The Rules of Baseball : How to Run the Bases in Baseball

Right now I’m going to talk about the proper
way to run to first. It may sound simple; all you have to do is run to first and touch
the bag. It is pretty much that simple with some slight things you need to know as you
do it. One of the things, it doesn’t matter which foot you hit the bag with as long as
you hit the bag in stride. Meaning you don’t want to be running as fast as you can the
whole time and then have to kind of stutter step to hit the bag right because that is
going to slow you down. The other thing is you don’t want to have to stride very far;
you don’t want to try to lunge at the bag. You want to just hit it in your normal stride
because when you stutter step it slows you down and when you try to lunge at it, leap
at it you are at risk for injury and it also slows you down as well. So what I’m going
to do is I’m kind of going to jog down to first base and show you what to do. The other
thing that I didn’t mention, when you hit the bag you want to listen for the ball. Especially
if it is a ground ball you you’ve hit in the infield, you’re running straight through
the bag. You want to listen for the ball to hit the first baseman’s mitt; you want to
hit the bag and look down to the fence on the right to see if the ball is thrown away.
Because a lot of times if it is loud you aren’t going to be able to hear it and there is no
reason why you can’t hit the bag and just look and see if the ball is over there, because
if it is then you are going to turn and break for second. So I’m just going to demonstrate
what it should look like when you run to first base.

9 thoughts on “The Rules of Baseball : How to Run the Bases in Baseball

  1. shut up man there are some people who need help and this is a good video of how to run the bases ( some people )

  2. Yeah not really a good runner….looked a little stiff and doesn't run in line….also, should start off with head low not up right…..and of course, always tag the front side of bag

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