1. I'm almost a yr into my first yr of golf and have made much progress with consistent iron shots, but a lot of times I hit the ball straight at about 20-30 degree angle to the right of my target. I think that is because my right knee is outside that vertical plane line. My right leg looks much like Jordan's on the upswing, but unlike his follow thru, my knee stays outside the vertical line. Gonna work on this and i bet it helps me keep the ball on my target line.

  2. If the knee extends past the line to much would that be considered early extension which may be causing my problems with heeled shots?

  3. Interesting. Something else to check. Pretty simple. I'd like you to have a video on how to bounce the ball off the club face like you do in the beginning of the video. Thanks

  4. Many golfers because of lack of flexibility due to age or physical issues can not separate their hip turn from their upper body turn back or through the ball. What would you suggest as to swing techniques for these golfers….there are many golfers in this category. Thx. Tom

  5. Hey Adam. Love your golf coaching and see your sub's are starting to show the recognition you deserve – your approach to coaching is straight forward and concise. I have in the past name dropped your channel in a few comments I've left in other YouTube vlogs here in UK so I hope the success continues! 👏👍🤘

  6. You are my favorite golf instructor. I have become a better golfer since watching your videos. Your videos are easy and enjoyable to watch.

  7. I'm pretty long for my age (99 MPH at 62 years old), but have always been a total arms swinger. This modern concept of feeling a lot of load or down force in my right leg going back is really foreign to me. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  8. Very nice. Buddy on senior tour told me biggest diff. between pros and ams. is pros have more knee flex and softer arms.

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