The Most Stressful Player in Table Tennis

Welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. Table tennis is an amazing sport, for me,
it’s the best racket sport in the world. And I have a serious question for you? For what? to keep you fit and healthy! interact with great people and become
friends to have fun with your friends and
family or you just simply love this sport but not to be stressful like crazy, right? I don’t understand! Why he is so stressful? All of this crazy thing just for 3-10? Why? Why? Why? Let’s watch again! Or is he a fan of
Tomokazu Harimoto? I understand well that table tennis is very
intense. But up to this crazy level, I have never seen
this. Do you have the same experiences? Please explain me why.

45 thoughts on “The Most Stressful Player in Table Tennis

  1. Coaches and parents are supposed to teach sportsmanship and humility but often they dont. Harimoto is also a bad role model for other players.

  2. Yes, of course someone like this watches Harimoto and takes it to the next level. This is what happens when outrageous behavior is not called out and stopped. There needs to be a ruling on this ridiculous behavior. Its absurd now that you can watch a match and hear Harimoto, or other player that are screaming, from three courts away! Dont as why?why?why?, coach. We have created this behavior and allowed it. And its table tennis for goodness sakes! Whats next? Fist pumping and screaming in croquet???

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  4. Nice video. I can not understand who a person like in the video can react liek this, is it all show or just emotions? I have a question about you latest video about tabletennis baldes. Does an all+ balde witch hinoki auterply paire well witch chinese rubbers? I ask because my balde ist the best blade for me and it has hinoki outerply. I want to play witch chinese rubber on forhand to learn a better technique and to bring my game to the next level.
    Thank you for your videos they helped me to improve a lot.

  5. EmRatThich,

    Most crazy (stressed or stress the others) : Le Boucher (the butcher), la Garde, France.

    One of the most funny: Bruno Parrietti (former french number 5, player during the 80's in french national team, teammate of Jacques Secrétin and Jean-Philippe Gatien, and by the way, bodybuilder or something like that), Nîmes, France.

  6. I am sorry but this kid has obviously Tourette syndrome and if the opponent knows about it beforehand everyone should be allowed to play! It is a sickness not bad behaviour.

  7. Maybe he is a 10 classified special abilities player.
    As an empire, yo have to respect and understand this different way of experiencing live and sport.
    You can see that there is a guy that gives in the hand the ball.

  8. Spin is affecting brain circuitry by inducing peak micro-voltage , solution is to keep away
    the ball by at least 1 meter…or use a foil hat. We have a player we call priest because he names all saints and religious accessories when he miss his shot.

  9. I think it's a kind of Tourette. This has nothing to do with stress. Maybe these are paralympics?! This should be questioned first before judging the individual player. Or, last but not least, he intentionally did that because of the score. Who knows. …

  10. There a special leagues for mentally-ill people. Maybe it is a tournament for those people. His opponent is conspicuously moving, as well. There is also crazy shouting from the viewers, so I guess it is such a tournament. I am used to those players, they are usually lovely people. It's scary the first time you play such a player, but you get used to it if you are aware of their conditions. I know two players with schizophrenia.

  11. Hello EmRatThich! Thank you for your work. I am looking for a video on how to manage my emotions. When I lose, my emotions go up. My body is not listening to me. My technique breaks. I play worse and worse. I am looking for a solution to this problem. Please tell how to fix it. Sorry for my bad english.

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