The Rules of Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, The Rules of Volleyball. The
object of the game is your team to win three sets faster than the opposing team teams are made up of 12 plays with six
plays take to the court to any one time they consist of a libero and two setters in
the back row and a left side, right side, and middle
hitters in the front row. To win a set, you must
score 25 points and be at least two points ahead.
If the scores are 25-24 for example the game carries on until one team has a two point lead. Sounds easy so how to I score these points? To score
points you must aim to hit the ball over the net and onto the opponent’s court. The court is 18 meters long and 9 metres wide, and the area you’re aiming for is nine by nine meters. There’s an attack
line three meters away from the net. The net
is 8 feet about the ground for men and 7 foot 4 inches for
women. If the ball is hit onto the lines this also counts as a point. Hitting the ball
over the net onto the floor to win points sounds easy
enough, but in volleyball your team is only allowed up to 3 touches of the ball. The first touch is known as the pass or bump. This is usually to control an attack from
your opponents. The second touch is known as a set and is a set up so that an attacking player
can make the final shot. The third such is known as an attack or
spike. This usually is an attacking shot over
the net aimed at your opponent’s court The team can take less than three
touches if they want to and the game is a back and forth affair with both teams setting up the ball and attacking each other’s court. In the sport of Volleyball however it’s very easy to lose points. There’s a
lot of things you can’t do in volleyball. You cannot hit the ball
onto the ground outside the area of play. You cannot hit the ball twice in succession. You cannot catch or throw the ball. You cannot step over the line during a serve.
You cannot touch the net or run underneath the nets. You can’t hit the ball into the antennas of the net and as earlier mentioned: you cannot touch
the ball more than three times. All these errors results in your opponent
being awarded the point and the next serve. Once your team has won a point, all the players must rotate clockwise to stand at a new position. Once a team has won 25 points and at least two points ahead, they win a set. The team that wins three sets first … wins. If both teams have won two sets each the fifth and final set only goes to 15
points. That’s basically volleyball in a nutshell but there’s a few other things you’ll
need to understand before playing or going to a game for example … BLOCK: When an attack is
imminent a defender can jump in the air try to
stop an attack reaching the floor You’re not allowed to reach over the net
but the advantage is that a block does not count towards one of your three touches should the ball end up on your side of
the court. DIG … A dig is a play to stop the ball
hitting the ground after an attack. Players will usually dive onto the floor to
rescue a ball. Unlike blocks a dig does count as one of your three touches.
LIBERO … A libero is a defensive specialist who can come on at any time in place of any back role player. A
Libero wears a different coloured jersey to the rest of the team and is usually the most agile player on the
team. Their job is to rescue attacks by performing spectacular digs However, a Libero cannot serve the ball,
a libero cannot make an attacking shot above the net And finally a libero cannot cross the attack line.
Substitution … During stoppage in play, a team can
substitute up to six players per set. To do this they must inform the officials who will count the substitutions. Players must re-enter in the the same position they came out from a Libero can be substituted an unlimited
amounts times And only one plaery can substituted at any
time. Now this is a lot to take in, but as you watch or play volleyball the rules will become clear. If you found
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  1. The team rotates once they score. The server changes once they rotate. So how does Brazil 10-0 run vs France work?

  2. Idk it looks hard and boring but im on all the sports exept that one AND my mom loves that sport AND told me to join and tomorrow school starteseee

  3. THANK YOU! I’m trying out for the volleyball team this year and was just going over some rules I didn’t fully understand and this helps ALOT( wish me luck!) I know I’m like 2yrs late but I’ll keep an update

  4. I like what you've done here but you're a little out on a few of the rules. Foe example you state that a libero cannot step into the front court, but that's incorrect. There are one or two more like this. However, I'd like to post your video on my volleyball club website if that's ok with you?

  5. I have question if ball touches the net area in defence teams side before 3 touch and still in defence teams area and in the air can defences player touch is allow pls reply we have a little fight over that rule and i think it is not allowed and point awarded to the attack team

  6. A little nit-picky, but men's regulation height is actually 7' 11 & 5/8", women's 7' 4 & 1/8". Also, you can contact the ball twice in a row if the first contact is off a block.

  7. Good video with an excellent pace. I like how you condensed the key aspects into such a short video. One detail regarding the libero at 3:14 is not quite right: the libero is allowed to cross the attack line and walk into the own front zone. However the libero is not allowed to perform an overhead finger pass within the front zone. If he/she does then the following attack can not be completed with a ball above the net. (This is rule of the FIVB Volleyball Rules)

  8. The positions were not extremely accurate, couldve mentioned serve receive types but tbh that’s excessivegreat video

  9. Thanks, I'm playing for the teachers team at my school on Sunday and I've never even seen a volleyball game before XD Very helpful and much appreciated, thank you!

  10. i am thinking of joining my school's volleyball team and this gave me a lot of good information for me to learn, thank you soo much, keep it coming!!

  11. I really want to start playing volleyball for the this upcoming season as I am getting tall recently (6’0) 14 years old. But there aren’t that much male volleyball teams near my house.

  12. Thanks for the refresh, my middle school used to teach the guys how to play volleyball, it's been about a year and a half since I play/watched!

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