, you know, I put on a few pounds. Look, listen, you got the gum right here. The first day, you got to have the snacks because you don’t want to — you feel me, you don’t want to be hungry in meetings. Oh, my god. Wow. Ah. You got to have, you know, your deodorant, baby powder, your soap, loofah, duh. A.J., I’m so low. I’ve never been this low. 231. We out here. I’m trimming up. I’m fitting to get swoll. A little Ibuprofen just in case, all that other good stuff; you know? Marquis Haynes reporting for fall camp day one. It’s fitting to be a breeze. Then come in to me later on, watch how much I be dying out there. It’s going to be crazy. Day one in camp; you know? Going to be a great day. Looking forward to some competing today; you know? We’re going to see what happens. Stay tuned. The Rebels on the way. [Inaudible] what you got going on? Oh, okay. Okay. Oh, you know, he’s too stiff. His fingers — your fingers got to be loose. [Music] My message to you is simple; all right? I don’t have a book to give you or some fancy slogan, I don’t have that, but what I can tell you is we earn everything. Everything that we get, we earn. We’re going to be a blue collar, hard-nosed, tough football team. Right now, man, is camp. Get into your stuff and know what’s going on. It will help you. If you don’t know, ask. We got the best coaching staff in the country, they’re here to help you. Knowledge equals confidence equals playing fast. That’s what I want to see. And I want to see you develop a confidence and a swagger, and I don’t mean fake. I don’t mean Twitter confidence. It’s real, confident swagger, and that’s what I want to see, man. We earn everything. Don’t expect any handouts. We don’t want any. Bring it on. We earn everything. Blue collar, tough, hard-nosed, that’s who we are. That’s who the 2017 Rebels are going to be, so get ready for it. Yeah. Yeah, baby. Coach Matt Luke is well aware of the big expectations that come with being a head coach, but he also knows that it all starts with the little things. Hey, Rod, tuck your shirt in. Yeah, tuck it in or wear a shorter one next time, you know what I’m saying? I don’t want it hanging out. It looks sloppy. Go Reb. Coach? Hey, how are you? You got the boards? Yep, I do. Hey. Hey. Hey, everything little things, man. Little things. Take care of the little things. Everything you do, little things. On the other side of the practice fields, Coach Freddie Roach believes that some things you can’t teach, rather you’re born with. I got genes, man. I ain’t got to do all this. I got good genes. I just wake up looking like this. [Air horn blows] Let’s go. Let’s go. Move around. Let’s go. Hey, buckle up, Rod. Let’s go. Buckle up. Buckle up. Come on, Rebs. Let’s go. Let’s go to work. Let’s go to work. [Music] There you go. Good. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. [Music] Don’t waste a rep. Don’t waste a rep. Take advantage of every second. Take advantage of every second. Oh, we got double poppers. We got poppers everywhere. Oh, yeah, “Kell.” Oh, yeah, Markell. How we doing over here, D? How we doing over here, D? Be perfect right here. It’s what we do. Get here. Get here. Get here. Go and get them feet going. Get them feet going. [Indiscernible] on three. One, two, three. Whoo [group]. That a baby. Good. Get to that football. Hey, you never know, you chase that ball, that ball comes out, you make the play, might change the game; you know what I’m saying? Chase that ball, good things happen. Good things happen. Glad you came out with the right mindset. You got it? Take over your football team. That’s a damn good way of starting practice. Now let’s go to work, you got me? Yes, sir [group]. Let’s go to work. Let’s go attack, attack, and attack. [Music] It’s not about how we start, it’s about how we finish now. Let’s go. It’s not about how we start, it’s about how we finish. Play the center. Hands up. Hands up. Nice. [Screaming] There it is, baby. There it is, baby. Yes. It’s a party. It’s a party. [Whistle blowing] Let’s go. Grab a knee. Grab a knee. Get in front of me where I can see you. Hey, get in tight. Get in tight like a family. Get in tight like a family. I love the energy at practice. Keep making each other better. You got what I’m saying? Keep making each other better. Hey, don’t shy away from competition. This game, it’s a team game, but it’s about one-on-one battles. It’s the game within the game; you know what I’m saying? And you can’t win a game in the first quarter. You can’t win a game in the second quarter. So, at the end of the practice, that’s when we ought to be at our best. So, keep pushing, man. Keep — it’s easy to talk about it in there in the air conditioning. It’s out here where you win football games. It’s out here where you win football games. Bring it in tight. Let’s go. Hey, good first day. Good start. Good start. Hey, earn it on three. Earn it on three. One, two, three. Earn it [group]. Let’s go. Position stretch. Get there. [Crowd chatter] I know one thing, whoever turn up the a/c trying to get a raise this morning. Trying to. Igloo this [inaudible]. Igloo. Sup, baby? Sup, baby? Morning. Coach Luke. Sup, Coach. All right. All right. Let’s go over this practice schedule. Same start time, 10:30. Team one will be live; okay? That will be on the grass. So, that will be really our first live period where everybody is tackling. Coach? Yes. Just staying up on everything, too, is, um — Yeah, you know, I would prefer us not cutting and us not low tackling, because to me a low tackle from the side is no different than a cut, you know what I mean? So, let’s just stay away from the low tackle. Stay up when you hit, then we’ll stay up, and no cutting; okay? After team two, we get finished, we’re going to bring them up, Paul, we’re going to pay our price for the 20 up-downs for the locker room. Yes, sir. So, we’re going to pay a price, 20 up-downs. While the 20 up-downs is going on, Ken, y’all are setting up the board down by the end zones in the grass. I’ll get with you on the boards. We’re going to do a full team board drill, one-on-one, old school, but it’s going to be offense versus offense, starting tackle versus starting tackle, starting guard versus starting guard. You know, if somebody’s competing for a position, put them out there. And, again, my goal is for the defense to be cheering for the offense, offense to be cheering for the defense, and to let them know, after a full practice, first day of full pads, fifth day, and up-downs, they still got something left in the tank, especially when everybody’s watching. I guarantee you they go, and that will make the point that you got more in you than you think you do. You got a huge challenge today, guys. You got a huge challenge today. You got to go motivate your guys. You got to go motivate them. They’re not — they’re going to try to drag; we can’t let it happen. Challenge them. Push them to be the best that they can, but let them know that you care about them. If you rip a kid, then you need to be — you need to be loving on them on the way off the field. Those kids care about what you say. So, just be very smart about what you say, and be very — you know, choose your words wisely; okay, but motivate them; all right? Let’s have an awesome day today. Where that spark at, baby? [Music] Shoulder pad time. Shoulder pad, first day in pads; you know? About to get down to work, show them little DBs what it’s all about. Hey, it’s work. Vic, so, today is first day of practice. How you feel today, Vic? First day of pads. How you feel today? We got to get physical. It’s a real day. It’s where the men are made. Gary “the leg” Wunderlich. Somebody’s getting — Don’s getting knocked out. Am I scared of Gary “the leg”? Yeah, no, I don’t think I’m scared of Gary “the leg” Wunderlich? Just ready to get back into things. How about you? How about you? No, no, I’m the one asking the questions; you know? I ain’t got much to say to them boys. We just fitting to show them. Yeah, they a little hyped up because the pads are on. So, we going to give them what they asking for. We going to beat up on them a little bit. Man, the twins, they been talking. I got to let them know early. Andy, I’m not going to say it no more. I ain’t going to mess with you right now. I’m going to get on the green. Okay. Mr. Breeland Speaks, number nine. Putting on pads again, first time since spring. How you feeling today, baby? Feeling great, man. Need to get after it and hit some people; you know? And that will conclude today’s Marquis Haynes show. Yes, sir. [Music] First day for live, baby. First day. You ready to go live, baby? This man in cleats, jersey. Man, I love it. Oh, we’re just going to have a little fun today. We got to have a good day, man. It’s first day live. While the offensive side of the ball was excited for their new garb, the dress code on the defensive side was being questioned. Why everybody hating on a dude that wear all black, man? Why are you all dressed exactly alike? No, we’re not. It’s a different shirt. I got on sleeves. Look at your shoes. I got sleeves on; he don’t. Different shirt. Hey, man, I’m finally glad you getting the memos now in the right dress, man. It ain’t going to be a homicide if you ain’t got on all black. I’ve been wearing all black. I know you have, dog. Isn’t that like a cheap suit, baby? Hey, it’s our day now. Hey, let’s train to dominate now and break us off. Hey, get better on three. One, two, three. Get better [group]. [Music] Ready Knox? Ready to work. Let’s go. Every day. Every rep. Every rep. [Music] Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. You know me, I’m ready to go. You call them numbers, two-two, deuce-deuce. We hear the coach, he say give him the ball, hand the ball off, run that ball, man. Keep going, big guy. Keep going. Yeah. Yeah. Get to the ball. Get to the ball. Hey, I want that play as explosive plays in our big meeting today. Mark that play. Hey, let’s turn it up a notch. Let’s turn it up a notch. Let’s turn it up a notch. Yeah, baby. Bam. Yeah, baby. That’s stealing him, that’s like stealing them, baby. That’s like stealing right there now. Would you come down to the box? Come down to the box. You’re a linebacker now. You scared of contact? Well, get down in there. [Music] What we going to do now, we got two boards on the right side of the hash we’re going offense versus offense, position on position. People that are fighting for a fight. [Music] All right, boys, I’m mic’ed up so Nobody say anything bad about me or the Monster I’m drinking. Okay, let’s take a look at this. What do we call this right here at the end? The moment of truth. That is a beautiful thing, Alex. Beautiful, beautiful thing; okay? And it’s just about defining it. That’s a good job, Daronte, right there. That’s fantastic. I mean, that doesn’t happen very often, Daronte; you understand that? People don’t just do that, you know what I mean? That’s impressive as heck. That’s why I’m going to be on your butt that you do all the time, I’m telling you right now. If I see you not doing that, I am all over you. That is just good, old-fashioned “I am on my back.” All right, now I got to get back up and do it again. And we’re going fast. And these guys are going to be in a world of hurt, trust me. I don’t care who they are. But we got to do it right ourselves. And all that exhaustion you felt today, on September second that’s going to feel so good, man, because there’s not other people that are going to match what we’re doing, guarantee you that. Moment of truth. He tries to find it, we buzz our feet and we bury him. And guess what, he didn’t make the play. We drive him. There’s a couple things, like right here, Ben, let’s see how Ben — how hard Ben strains. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about right there. Good job, Ben. And it’s a battle of wills, man, because he’s going to try — his coach is telling him get down lower than you. What drives me crazy, I feel like they get down lower than us more than we get lower than them, and there’s no excuse for that; you know what I mean? Coach talked about that in the meeting earlier. Control the things that you can control. Hey, Coach. Oh, popsicles Yeah, baby. Good job, Coach. Sorry to interrupt. Huh? Sorry to interrupt. No problem. No problem. I only came because the camera was here. Yeah. Yeah. Appreciate it, Coach. What else is in? That’s it? That’s it. We got everything right, Coach, for the install? All right, guys, great job. Typically, dessert doesn’t come before dinner, but Coach Luke made sure the Rebels cooled off before taking a trip south of the border. A little taco — taco action. Oh, yeah, got to get the queso. The chicken got to be healthy white meat, you feel me? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. You want queso? No, I’m good on the queso. Most amount of tacos? Hey, we going to taco night? Hey, what was that time we went to taco night? Probably six. Probably about six, seven, eight, nine. You know, it’s not every day a walk-on gets this chance and some free food. They don’t have any jalapenos here, but I love me a good jalapeno. Got to put meat on them bones. Shout out to my mom. This is key. I don’t even know what it is, but it looks good. That’s key. The problem with the taco you have is there’s carbs in the tortilla, so we try to cut back on the carbs, because the camera, that adds weight. I’m just going to go with meat, steak and cheese. That look good, don’t it? What you call that? What you call that? I don’t even know. I ain’t got a name for it yet. That will make everybody hungry looking at that. You know, first day of pads, we eating good; you know? Now we’re feeling, you know, ready to do it again tomorrow. [Music] C.J. Moore, deuce dogs, spring ’16 [indiscernible]. [Laughter] How do I look? You look like Shea Patterson. It’s good, man. Real good. [Laughter] You got to look presentable; you know? It’s taken four years to figure out the sign there. You ready? [Inaudible] Marcus Mariota, Saint Louis, Saint Louis High School. What up? Hey. What up? [Music]

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  1. Wishing these guys the best Coaches and Players. Their old coach really put them in a rough spot. The kids will be fine. It's the families affected by it.

  2. This series is going to get so good after the NCAA devastates them at the Sept. 11 infractions meeting. There will be crying, pointing fingers, transfers, kids just quiting on each other. Its going to be fantastic youtube TV!!

  3. Wait a minute….you mean, there's actually people who give a flying fuck about Ole Miss football? LOL

  4. Wish they did this with big time programs like Michigan or Bama,Ohio state or other big time programs

  5. That what a Head Football coach suppose be… look out for his players, and making sure they forcus on little things, and being great at all time

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