The Rules of Baseball : Innings in Baseball

Alright, the last thing we are going to talk
about are innings; and innings is basically what a baseball game is comprised of. Each
game will start in the top half of the first inning and the top half of the first inning
you will have a team of nine players in the field and a team of nine hitters in the dugout
getting ready to hit. And so the two teams are going to be, one team is going to be a
home team and the other team is going to be the visiting team. So whatever team is visiting,
is going to be hitting first; the home team is going to be in the field first. Basically
all this does is give the home team the last at bat. Meaning they have the last chance
to score enough runs to win the game. The goal of the defense during the innings is
to get as many out; or get the three outs before the hitting team has a chance to score
any runs. Conversely the hitting team’s objective is to score as many runs each inning
before they make three outs as possible. So, say the top half of the first inning goes
by; three up three down meaning there were three players that came up to bat and each
player made an out. Now the team that was in the field comes in to hit and it’s called
the bottom of the first inning and they will have their opportunity. Let’s say they go
three up and three down meaning they have three people come up to the plate, make three
outs. Now they’re back out in the field. What we are at now is the top half of the
second inning and it will go on from there. The top half of the second inning leads to
the bottom half of the second inning, top half of the third inning, bottom half of the
third inning and depending on what level you are at; professional college baseball play
nine innings. High school baseball seven innings, little league maybe six innings or they may
have a time limit. But the goal for all the different levels of baseball is the same and
it’s to score more runs after the allotted number of innings than the other team has

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