The main event is set for night one of Wrestle Kingdom! (#njkopw)

Ryogoku! His voice projects well. It’s amazing to sound like that after a match. SANADA… You’re pretty awesome, huh… I know the frustration you’re feeling.
I’ve shed those tears before. So let’s continue our battle. Maybe one of those times… It can be in the main event of the Tokyo Dome. Speaking of the Tokyo Dome main event… It looks like it’s been pretty much decided. Come out here, Kota Ibushi! Ibushi defeated Okada in G1. Okada lost and couldn’t reach the final. And he will face Ibushi in the
main event of the Tokyo Dome. Here comes Ibushi. With briefcase in hand. He watched their match and didn’t even change. Ibushi protected his contract against EVIL. He defeated Okada in the G1.
He’s already beaten the champion once. He will now stand in front of Okada. Ibushi takes the mic. Okada… Congratulations. Right now I’m after the IC and IWGP titles.
That’s what I need. But with you always at the top,
it’s getting kinda lame, isn’t it? So, can you accept my challenge right here? What the hell are going on about, punk? The IWGP and Intercontinental titles? Hold on, hold on, hold on… You can’t take the IWGP title
or beat Okada so easily. You gotta overcome all of this, before you can
think about becoming a dual champion. You better bring it at the Tokyo Dome, punk! January 4th, the Tokyo Dome, the main event! Okada and Ibushi will face off for the IWGP title. Who are the chanting for? Let’s do it!
It’s on! Tanahashi, Ibushi made it clear, didn’t he? Ibushi did it as only he could, didn’t he? “Let’s do it! It’s on!” That is how Ibushi really is. Also, he’s set on becoming a dual champion. On the other hand,
Okada stays focussed on the IWGP title. From what we heard right now in the ring,
the words of Okada carry weight, don’t they? I will defend and keep this
IWGP Heavyweight championship. We’ve just experienced a typhoon, but all of
you came out today. Thank you very much. The Dojo was flooded, There are a lot of people
struggling and suffering, It’s our duty as pro-wrestlers to give to people,
but tonight, you guys gave us the power. Thank you! I’ll use that energy you gave to me, and I’ll keep
spreading power all over the country. Truly, thank you very much! As the IWGP champion, He made a powerful speech to energize the fans. Those were powerful words, weren’t they, Milano? Indeed.
He’s very reliable. We can see a bright future in New Japan
as long as Okada’s here. I’m sure everyone can sense that. Yamazaki, the match itself was amazing. But also, after the big typhoon,
many people are still recovering. Okada shared his compassion with everyone. Truthfully, as a champion,
he keeps growing with that title. We could feel his confidence and intent. Tanahashi, Okada said he’s
suffered and struggled, before. And New Japan’s matches never get easier. Yes. But you become a champion
because you can overcome that. He didn’t even end it with
wanting to make it RAIN. He really spoke from his heart. That was big step for Okada, tonight. And it reaches everyone, doesn’t it? There are a lot of reliable younger guys, Many want to become a dual champion,
but the IWGP champion’s words had more weight. Even I was embarrassed,
wanting to be a triple champion. But you did take the IWGP title
at this year’s Tokyo Dome, Tanahashi. Although everyone’s already forgotten. Okada admitted to crying before,
I bet that’s when he lost to you at the Dome. That’s true. You told him, “The IWGP is still out of reach,”
and that pushed Okada even further. I’m the one who made Okada cry… He grabbed the mic! Oh, I almost forgot… At the beginning of 2020, at the Tokyo Dome,
I’ll pack the house! A packed Tokyo Dome is something we haven’t seen. He promised to show a new horizon. And he pointed out Tanahashi, in the end. Like, “It’s not you, but it’ll be me.” At the end, Okada made clear
his intention to pack the Tokyo Dome. I will bounce back.
Do you know why? Because I’m the hope of the pro-wrestling world. It’s official now, isn’t it? I just said it. This will be an epic match. I need this match to spread
pro-wrestling even further. Okada, come on.
I’ll be waiting. Congrats. Here you go. Thanks. Okada, congrats on your defense! Thanks. Congratulations on your defense. Thank you. Your thoughts on this fierce battle
against your rival SANADA. 遅れてゴメン He was truly an opponent worthy to
defend against before the Tokyo Dome. I’m sure you had many thoughts throughout,
but what did it mean to shake his hand in the end? That’s not something I need to
share with everyone right now. But maybe I’ll express some of those
feelings next time we fight. Right now, I have to focus on
what’s waiting for me. How did you take what
Kota Ibushi said in the ring? Well, I don’t mind him wanting to
become a dual champion, Although I’m not really interested in that,
I think it’s good for him to have a dream. However, becoming a dual champion
includes this belt, too. I think he’s selling this title short.
This belt isn’t just part of doing something else. So, I want to say to him, “Don’t be so foolish.” This was your 29th total successful
IWGP title defense, you now have passed Tanahashi, So, can you tell us your thoughts on
the IWGP title at this point? About that… Well, there’s still a lot more work for me to do. Maybe it’ll bum Tanahashi out
to know that fact. But truthfully, I’m intending to
defend many more times. So, nothing really to talk about, currently. Also, you mentioned wanting to
pack the Tokyo Dome, What are your thoughts,
now that you know you’ll be in the main event? Well, although I keep talking about
filling up the Dome, Truthfully, I believe that if we keep having
these intense matches, we can fill it up. I know it won’t be easy, though. While pro-wrestling is on a surge,
it’s up to us to pack that place. Also, looking at tonight’s crowd,
on to the Tokyo Dome, we’re on a roll. When I was heading back, I looked at the crowd,
and I became convinced. “Kazuchika Okada, are you for real?” Even though everyone already knows it… The greatness of pro-wrestling… I have to show that, time and time again.
And now rugby is on a roll, too. Then there’s volleyball, gymnastics, track,
people are paying attention to sports right now, We have to show that
pro-wrestling is on fire, too. It’s frustrating to lose to other sports. We have
to show the real strength of pro-wrestling. I want to, so that’s what I said to everyone. And I will absolutely fill up the Dome.
Absolutely. We look forward to that. Thank you
for your support. Congratulations on your defense today.

88 thoughts on “The main event is set for night one of Wrestle Kingdom! (#njkopw)

  1. How is this process of the 2 day wk event going to be is nothing the heavyweight and ic title going to be on the line on night 2

  2. オカダvs飯伏はゴールデンカードだよ





  3. ライガーvsみのるはおもしろかった




  4. おそらくG1で当たった選手と東京ドームでIWGP戦組まれるのって2010年G1決勝戦だったけど棚橋vs小島以来だよね。

  5. At this rate I saw sanada in pro wrestling noah or all japan. That are the places that he could be a main champion. New japan don't want sanada be the face of the company. It feel like the first owner still running the company.

  6. SANADA made a promise to Keiji Mutoh & Satoshi Kojima that he will win to dedicate his mentors, and Okada too for his mentors Yuji Nagata & Ultimo Dragón

  7. and this is why i dislike Okada. He ain't the face, he hogs the title. He had his reign and now he is just stepping on talent. Sanada deserved the belt.

  8. こんな形でSANADA選手を飼い殺しにするんならいっそWWEに渡したらどうなんすかね、扱いが酷すぎて腹立たしい大概にしろよハゲ社長

    Harold George Meij fuck son of a bitch

  9. I cannot entrust New Japan to Ibushi. He says he is ready to become a new Japan's leader, but I have never felt it. Readiness is to continue to spread New Japan around the world even in the most difficult situations, looks like Tanahashi and Okada. I don't think he can do it. This readiness does not mean strong or have good skills, but love and pride for New Japan.
    And he doesn't know the importance of IWGP. Neither IWGP nor Intercontinental is so cheap.
    Ibushi overlaps with Naito in 2013. However, Naito at that time was ready to challenge IWGP than now Ibushi.

  10. 俺、今の飯伏見てると、2013年の内藤がチラつくんよね…(悪い意味で)

  11. 2冠2冠って言ってるけど、1.5が仮に飯伏がインターコンチに挑戦するならば発表では王者vs Xってことですよね?

  12. 元気を与えるって事は元気をもらうっていうこと

  13. 格闘技と比べるんじゃなくて

  14. As good as he is I think that Okada has been champion long enough and it should be Ibushi's time to take that title and become champion. But we don't know how long NJPW wants to keep Okada's title reign going on so it's possible that he will gets his 30th successful title defense January 4th but we shall see.

  15. 台風被害が甚大な中で、自分の象徴である‘’雨'’という言葉を出さなかったオカダ …痺れました。

  16. 飯伏って好きやけど、IWGPを巻ける感じではないんよなー

  17. オカダ「ビール掛けないの?

  18. 1.4は雨が降るか星が降るか…。どっちが降るでしょうね?楽しみですね。。

  19. Picture this: Okada winning pretty easily at WK. Okada about to hit Rainmaker and Omega's Cleaner music plays. Okada looks up the stage. Ibushi takes Okada down to his knees as Omega makes his way to the ring, Ibushi hits Kamigoye. Pin 1,2,3. Golden Lovers celebrate…

  20. Splendid, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

  21. Okada’s purpose has gone beyond being the greatest IWGP champion of all time. He wants to carry all of pro wrestling.

  22. Naito beats jay white and okada beats ibushi on night one and then naito avenges his two WK loses to Okada on night 2 to become a double champion….BOOK IT NOW!!!

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