The Rules & Basics of Baseball : Substitutions in Baseball

Baseball is a game of chess. It’s filled with
numerous situation and you have to take different approaches and different strategies to each
one of those situations. Unlike most other sports, in baseball, if you make a substitution,
which is a player change, that player is out of the game and can’t come back in. In football,
you can take a defensive back out for one play and send him back in for another. The
same thing in basketball. You can switch your point guards in and out in order to give them
a little rest and then come back in the game. But, in baseball, you can’t do that. Once
you are out of the game, you are out of the game. Managers really have to think about
substitutions very carefully. Especially in the National League. You’ll find a lot more
pinch hitting, a lot more pinch running, and a lot more double switches. We’ll talk more
about those later on. A substitution is anytime the manger choses to use someone from his
bench. Someone who is not currently in the game or who did not start the game to take
the place of a current positional player or a batter. Substitutions are very common in
baseball and part of the overall strategy of the game and what makes it very interesting
as a thinking man’s game.

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