The Rules of Baseball : How to Hit a Baseball

Where the ball is pitched is going to determine
where we make contact with it in our swing. So say we have an inside pitch, we are going
to make contact with it about, you come up right there, this is about where we are going
to make contact with it. So we start our swing, we stride, our elbow brings our hands in,
we turn on our back foot and we make, we bring our hands in, we want to keep our hands inside
the ball, make contact about right here. Make contact as long as we can and then finish
our swing. With a pitch down the middle, you are going to make contact with it in a different
spot right where he is holding it. Step back, stride, elbow in, bring our hands to the ball,
make contact with it right here and then stay through it as long as you can and hit it to
center field. Lastly, an outside pitch, step back, stride, hands in, make contact with
it back here and then drive it to right center field or right field. A lot of times you may
have heard people say, stay back, stay back on an outside pitch, stay back on curve balls,
change it up, that’s what they mean. Stay back, wait for that outside pitch to get here
before you make contact with it because if you try to make contact with an outside pitch
out here you are going to hit it on the ground, weakly. You are going to pop it up or you
are going to swing and miss altogether. And the reason we want to make contact with an
inside pitch right here is because that’s going to give us our maximum amount of power.
If we wait until it gets back here we are going to end up getting jammed meaning we’re
going to hit it off this part of the bat. We are not going to hit it very hard or we
are going to swing and miss altogether. So, there are different and obvious reasons why
you want to hit a ball in a certain spot depending on where it is on the plate. Inside, outside,
right down the middle.

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  2. Hmm.. . . We'll hit a pitch down the middle of the plate.. in the middle of the plate. Thank you for this glorious insight.

  3. you always have to keep your hands in side idiot do u not know what inside inside means if u do reply and tell me

  4. are you retarded expertvillage?…you didnt even mention makeing a bridge. You dont turn your back foot aka squashing the bug…you sir are a fucking moron.

    1st of all

    Remember this rule Right knee left hand…if your a righty your hands need to catch up with your hands…




    You are a washed up 50yr old who plays softball…so stop tryin to tell people the "right ways to hit"

  5. All these "experts" that have negative comments should post thier own video. I'm not sure why you are even watching this. These videos are made for younger players with basic skills. You don't go from tee ball to MLB. These videos are here to help these kids. The same kids who have to read the F bombs in your dopey responses.

  6. i agree with you on the "squash the bug" problem but its not expert villages fault its the idiots who upload dumbass vid TO expert village

  7. o i thought this would be a good video untill i saw the name of the uploader… -.- and sure enough HES NOT EVEN FUCKING GRIPPING THE BAT CORRECTLY HOLD IT OUT MPLETELY IN YOUR PALM!!!!!!

  8. I may sound stupid but I'm a French total beginner and I'd like to know the differences between a softball and a baseball bat.

  9. Is he really involved in teaching baseball somehow? It looks like his weight is moving forward. When I played high school ball, my coach would have had a fit if I swung like that. I wish I knew how many times he would scream in batting practice "KEEP YOUR WEIGHT ON YOUR BACK FOOT"

  10. I have a question:
    If you bat and it hits the pitchers forehead, will that go against me? Like will i get the blame for it? Like after you hit the baseball, and it hits the pitchers forehead (the ball goes straight, not up) will i get the blame for it? Beacuse i was playing baseball with my 5- year old brother, and he threw the baseball, I hit it, and it hit his forehead. It left a bruise. just please answer my question.


  11. This is not quite as absurd as the Expert Village music instruction vids, but pretty close. Nothing quite like a clip entitled "How to Hit a Baseball", in which: 1. A ball is never hit, and 2. We never see an actual complete swing. Thank you Expert Village.

  12. @cmbsuks these videos are for younger people that are starting to play so their not trying to go from not knowing the game to mlb and y are u watching this
    o thats right your just trying to find a video to just post comments go get a life u baseball creep

  13. @schmivig I like how you are dogging the video, but you don't seem to have any better advice yourself, or an appropriate video for that matter. I admit I suck at baseball, since I never spent much time practicing. But you could at least have the common courtesy to post a better video or a response video that shows how to properly hit a baseball. The video should include you in it, and you should be the one hitting the ball in real time. Thank you.

  14. @lakiajbay It's funny, I love baseball, and loved it as a child, but for some reason could never grasp it entirely. I just felt like I didn't have that "knack" for it. I admit I am fairly athletic and in good shape. But I think my problem was my technique. I was always looking for something that wasn't there. I was trying to be more than I had in me. I'm going to start playing again, I'm 24 by the way.

  15. @RegistrationCop All the comments here & you single out mine? Courtesy? YOU are discourteous. My comment is a valid observation. Are you defending this video? So much wrong with it, even for a kid. No video from me would make it right, but I'll tell you this: If I put one out as "EXPERT", with "HOW TO HIT A BASEBALL" in the title, I would put in an actual expert, show a COMPLETE SWING, & at some point, A BALL BEING HIT! Advice? Go away RegistrationCop. Grow up & choose your battles more wisely.

  16. I appreciate those of you who took this video for what it was, I beginner's guide for kids and dads or moms of kids who want to learn about baseball. Sure, there was a lot more depth I could have gone into, or shown a full swing, in retrospect I probably should have demonstrated one.

  17. The format, when we did the video, went like this: I had two hours to jump from one topic to the next, there were 20 points they gave me to talk about. No scripts, no second takes on a single video, I didn't get to edit or review the videos before they were made public, but whatever, I got the points across for the most part. I simply want to clarify that this is a BEGINNER guide, and yes, there are many different hitting ideologies, ever watch Ruben Sierra?

  18. The main point of this video was staying balanced and showing where your hands should be depending on where the pitch is thrown, that's it. Stand however you want, wiggle the bat around, it doesn't matter, your hands need to follow pretty much the same exact plane as anyone else, (if you want to be good) once you begin your swing.

  19. Also, many kids want to swing up because they think that's how they'll hit a home run. If they practice enough, and are strong enough, they can upper-cut and hit it out of the park, the other 99% of the time they'll be striking out or grounding balls to third, or first, depending on whether they're right handed or left handed.

  20. The reason your swing should follow a downward plane is to create backspin on the ball. This gives the ball lift and carries it into the gaps – it does take a lot of practice, but in my opinion, swinging down on the ball, correctly, will give you the best results more consistently.

  21. Some of you commented that you swing down and your ball just goes straight down… that's gonna happen. It takes time for your muscle memory to develop, and the only way to achieve success is through correct repetition. I hit a lot of balls right into the ground too when I first started taking a downward-planed swing, don't give up; it will pay off.

  22. And whether you want to say that you lead with your hips, your elbow, or with the turning of your back knee, it all starts pretty much at the same time and If your a beginner, you should just be concerned with trying to hit the ball.

  23. There are many fine videos, books, coaches… etc. that can layout the mechanics of hitting (hopefully the coaches you may have know what they're talking about, especially for younger kids, because that's when kids decide whether they love baseball or hate it. And a lot of the time, the coach plays a key role in that decision

  24. This was a guide about positioning at contact, maybe they should have changed the title, because that's pretty much all I talk about, where to make contact given pitch location. Your hips are extremely important too, since a hitter's core strength generates the most power, I don't know how much I mentioned that, or whether I mentioned it at all, but those of you talking about hip rotation are right on.

  25. Many people think they need to bench press a lot to or have big biceps to gain hitting strength, that's not true. You want to have power? Do sit-ups, ab workouts, swing a broom in your back yard a thousand times a day, work on strengthening your forearms and wrists (please no jokes, there are kids who read these posts) because that's what gives you BAT-SPEED.

  26. Get a radar gun, or borrow one from somewhere, swing a bat and find out what your bat speed is, if your 14-18 your goal should be around 85-90 mph, or above, if you want to have a shot at playing professionally.

  27. As for who I am: I was a scout for the Braves, where my coolest accomplishment was catching a pitcher in a tryout who ended up signing for 100k based on the advice the higher scouts took from me. I played ball at the collegiate level, earning all conference honors, and I still hold the runs scored record for my 5A Texas high school.

  28. I've been around baseball all my life, with the exception of the last 6 years when I finally had to get a job that paid better than what I made as a scout, which was literally a free hat, and the chance to slave away for an indeterminable amount of time traveling from city to city finding and grading talent, hoping to be put on payroll at some point in the very distant future.

  29. I am very grateful for the experience, I was able to see the game from a different perspective, but mainly I learned exactly what scouts are looking for, how they evaluate each prospect’s skills, and what it means.

  30. I was fortunate enough to have a dad who had time to work with me from a very early age; many kids aren't given that opportunity. Parents are working 2,3,4 jobs, I see it every day. These videos are meant to aid those who may not have had the same luxury I did, who may not have had a dad/mom with the time or willingness to work with their kid.

  31. If you have legitimate questions you want to ask me, about baseball, techniques, countering theories, please email me, I will respond. I'm including an email I don't use much because I know I'll get a lot of people who will want to talk smack, most of whom are grown, and most of whom still live with mommy and daddy. [email protected] Have a great summer.

  32. @Juicedup58 – Normally I don't respond to degenerates but I'll make an exception for you, "juiced," if you ever have the stones to come to Texas, let me know, I'd be happy to rake you all over the yard. Depending on where you live, that might be a long drive just to get humiliated. Punk.

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  34. @grizzham8 well of couse bench press wont give you big biceps it doesnt even work biceps haha but no i agee with you about core and forearms and wrist strength

  35. This crap is comedic but the comments are much funnier. I check out these videos just to read the comments. These guys are pitiful.

  36. Initially i didn't know it was from expertvillage. Once things got crappy, it took no time to realize it was none other than expertvillage. I wish there is a search option on youtube to exclude certain channels.

  37. Good hitters don't stay back. The best hitters have some linear movement til front foot is down, then they get rotational. Stay balanced, yes…stay back, no! Keep your hands back!

  38. Hi Im a baseball player and I am in a bit of a slump…I find myself getting jammed on pitches that arent even inside and I am slicing under the ball alot….A few people have told me that i need to switch to a heavier bat and finish lower in my swing…If you have any tips for me please respond thanks

  39. i play baseball and love to play it, my advice is, never be afraid of the ball, and when the pitch is coming, if u think its a good one and u can hit it, i say go for it, thats what i do and got a homerun just tonight 🙂

  40. ok jan now we gonna hit a ball jan: ohh help i cant hit a ball 0.0 teacher: ill help u i trow a bal and u just think that im the ball jan: ok ill try teacher: -throws ball- jan: -hits head of teacher- jan: u said i had to hit u. teacher: auuuwwwwhhhhh my head explodes -flatsh- -boom- [email protected]!#!#[email protected] ———THE END———–

  41. @PinkCupcake125 that's probably the best advice, there's no real way to hit, just like there's no real way to pitch (other than basics like this video ofcourse) just work at what suits YOU, you know.

  42. @alxlopez93 hes opening his hips up to the pitcher instead of staying behind the ball hes hitting it off the side…

  43. Japanese basaball player can make many many money as well as major league.
    NPB can give times average salary more than standard person.Please do not have a prejudge.

  44. Hey I use to get 2 or 3 hits a game and now I rarely get 1 I think I swing to late and don't watch the ball, I guess I should keep practicing

  45. one of the things i've learned is to watch the ball throughout it's flight. Your eye should turn as the ball travels

  46. i actually just PRACTICE. Alot of people think there is a such thing as "natural talent" but their's NOT! YOU CANT JUST BE BORN WITH THE ABILITY TO HIT A FUCKING 96 MPH FATBALL!

  47. oh an some advice:
    Dont start practicing with teh real pitch. If your a beginner, then start by hitting a wiffle ball off a tee.

  48. We want to…um… ah… make contact as long as we can…

    Haha what?! So the ball is supposed to stay on the bat as long as possible? So I should catch the ball with the bat and then throw it over the fence like a lacrosse stick?

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