The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2015)

– [Voiceover] Last week on The Season. – I’m really trying hard this year and I’m harping on our staff each week to enjoy the journey. And somebody should have
told us when we were born that it goes really, really fast, and man, if you’re always chasing the car you never catch up. – Have to be physical on the perimeter. We can’t allow them to play off like this and give them these big windows. You see what I’m saying?
– [Player] Yeah. – [Coach] I can throw it to them. – Get ready to jot down some notes, man, ’cause it’s gonna get with it. – It’s fittin’ to be 21-oh, man. And it’s on The Season. – You gotta have swag. If you don’t have swag, you
can’t play this position. – [Voiceover] Virgil, back to
throw, pressure up the middle fires deep, picked off
at the 38-yard line. – Nice little win. But it’s for real next week. – We’re going to Tuscaloosa this weekend. There’s a show going down. You wanna come? Everybody’s invited. Everybody’s welcome. I’ll be there. (rock interlude) (intense orchestral music) – All right, here we go, Thursday. Thursday. Anything we need to talk about? Everybody good– On personnel? Again, some of these
things you don’t really have to hit in practice. We’ll make sure that we walk through them at the hotel, we’ll have
extensive walkthough on gameday. Kickoff’s at eight. All right, let’s hit some film here. All right, stretch right here. Rob, put this on for you. This is how you come out of your hips low. Pad level, attack, he’s knocking
this guard straight back. Best team run defense right there. Attack the outside shoulder of him, push him back, get the
quarterback pulled up. That’s how you affect the play. All of this stuff is the same this year. They’re just running it
on different personnel. That’s what it’s going to
look like on Saturday night. That is what it’s going to look like. Finish! Finish! Finish! Look, we’ve had a great week so far, continue it. Continue it. We’re on the road tomorrow,
we’re in the hotel and it’s here. We’re gonna have lots of walk-throughs and tips and reminder and then it’s gonna be about you guys Saturday night. Let’s go! Nobody late. You’ve got 25 minutes. 25 minutes. (guitar music) – Ain’t nothin’ like
that good ‘ol grill food. Man, the charcoal even smell good. You know what I mean? – Bought time, man. I told you Woody didn’t
know what he was doing, man. They put bench starters, man. That you fold under pressure? Is that what you’re telling me? – [Woodrow] Man, nah, I ain’t folding. You can let all the people you want, you can let them make jokes
and all that good stuff. You know what I mean? Let ’em make jokes. It’s OK. It’s OK. They’re gonna be the
first one to get a piece. I don’t know, I guess I
can compare it to like, let’s take mothers, for instance. You know how like, when a baby whine, they like, “Oh, he hungry.” Or, “She hungry.” He or he needs a diaper
change or something like that. That’s just something that you know when you a cook. And when you a cook, you can look at it, you can smell it and all that good stuff. You know what I mean? You already know if it’s
ready to eat or not. Oh, ain’t no mistakes. – It do look good now, though. You know what you’re doing. – [Woodrow] I know I
know what I’m doin’ baby. If it ain’t a burnt piece
or so, it’s all good. It ain’t good cooking. You tell me what it look like. You tell me, you know what I mean? ‘Cause it look (lip smacking) It look good, you know what I mean? – It’s good. – ‘Bout time to go in the house. Everybody in there eatin’. I already know it’s good. So it’s gonna be gone. We bout to go up in the crib, man. About to go in the house. They gotta fill my belly
before it get all ate. (electronic music) – [Voiceover] Deep within the trenches of the Land Shark
defense, are the rushmen. Powerful and menacing, the men up front provide the strength and energy that makes the Ole Miss defense among the best in the nation. But it’s their tenacity that
sets them apart from the rest. A direct reflection of defensive
line coach, Chris Kiffin. – [Kiffin] Contain through the beast. You were too shallow, that
quarterback could have got out. Hit! Good, Ross, give him a look in two eyes, and start blocking him! – Yes sir. – He takes great pride
in not only the technique but the energy that they play with, the conditioning that they’re in. And when your defensive
line plays really well, you’ve got a chance. – That defensive line room, I mean, that’s kind of really the heart and soul of our defense. I think they have a unique
chemistry in that room that lends to a lot of our success. – [Voiceover] Success
is something the rushmen have grown accustomed to. But only a few years ago, many doubted their ability to perform in the SEC. – A lot of people don’t know this, but we were ranking 14 out of 14 teams in the defensive line Kiff’s first year. Our first meeting, our
very, very first meeting, he put that up on the
board and he said that, “I promise you,” he said,
“before this year is over “we’re gonna try to be one of the best “D-lines in the SEC.” And right now, I think we have the best D-line not only in the
SEC, but in the country. – I like those guys to know that nobody’s gonna outwork them. “You know, we’re gonna put
in that work every day. Nobody’s going to outwork us. And you know, when we bring it up and nobody’s on the field
and we break it down we’re the last one’s
to walk off the field. It’s a great feeling for those guys to know that they put in a day’s work. – You know, you have to be in shape and you’ve got to be
able to chase the ball. And again, those guys, most of our guys, we don’t have the big, heavy guy. Most of those guys are in
shape, are able to run, and that’s kind of the
way our defense is built with a lot of the movement and the slanting and the blitzing. And, obviously, chasing the ball. But I think it is competitive over there and I think they all
want to be at their best. And the competition is what creates that. – Hit it! Block out! Good! – Hit it! Block out! Good! Good D.J! Hit it! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The first day of pads and
that’s what you want to do? My goodness. i don’t even care if he stones you. Go bullrush! Good! (grunting) – You’re holding, baby. – Where’s everybody’s hand placement been? No! Not one person has hit it there. If we’re hitting the armpits
right here on the rise. That’s the chest, these are the armpits. Lock ’em out. – All players are different
and you have to know what buttons to push. You have to know when to get onto a kid, when to pull back and I think coach Kiffn does a great job with that. – He’s able to put his arm around them and they know where he’s coming from, they know his heart, and he’s able to coach ’em hard at the same time. – Hit! Good. – [Voiceover] Kiffin’s benevolent demeanor likely stems from the time he spends with his own family. A behavior that’s replicated within the Rebel football family. – Well that’s what we want to be, all of our coaches and their families are welcome here anytime because I believe that these young men need to see us in that role to give them an example of this is what it can be like. But it does take work and
it takes a commitment. So, hopefully, they see that in us. – We are a family, it’s
a family atmosphere. And we tell the moms and
dads and the student athletes that you’re gonna see
us around our families. We’re going to show your son the positive qualities of being a good husband and being a good father. It shows them how to take
care of other people. To really care about somebody
other than themselves. – Certainly the players
recognize what kind of man, what kind of father, how
his kids respond to him, how his wife responds to him. You’ve got to respect the
kind of man that he is. It’s difficult to coach all day long and then have your family, too. There’s a lot of irons
in the fire right there, but he’s able to juggle it really well. He’s a very good man. – I think all these guys
have a bright future. A lot of them are going
to play on Sundays. And like we said, the
best thing as a coach is to see these guys walk across the stage and get their degree. In our room, I’m looking for
100 percent of those guys to do that and set themselves up for success the rest of their life. (light piano music) (fast-paced rock music) – The way that we’ve said
it since I been here is, we want to be relevant. I want to tell you,
there’s wasn’t a channel that I turned on today
that didn’t have something to say about you, the Ole Miss Rebels. And if I’m counting it
right and it looks right, it looks like about 102,000
came to see you tonight. We beat ’em last year,
you experienced that and tonight, when you beat
them on their own field, it will be even sweeter probably. So all we need to do now is let’s just walk out of here, lock
those gates behind us. Lock those gates and let’s go
pick a fight with these folks! (“Come 2 Get Ya” by Purple City) – [Voiceover] It’s time to play football. Noble is ready, Ole Miss and Alabama. And it’s a nice high, deep kick. It can be returned at the one. Taken by Drake. He comes to the middle of the field, the 10, the 15, upended and dropped. The ball’s on the ground! The ball’s on the ground! The Rebels claim they have
it at the 17-yard line and they do. Boom! That’s a way to start it, special teams. – We’re ready. – That’s how you start the game! – I’m ready now!
– [C.J.] That’s how you – [C.J.] start off.
– [Tony] I’m ready now. – [Voiceover] Bateman waits
for the snap, there it is. He fakes the handoff. Pressure right up the
middle, he throws deep. It’s long, that could be picked. Elston’s got it at the 45,
trying to get around a man, he does. Now looking for blockers. Come back to midfield. Down the near side to the 40, to the 35, he gets another big block! He’s to the 30 and knocked
out of bounds around the 27. And the Rebels get another turnover out of the Crimson Tide. Boys in good field position. – We just try to make turnovers and if we get them on
their side of the field, which really helps the offense, they only gotta go like 50 yards in instead of like 80 or 70. – When you’re playing great
teams and you can get takeaways that create extra possessions for you typically on short fields, it’s absoultely important we convert it into points. – [Voiceover] Man in
motion, there’s the snap. He gives to Wilkins around the right side. Alabama can’t get to him! Touchdown Ole Miss! – [Voiceover] And I
think they were thinking with that jumbo look, they’re coming into the interior. – They gotta guard us. Remember that. They gotta guard us. Remember that. They gotta stop us, remember that. It’s what we do. It’s not what they do, it’s what we do. – [Voiceover] Stewart
and Drake deep to receive this kick from Nathan
Noble and it’s gonna be right at the goal line and taken there. And the ball comes out. The Rebels say they have it. Did it come out before– Yes! – [Voiceover] Disaster for Alabama again. (yelling) – [Voiceover] Third
and goal from the four. Chad Kelly picking his way. He’s running toward the far side, dives, he’s in the end zone! Touchdown Chad Kelly! – Everything was inside,
so I was like, oop. I tried to outrun dude, but I mean, that’s a corner out there. It’s hard to outrun corners. So I figured, hey, I need
to get into the end zone. And so, made a move, kinda
jumped over the one guy and was like, hey I’m getting in. I’m not going to be denied. I was able to reach the
ball across and score. – [Voiceover] As fast as
the Ole Miss start was, no lead is safe on the road in the SEC. Senior transfer Jake
Coker would take the Tide on a methodical 15-play drive. With a healthy mixture of run and pass, the Alabama offense would finally clear the hurdles of a
turnover-plagued first half. – Hey! Control your eyes! Quit looking in the backfield. – [Voiceover] Coker looking far side. Flips it to Mullaney, who leaps and hurdles for a touchdown! (crowd cheers) – [Voiceover] 75-yard drive, five, forty. And do the Tide stick with Coker from here on out? – Hey? Hey are you havin’ fun? (team mutters) – All right, now, how many of you would like to make history? (team talks simultaneously) Just know, you can be legendary today. You will never be forgotten. But let me tell you, it’s
gonna take 30 minutes of absolute fight. And doing your job over and over again. Not somebody’s elses, yours. And when a play comes your way, make it, man. Make it. (frenetic orchestral music) – [Voiceover] Three-man now,
four-man front for Alabama. They bring up another one. Snap is high. Kelly grabs it, wants to throw. Fires it up in the air,
Treadwell can’t get it. Deflection is caught! Deflection is caught! And down the sidelines is Adeboyejo. He’s to the end zone, he’s in there. Touchdown Ole Miss! (yelling) – It ain’t nobody but that man above, man. (exhaling) – Man, that was incredible. – God is great. God is very good. – I just feel like it was God. It wasn’t nothing but God. – I was gonna throw it out right away and the snap was kinda high
so I had to jump for it. I was like, man, there’s
gotta be at least one over one because there’s two guys over there. – When I seen him throw the corner, there was two people and I was like, the corner’s about to catch it. And the ball got tipped. You know, I didn’t even see Quincy like, you know, on the side. All I seen was just like a flare. Like he just knew to just
automatically be there. – He went up for the ball
and next thing you know the ball’s in front of me. And my eyes get big. I’ve seen pictures, my eyes was like– Oh, I got a little
cross-eyed there. (laughing) The ball was right in front of me and I just caught it and went from there. (crowd cheers) – [Voiceover] Oh my goodness! Kelly just threw it up,
Treadwell had a play on it, and Adeboyejo was just there
in the perfect position. 66 yards! – [Voiceover] Yeah, there’s no question. Hugh Freeze went
immediately to Chad Kelly. Chad came to him and was
point at himself, “My bad.” – I really didn’t see it. I mean, I was on the ground. There was like two guys that
had rolled on top of me, so I didn’t really see it. All I seen is coach walk about 10 yards out on the field and say, “Come here.” – I went straight to Chad and said, God answers prayers and
don’t ever do that again. You know, you need the
ball to bounce your way to have one of those special seasons. Luckily, you know, thank
God, that one went our way. – We knew it was going
to be a 60-minute game. We knew they we’re gonna quit. – [Voiceover] Coker keeps it. And picks his way to the
end zone for a touchdown. – [Voiceover] So Alabama cuts it 30-16 with a buck-33 to go in the third quarter. – [Voiceover] Four-man
rush, he’s in trouble and he’s gonna go down. He’s sacked.
(crowd cheers) Alabama defense is turning up the heat. There’ the snap, here comes the blitz. He’s in trouble again and sacked again. And Alabama trying to spark
their team via defense. – [Voiceover] Coker on
the move, fires short, caught, Stewart, touchdown!
(crowd cheers) Walkin’ in.
(crowd cheers) Two quick strikes by Bama And it’s a one-score game. – [Voiceover] The Rebels
would have their 20-point lead diminished to just six. And feel momentum moving back to the 100,000 houndstooth-clad fanatics. – [Voiceover] Chad Kelly in the gun. Fakes it, gonna keep and run right now throwdownfield, a man wide open! He’s got it at the 50,
down the sideline, score. Nobody’s gonna get him. He’s in the end zone. – [Voiceover] Third down and five. Here’s a quick pass, intercepted! At the 35, he tried to
get it to O.J. Howard And C.J. Johnson dropped back in coverage and picked it off. – Hey, that’s a huge stop! Hey, you don;t even know how big that stop is right there. You have no idea how big that stop is. – He threw it right to me. I had the running back,
so I’m tracking the back, tracking the back, he pulled his hand up I said, oh, he fittin’
to throw it right here. – [Voiceover] Snap back to Kelly. Fakes the handoff, wants to throw one-on-one with Treadwell. he’s got it up there,
Treadwell catches it, he’s in the end zone! Touchdown Ole Miss! Laquan Treadwell. – [Voiceover] I love to
see big, strong receivers that are able to just go
up and use their hands to take a football away
from a defensive back. – [Voiceover] A 19-point
deficit with 10 minutes to go would send many of the Tide faithful heading for the exits. But the number two team in the country had no plans of retreating. – [Voiceover] Touchdown Alabama. Two-yard run for Henry. With 6:36 to play, it’s 43-30. Now the onside kick coming from Griffin. And, here he goes and he does kick it. it’s gonna bounce high in the air and tipped down the field and still rolling on the ground and Alabama thinks they have it at the 30. They tipped it far down the field and Cam Sims chased it down and Alabama has the
football with 6:36 to go. Second and goal from the two, Coker’s gonna run to his right, throw toward the end zone. Got his man, touchdown Mullaney, who’s had a huge second half. Threw a bullet to him from two yards out and Alabama has got it
back to a single score. – [Voiceover] In the final
four and a half minutes of the game, possession
would change hands four times raising the level of nerve-wracking
anxiety along the way. Tony Bridges’ interception
of a Jake Coker pass gave the Rebels hope that
the rollercoaster ride would soon be over. But a turnover on downs gave Bama the ball and a final shot at victory. – [Voiceover] Alabama has got to get 10 on this one to keep this drive alive. 16 seconds left, Ole Miss 43, Alabama 37. And there’s the snap. He’s looking, he’s going
to fire it downfield and the pass is going to be– Incomplete! He dropped it. And the Rebels are gonna win it. Make it two years in a row. 43-37. 11th-ranked Ole Miss knocks off number two Alabama and climbs to the top of the SEC West. What a game here in Tuscaloosa. (triumphant music) – Guess what? It ain’t over yet. Because we’ve got an ultimate goal and that’s to get to Atlanta. We comin’. You just seen it, we made history, and it feels so great man. When you’ve got a brotherhood that got each other’s backs, baby, like we do, we can’t be stopped. – We’re supposed to win these games, baby. Hey, celebrate tonight, throw
it in the trash tomorrow. Let’s keep it moving, baby. We’ve got a natty to go get. – I told you before the
game, you have to be nothing but yourself. Because that’s good enough. – [Voiceover] That’s good enough, coach. – And we made it more
difficult than it had to be, but you know what? We leavin’ Tuscaloosa… (all yell) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Voiceover] Before we
break it down, coach. – My man Eric Church is here. (yelling) – Are you ready – [Team] Hell yeah! Damn right! Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty, Who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam, bim bam Ole Miss by damn! (yelling) – Oh man, what a game. It was definitely a four-quarter battle. The great thing about it is, we can improve so much from this and hopefully we’ll take
all the positives from it and be excited about the win but look at everything
we didn’t do properly and get better for next week. If our team, they learn
to put games behind them, the good and the bad, and the leadership in
the locker room demands that we prepare for the next task at hand, the next fight at hand, the next battle at hand, or if we look in the
rearview mirror too long, we will wreck. – We just have to be us. If the coach puts us in
predicaments to make plays, us wideouts have to go
out there and make plays. it will be a good game. A lot of guys will get
to play and get better. And, you know, we’re just gonna prepare like we’ve been preparing. – You just have to have faith and trust in all the other guys that
they’re gonna do their job. – Can’t wait to get back in the vault. It’s gonna be a, it’s
gonna be an epic weekend. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] Each
Wednesday during the fall, tune in for a new episode of The Season. Also, don’t forget to
download the Rebel Rewards app for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

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