The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway

Eric Cogorno here with Performance Golf Zone. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about
the perfect golf swing takeaway. I’m going to give you two simple drills to
fix your takeaway if it’s not right where we want it. Now, when we’re talking about a takeaway,
there’s a couple pieces that are involved here. And when I say ‘takeaway’, I want to define
that by, if I take my normal setup, by the time the club gets to parallel to the ground
in the backswing, that’s what I would define as a takeaway, from setup to about parallel
to the ground. Those first few feet of movement is what we’re
going to call the takeaway and it could be the most important part of the swing. Now, there’s a couple of things that I see
happen as to where people would go off with the takeaway, and I want to go over those
things here first. Now, ideally, when I take my normal setup,
from here to that spot that I mentioned, which is club parallel to the ground, a couple things
that I’m looking for here. From the down-the-line view, I’d like the
club shaft to be roughly in line with the toe line. So, if you were to imagine there was a line
on my toes between me and the target, I’d like that club to be roughly on that line. Can it be slightly outside that line or slightly
inside? Yes, it can, but I would prefer it to be right
on that line. The second part that’s important is the club
head to hand ratio. What I mean by that is, again from down the
line, it should look like, roughly, my club head is even with my hands in the takeaway
position. What we want to avoid is that club head being
drastically inside my hands or drastically outside my hands. If you watch better players, I would prefer
the club head to be even with or slightly outside, or on this side of my hands, by the
time it’s first parallel. I don’t want it inside, definitely don’t want
it drastically inside, and also, certainly, there could be problems if it’s over the outside. So, club on the toe line with the club head
about even with my hands is the idea there. So, let’s use that frame of reference and
talk about some things that go off. Now, the first thing that I see is most common,
probably 75% or more, would be, during the takeaway, the hands start to work too far
away from my body and the club head starts to work in. Now, there is too much roll here, is what
you would call that. So, when I start, my hands are only a few
inches…there’s no perfect alignment for that, but they’re a few inches away from my
leg. Wherever they start with, the idea is, by
the time my hands would get to my right thigh, they are the same distance away or slightly
closer. I don’t want your hands getting farther away
from your body. As soon as your hands go out, the club head
is going to roll in. Now, this being the biggest problem I see,
I’m going to give you drills specifically to fix this problem, and I have two of them
that I’ll use. Number one is just with a tee. So, I have a simple basic wooden tee in my
pocket. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to put
that tee in the end of the club in the little hole here, and I’m going to put it in where
the majority of the tee sticks out, maybe an inch or so outside the top of it. I’m going to take my normal setup, and again,
in an effort to not have my hands work so far away from my body. If you’re someone where they work out a foot
or so, you’re going to have to feel like they work inward towards your right leg, over your
right foot, just so that it looks neutral. So, what we use to train that is the tee. I want to have the tee touch my right thigh
during the first foot of my backswing, and the goal of that is to ensure that my hands
work slightly in on the way back, which makes it easy to get that club head in that position
that I’m looking for. So, tee in, tee brushes against my right thigh,
club head’s parallel to the ground. Obviously, if I went too far out, that tee
is not hitting me and pointed towards the target, compared to the good, is hitting me
and pointed towards me. That would be drill number one that I would
use. The second is an alignment rod. So, I have an alignment rod here with tape
around it, and what I’m going to do with this is, I’m going to take it, I’m going to put
it on the side of the club. Now, this feels a little bit goofy if you
haven’t done this before in terms of the grip, so you have to get a little bit used to that,
but for a drill purpose it’s really good. So, on the side of the club, I take my normal
setup. Now, when I do that, you’ll notice the club
is on my side here. It’s on or just above my left hip. It’s actually touching my body. Now, the goal, if I make a good takeaway,
again to the point where I get the club head even with my hands, club roughly on or so
of my toe line, we can use this stick here as a reference point. Now, if I do it perfect, the stick will point
on my toe line. The club’s on my toe line, club is even with
my hands, the stick is on my toe line. What we want to avoid is this club working
and pointing overly to the right. You can see, when my hands go away from my
body and my club works in, that stick’s pointed about 45 degrees to the right, and we want
it here. Well, if you’re someone who points 45 to the
right, this is a beautiful training because you can feel the stick when you go back. You can actually feel like it stays on your
leg. You see how that rides down my left thigh
as I do my takeaway. Now, what that does is, it ensures that my
hands aren’t going to go too far away. It’ll actually be a little bit more inward
than normal, which is fine. It’s a slight exaggeration, but it will make
it much easier for you to get to the point where the club head is parallel to the ground
and even with my hands on my toe line. So, those are the two main drills that I would
use to have the perfect takeaway position. There are some of you who will have this issue
with the club – the hands go out and the club goes out – and I would use those same drills. If you get your hand path part good… I’m just going to put this down for a second. If you get your hand path working straight
back or slightly inward, and the only part you have to manage is then the club head,
then you just want to look and see, “Hey, is my club head a little inside? Is it a little outside?” And that’s something you can monitor through
practice, and you can use those drills to use and give yourself feedback for. So, that’s the perfect takeaway. One more time. Club head even with the hands, shaft right
down the toe line when the club’s parallel to the ground, are the two pieces we’re looking
for. If you guys liked this video, be sure to click
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15 thoughts on “The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway

  1. Hey Eric nice video, but could you tell me how can i get rid of my cupped wrist at the point of contact along with the chicken wing or make a video. Thanks

  2. Tried this at the range yesterday and WOW. The only issue I ran into was with the driver/3wood. I think though after looking at video I am WAY too far away from the golf ball with both those clubs.

  3. Thanks a lot for the lesson (drill). Success in everything good you want to do Eric. El negro Walter Jose De Martis Suares. From Chacarilla del Estanque San Borja Lima Peru.

  4. Great video, Eric  I am a low-handicapper, but struggle with my club head location on take-away.  Super good pointers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you form New Zealand

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