The Science Behind The Football Spiral | TIME

When a quarterback throws a football,
the football spins. it spins 600 times per minute. That’s as fast as a CD in a CD player. When a football’s thrown by a right-handed or left-handed quarterback, it actually looks different. This is what scientists would call gyroscopic torque. You see, there’s this toy called the gyroscope. If you push on it while it’s spinning, the gyroscope will move on its own. Well, this same thing happens to footballs. Footballs spin and as it’s traveling, gravity brings its nose down so the football will move on its own in another direction. And so it ends up that a football will travel slightly to the right if a right-handed quarterback throws it, and it goes slightly to a left if a left-handed quarterback throws it. You can think of a football sort of like a puppy that’s unable to walk forwards. Now, why’s this important? Well, a football traveling this way will be off it’s target by a few yards, and this can make all the difference between a touch down or not

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  1. Can someone plz explain how to make the football ball to turn and go nose down at its highest point in air when you throw it?

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