The Rules & Basics of Baseball : Determining Fair or Foul in Baseball

Fair or foul. Those terms you’re going to
hear a lot in baseball. You’re going to hear them in almost every at bat with every swing.
They’re very important to the game and to understand what they mean because it determines
whether or not the batter will actually get to attempt to advance to a base or not. When
the batter swings and hits the ball it’s either going to go in the field of play which is
considered a fair ball or outside the field of play which would be considered a foul ball.
Now, you can see right behind me here, this line, this is called the foul line. It extends
all the way up to this yellow pole which extends to the top of the fence. Now, normally that
would actually extend about 15 feet above the fence as well. But, we’re on a public
field and they don’t have a lot of the resources you might find in a major league field. Now,
if you’re in the outfield and the ball is hit into the air and it lands to the left
side of the line on the left field line, that’s considered a foul ball. However, if that ball
lands on the right side of the left field line, that’s considered a fair ball. That’s
inside the field of play. Also, if the ball hits the foul line and bounces out of bounds,
it’s a fair ball. As long as it hits either on the line or inside the line it’s a fair
ball. The foul pole itself is also still in play. If the ball makes contact with the pole,
it’s a fair ball. It doesn’t matter if it goes to the left or to the right, it’s still
a fair ball. If you hit a ball over the fence and it makes contact with the foul pole then
it is considered a home run and you are credited with a home run in your statistical categories.
The other thing you want to look at is in the infield. It’s a little different on the
infield. If the ball comes and makes contact with the ground first in the infield and continues
into the outfield going into foul territory it’s called a fair ball. However, if the ball
makes contact first in the infield and doesn’t pass the third base line or the first base
line and then goes foul, it’s considered a foul ball. That’s some of the basic situations
with fair and foul in the game of baseball.

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