56 thoughts on “THE OPTION | “Going On 2” in Beach Volleyball

  1. Going on 2.. Aka "be a bitch" ?? joking! Anyway in Italy people can really hate you if you, let's say, "overuse" this option ?

  2. Next time McKB call Taylor for an instruction video, guess what he's gonna say? 😛
    Joking aside, thank you for highlighting the benefit of this approach!

  3. Bro Madison you get so high off the ground it is actually insane. Also have you guys played a lot of indoor at all??

  4. Yes, do integrate 2nd tap, especially when the opponent’s blocker is on serve and has to get to the net. Also it must start with a good pass. be creative, incorporate, the jump set to throw the opponent of guard when they’re anticipating the 2nd hit. Great video!!

  5. Such a good option. I'm surprised more teams don't do it, especially if the other side was just scrambling. How much practice did it take to really get it ingrained in your brain as an option? (Maybe it's just me playing on autopilot.) ?

  6. Sad to hear you guys have pulled out of the Seattle Open. That will be my first ever AVP tournament. I convinced my parents to take us because I have watched you guys for so long. Hope your knee gets better.

  7. Even when Maddison hits with the right arm his technique looks really good. Did you practice to Hit with your right arm exclusively?

  8. A magnificent work of art. This is a beautiful, inspiring and uplifting video. Absolutely love it.

  9. Isn’t that technically cheating? Seems pretty petty tbh…it’s going against the standard grain which is great but not so great when the other team has to completely switch it around due to that “going on 2” kind of chaos.

  10. Lol this was me an my partner all day yesterday! Serve was tough so tight passes made for excellent sets ?

  11. I bet opponents hate you for this shot. I mean it's a great shot don't get me wrong ! But I think using it so many times in one game must be pretty annoying. What's the etiquette ? 😀

  12. Many of guys I played beach Volleyball with in Singapore, they mentioned that they learned how to play from youtube. hahaha. This is rock.

  13. Loving all the videos. I just recently decided to join a sand league with my wife who used to play indoor in high school. We've quickly found ourselves out classed haha.
    Either way I'm really digging the game and want to improve and learn more. Your content has been an incredible help but sometimes it goes over my head and I feel like I am skipping steps in the learning process as you seem to be addressing people who are far more versed in the game. Is there any online content that you would suggest for a more basic level or am I doing the right thing by jumping in head first??

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