The Maverick Minute: Trev Alberts on Baseball, Softball Plans

Hello, I’m Jeff Gold, and welcome to this
Maverick Minute. Thanks so much for being with us today. Of course today, I’m joined with Trev Alberts,
our athletic director, and we’re speaking to you from Chili Greens, just outside of
Baxter Arena. And the subject, of course, is baseball softball
Trev. You know there’s a lot of excitement on campus,
a lot of stories going on about a new baseball softball facility and we’re standing very
close to where it might be. So what would the campus like to know about
this conversation? Well, I think first of all it’s just gonna
be an outstanding addition to the overall campus assets. Obviously, Baxter Arena has made a tremendous
difference for our student athletes, but it’s also been a great place for the UNO students,
it’s been great for the community at large, and so thanks to your support and that of
the campus leadership and deans and others, we really think that the baseball softball
complex will be an extension of what Baxter Arena has already brought us and student athletes,
students on our campus, campus rec and community involvement, which would be really great. So our baseball team had a really good year
this year, we know that as well. They won the conference championships. What do you think the possibility is that
we could get all this done in time to even possibly host the conference next year? Well, first of all, Evan Porter, our coach
and alum of UNO and the business college, has done a tremendous job with our baseball
program. They had tremendous senior leadership and
were able to make the NCAA tournament. We got to play the #1 overall seed in UCLA
and didn’t come out on top in that game, but a great experience for those young men. So yes, Dr. Gold, we won the conference championship,
and by bylaws, if you win the conference regular season championship, you get to host. And so, there is a possibility. Our friends at Kiewit might be a little concerned
about the timeline, but there is a possibility. It’s what we’re aiming for. No guarantees, but it would be really wonderful,
with all the expansion in the village and all the hotels and restaurants available,
to be able to host the conference championship right here on our campus, and utilize the
village in this way, would be really special. And as I understand that there’s a lot of
activity going on right now, is that this facility is going to be built from private
funds and public support from members of this community who care a lot about baseball and
softball, care a lot about our athletics programs here at UNO. Just an unrelenting philanthropic community,
a community that supports UNO in ways that’s just unprecedented. So obviously, we’re humbled by their continued
support. A lot of the same folks who helped make Baxter
Arena a reality have been involved in this and so yes, a little over $20 million project
all totally privately fundraised for, so no increased operational university support needed. Just a great community asset both for UNO
and our community. And to host community members, right? It’s not just gonna be for our student athletes
and for UNO students, but much more broadly. There’s a wide wide category of community
programs, intramural programs and others that are gonna be interested in playing in a world-class
facility. Absolutely, it’s the Omaha way, right? Community engagement, it’s what UNO stands
for. We’re really looking forward, we’ve looked
at a lot of partnerships, worked with the College World Series. We think that this will be a dedicated practice
home for one of the participants, perhaps even the UNO Mavericks someday. Let’s hope so. No pressure coach. High school baseball and softball championships,
obviously we’re not far from the village and Stinson Park and all the activities that
happen over across the village. I think the reality is that a project like
this that will have the type of surface, it’ll be an artificial surface. That type of surface will allow us to be really
multiple in all the inventory that can happen here. So I think the reality is we don’t even know
today all the types of things that can happen within this type of facility. But youth baseball, youth softball, high school
baseball softball, College World Series, community events, this facility will be able to host
them all. Fantastic. And this is a good opportunity for me to thank
you personally for your leadership of this and so many other programs, to thank our coaches
and trainers, and to thank our student athletes for all they do. You know, this community would not be in such
strong support if they didn’t really care about our programs. And you know, while the facilities are beautiful,
and we know that, and they help us attract and retain students and leadership, at the
end of the day it’s the people. And it’s just a remarkable Maverick family. Well thank you, and on behalf of our coaches,
who I know feel it, the reality is is we wouldn’t be successful without the support of the deans
and the vice chancellors and yourself, so we wanna thank you as well. It’s a great partnership. Thank you Dr. Gold. And thank you so much for being with us today
on this Maverick Minute.

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