The Rules of Baseball : How to Tag Up in Baseball

The last thing we are going to talk about
on the bases is tagging up. Tagging up means you have a person on base whether it be first
base, second base or third base. A ball is popped up in the air and before a fielder
can catch it you will have had a lead on the pitch. So the pitch is made, you step off
the base you can see it’s popped up. When it’s popped up with less than two outs you
run back to the base, you wait until the fielder’s, say it’s in deep right center field or deep
right field, the player makes the catch. As soon as the ball hits his glove you could
break for third base and it’s called tagging up. It’s most effective with players on
third base, if a fly ball deep to the outfield player catches it with less than two outs,
runner on third then scores as a result.

7 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Tag Up in Baseball

  1. a player who is already a baserunner at the time of pitch must tag up if a ball is caught on the fly by a fielder. after tagging up, you are free to advance as many bases as yu need to unless you are tagged out.

  2. another thing to rememer is for the batter to step out so that the runners have time to watch the pitcher to get a lead, and get the sign from the third base coach to steal

  3. What if you are on first, and then the batter makes a fly ball? He has to go to first, so don’t you have to go to second?

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