The Miracle Season ESPAÑOL Volleyball 2018

the returning state champions you got this how many teams have earned two championships back-to-back almost none you’re the captain these girls are looking at you leave this team I got you there’s been an accident what I’d like to have a moment of silence in honor of Caroline found without their star player West volleyball suffered another defeat how does the team look Nate last year we’re not champions anymore win or lose kind of be so proud find us in news talk to him lead why me your best friend girls are looking at you I’m taking her spot when you’re making the trail the last thing that line said to me was that this was gonna be our year even if we could win one game shouldn’t we try this is volleyball I need to know if you’re serious [Music] this is pressure are you gonna win if you can’t even handle practice we are this close to doing something no one thought we could do I’m really playing used to be fun I try not to think about it as we run the board we got a shot at state you mean to win for Caroline how many is the board 15 it’s time together the improbable happen the women of West started winning games I told you to win for Caroline but if we want to show how much we miss it we should just play with joy [Music] you know West volleyball win back-to-back state championships you strong women witness for yourself [Applause]

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