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So Alois, what is the most important skill
in Table Tennis? It is definitely being able to hit the ball
on the table. So in Table Tennis if you can start to learn how to control the ball and
hit the ball on the table a lot of times then the rest of the game becomes a lot easier. The thing we need to think about when we are
learning to hit the ball on the table is to have your bat flat facing exactly
where you want the ball to go. If you can do that and contact the ball then
that is where the ball will go. By having your bat facing in the right direction
you are going to be hitting the ball straight. The next thing you want to think about is
to be able to control the ball well enough and the main thing is to hit the ball softly
enough. You will find to start with a lot of players
will hit the ball too hard and the ball will fly off the end of the table. So the key is
just hitting the ball softly and straight. You will notice that the stroke doesn’t need
to be very big and it is just pushing the bat forward and through the ball so that the
ball is going towards where you want it to go. When you are starting to learn how to play
it is a great idea to challenge yourself with how many hits you can do in a row. To start
off with if you can do 3 hits in a row that is great. So you do 1, 2 and 3 with your partner.
Once you can get to 3 you aim for five and then you aim for 10 and so on until you are
really challenging yourself and you will find within a very short period of time you will
start to be able to hit a lot of shots on the table. It is a great idea when you are challenging
yourself to make sure you write down how many hits that you achieve, that way you will start
to see your progress and see your improvement. On our website there is a free Consistency chart
download. Go to our website, download the chart and that will make it easy for you to record your scores. So the most important skill of Table Tennis is definitely
being able to hit the ball on the table a lot of times. The keys are making sure you
are hitting the ball as straight as you can and hitting the ball softly. Anyone can hit
the ball too hard. So work really well to make a soft controlled hit.

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  1. Im a beginner to table tennis, but I am decent at the sport, by that I mean that I can win about 2/3 of the games I play but I have serious trouble putting spin on the ball.  I do not however have trouble hitting the ball where the other player has difficulty to get to, so would you please help me with maybe a video response?

  2. Hi Noah Major,

    What bat are you using at the moment? To generate spin you need a decent bat (watch our how to choose a bat video for more information). If you've got a decent bat then you need to ensure you get a fast brushing contact. You can even practice this away from the table. Try to hit the ball onto the floor with backspin and get it to spin back towards yourself.

  3. Could you recommend some good bat? I'm using the Stiga 3 stars, but I'd need something better. Thank you in advance!

  4. Very interesting venue, seen it in a few videos, also see the table says Melbourne 2006, I'm guessing thats from the commonwealth games.. Would like to know more of this venue..

  5. The key of table tennis isn't really hitting the ball but is to force the op pent not to hit the ball if u u play this kind in championships it is sure u will lose

  6. hi I love your videos I am a professional player and wants to choose a racket plz tell I am an offensive player and likes to hit smashes which one will be better for me

    waiting for reply

  7. I dont think this guy knows what he's talking about. Girls are pretty important. So its all about impressing girls in the audience. If you hit your balls on the table, you get pretty nice attention tho. Then you can also lay the girl down to the table and smack her with the balls. They usually like that. But Im a virgin so I dont know any more. This is getting more embarrasing than Madonna's recent song.

  8. Hi Uncle i was a good table tennis player for 7 years i had a lot of gold medals, when i was small but then i donot play for 6 year or more now im 22 so im sure i can bounce back if i believe practice and play with a clever way.. anyway i just want to ask u about ma long bat my style and the way i like to play like ma long so it is okay to use it? or its going to be too fast for me, any advices of anything + the bat ? sorry for long title and thank u very much always know something new from u!?♡

  9. Hi ping skills my cousin told me about you channel a few weeks ago when I first started table tennis you've showed me a lot of ways to hit the ball and how to choose the right bat thank you and now I also go to the cobourg table tennis club were you and Craig carter faced off in boomerang throwing Craig carter is my table tennis trainer. Thanks jeff and alois for helping e
    Me thru my table tennis career

  10. In my opinion the most important skill in table rennis is to keep calm. I am 17 years old and I play against 50 years old who play table tennis for 30 years. I am a very quick player and my mates (the 50 years old) more play with spin and calm. So the spin and I want to play quick I fail.

  11. Is the stiga revolter a food paddle/racket for someone who likes to dominate the game and doesn't play against someone great? Please answer!

  12. Hey pingskills, what is a good alternitive if you use a sriver because my table tennis shop doesn't sell those anymore and i would like to use a rubber that is almost the same because i am so used to it

  13. Coach,does this skill help hit the ball on the table and once you get it,then you can learn some forehand/backhand stroke.Am i right

  14. How much does a ball and table effect spin? I have a great bat but use a friends dinner table and extremely cheap balls. When i try generating spin either there is no effect at all or the spin is not significant enough to effect the play. Does it just come down to my skill? I'm fairly new, but I was just wondering thanks!

  15. When I do the forehand topsin how you showed in your video (with the body and racket moving..) it mostly goes out when I hit the ball hard, do you have a tip? But I sometimes think my bat is too bad to lift the ball on the table, what do you think?

  16. I know this video seems really obvious but a lot of players start out trying to hit the ball way to hard. To start learning the proper technique for all of your strokes check out these tutorials on our website:

    Good luck with your table tennis journey.

    Jeff & Alois

  17. Hello and thank you for your excellent video. I have registered on your website but cannot find your 'consistency chart' that you mention. Can you supply a link to the download please? Many thanks.

  18. I’m left handed and have always wanted to not make sloppy mistakes like hitting it off target this really helped

  19. This is brilliant!!! It never occurred to me to hit the ball ON THE TABLE!!!! I'm always aiming for the ceiling directly above me!!! I don't win very often unless I'm playing someone who uses lots and lots and lots of backspin for some reason. But I am a little confused. In every professional ping-pong match I've ever watched, I seem to recall that in pretty much every point, one of the professionals chooses not to hit the ball on the table. Seriously!! Almost every point!! If they're so good, why do they do this? Have they simply not seen this incredibly insightful video?

  20. How to convince my seniors players to practice those basics ? As soon they arrive at the club
    they want to play/count the points …i told them little progress can be done by just challenging
    one to another …they brag me saying : here comes the professor sarcasticly…hard to argue with a group of people thinking << we just want to play>> …keep your advices for you.
    One day i will bring my pc to show them your knowledge …

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