The Immortal Game – Cinematic Chess Game Banter – Solas vs Iron Bull

How do you feel, Iron Bull? Do you need a distraction to focus your mind? Well, this area’s low on dancing girls, sadly. King’s pawn to E4. You’re shitting me. We don’t even have a board! Too complicated for a savage Tal-Vashoth? (Grumbles.) Smug little asshole. Pawn to E5. Pawn to F4. King’s Gambit. Accepted. Pawn takes pawn. Give me a bit to get the pieces set in my head. Then we’ll see what you’ve got. So, where were we? Ah, yes. Mage to C4. Little aggressive. Arishok to H4. Check. Speaking of aggressive. I assume Arishok is your term for the Queen? King to F1. Pawn to B5. All right. You have my curiosity. Mage takes Pawn. You call your Tamassrans Mages? (Humphs.) Ben-Hassrath to F6. You call your Knights Ben-Hassrath? Incidentally, Knight to F3. Ben-Hassrath makes more sense than horses. They’re sneaky, and they can move through enemy lines. Arishok to H6. Pawn to D3. Ben-Hassrath to H5. Hah! All right, take some time. Think about your life choices. All right, Bull. If you are prepared: Knight to H4. Arishok to G5. So, you giving up the Tamassran at B5 or the Ben-Hassrath at H4? Neither. Knight to F5. Pawn to C6. Left your Tamassran hanging out. And you, your Knight. Or Ben-Hassrath, if you will. Pawn to G4. Ben-Hassrath to F6. Hmm. Tower to G1. Hah! Pawn takes your Tamassran – or Mage. Whatever it is. I get the idea. Too much time playing with spirits, Fade Walker. We shall see. If you have a moment, Bull: Pawn to H4. Arishok to G6. Pawn to H5. Careful. You’re the one who lost his Mage. (Chuckles.) Arishok to G5. Queen to F3. Oh, clever. Almost trapped my Arishok. Ben-Hassrath to G8. Mage takes Pawn, threatens Queen. (Grunts) Arishok to F6. Knight to C3. You’ve developed nothing but your Queen. Don’t get cocky, you’re still one Tamassran down. Tamassran to C5, by the way. Hmm. I will need to consider. After careful consideration: Knight to D5. Arishok takes Pawn at B2. Mage to D6. Arishok takes Tower. Check. What are you doing, Solas? King to E2. All right, Tamassran takes Tower. Your last Tower, by the way. Pawn to E5. Really. I’ve got my whole army bearing down on your King, and you’re moving a Pawn? (Sighs.) Are you even trying anymore? Think about it, my friend. All right, Solas. I’ve thought about it. Ready to finish this? Ben-Hassrath to A6. Knight takes Pawn at G7. Check. Uh-huh. King to D8. Queen to F6. Check. And now my Ben-Hassrath takes your Queen. You’ve got no Towers. You’re down to a single Mage. Too bad you wasted time moving that Pawn to… to… You sneaky son of a bitch. Mage to E7. Checkmate. (Grunts.) Nice game, mage. And you as well, Tal-Vashoth. Iron Bull, how do your people put on shirts? We don’t, usually. It’s pretty hot where we come from…

100 thoughts on “The Immortal Game – Cinematic Chess Game Banter – Solas vs Iron Bull

  1. What are you, a god?!?!? Do you know how much I love you?? This is so beautiful! Another amazing video I will come back to & share endlessly 💖💖💖

  2. This is absolutely STUNNING! Just gorgeous!!

    And thank you for mentioning my blog post about it over on "Dumped, Drunk and Dalish!" It's definitely one of my all-time favorite moments in Dragon Age. It tells you so much about each of the two men in this seamless, elegant way.

  3. Beautiful and perfect like always! Qunari Theme at the beginning and the end with Lost Elf and Fen'Harel statue are amazing! I love all your videos <3

  4. Can I gush about this vid? Because I want to gush over all the little details. The suspenseful music making it tense even though we already know the outcome, the way you have them dressed for war, the color scheme, and the merger of humor and the Trespasser theme at the end… it's all really beautiful. I admire all of your vids, but I think this is my new fave <3

  5. I know this is a famous game, but does anyone else think that this kinda offers a prediction of the cultures of both the elves and the tal vashoth?
    In the game, solas starts aggressive, gets curious, loses a mage, gets tricky aggressive again, then looks like their losing by making a huge sacrifice to win. The elves were the greatest civilization got curious, then suffered from infighting leading to the creation of the dread wolf. He gets aggressive and makes a huge sacrifice, but it makes me wonder if he can still pull off the win. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into this.

  6. This is amazing! I was kinda expecting Sera to come out of nowhere and say "Uh, King me" at the end XD but the ending is great too. I admire the dedication in getting the full banter and getting the cinematic out of this. Good job!

  7. this is so foreshadowing for da4 i friggin knew it, Solas gambling all of his army to defeat his opponent, not even a tad afraid to sacrifice his queen. Meanwhile Bull's move revolving around the queen and forgetting the movement of the King.

    But alas, this video is amazing. I love the bit when Bull's giving his back at Solas, is it the Dread Wolf temple? if so its frigging rad. i love it so much and when Inquisitor walks in when Bull saod think about your life choices lmaooo. Great job as always, thank youu

  8. I love this. Amazing. Plus, I'm visual, so I was NEVER able to follow exactly the game they were playing in my mind and imagine it. This is exactly what I needed.

  9. This was one of my most favorite banters in the games and now with Trespasser soundtrack and your divine cinematic skills it has become legendary!

  10. Being able to visualize this match is awesome, but even more-so is the thought put into the editing. The sound effects and visuals are stunning and really bring this whole thing together. Thanks for creating and sharing, it's a joy to watch!

  11. This was fantastic. I love this banter, the idea that they are both clever enough to play all of this in their minds amazes me and I did great job at showing this match. Great job

  12. You did such a great job on this! I loved that banter and while my husband & kids love chess I never understood how to move the pieces so I was really lost when they were talking about their moves. Thank you for showing where the pieces could move!

  13. So GOOD. I just found your channel from Nipuni on Tumblr. I'm gonna watch all of your stuff now. You're very talented!!

  14. Wow. This is so well done. The way you animated the chessboard brings this whole series of banters to an entirely different level.

  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this beautiful video.
    Favorite part is Bull asking "What are you doing Solas?" 😂
    Seriously though this video is beautiful and you should be proud.

  16. Love your videos! Can’t wait to see what you will do with DA: 4. Once we recover from what the Egghead does to us. 😭😭😭

  17. This is beautiful! And also helpful, cause I know nothing about chess! I love when you highlighted potential moves to show what they were talking about in context, cause I would never have figured it out! 😁

  18. Your videos are better than a lot of games I played the last 34 years! Thank you for your passion, love, knowledge and skills and this awesome treasure!!! 💕

  19. Your videos are as amazing as usual, their banter is impossible to keep track of seeing as how it's scattered, but this helps a lot and is beautifully done as always!

  20. A friend linked this video, and after watching it, I went through all your videos and ended up subscribing. They're brilliant! Funny, sad, insightful. I look forward to more of your work <3

  21. You've finally finished it! Congratz!

    And it looks amazing! I gotta confess I have no idea how play chess nor I ever heard this banter (I never take Bull on missions lol) but I love how you executed the idea. The moving pieces and the change of backgrounds as they continue the game. And the ending with how you included another banter! All of it just has an amazing flow. I love it!

    Oh and, Happy New Year <3

  22. I hope that once you reach solas in the next game you and all your companions will have their own boss fight with him ( considering DA4 will be in tevinter and Bull traveled to tevinter with Dorian in secret he might be a follower in the next game. And him and solas could have a rematch , possibly a prize and loss whether he wins or loses , like if he loses Dorian dies but the chargers live or if he wins Dorian wins but the chargers die. )just my 3 cents. Amazing work though , just earned yourself a follower.

  23. This was very well done; the Immortal Game is one of those instances where the game can be called truly beautiful. It is a joy to see it developing before our eyes. Props to Bioware for sneaking in this amazing little piece of real life lore, and props to you for bringing it to us. Thank you.

  24. Oh my gosh, how have I not come across your channel before? This video is incredible, and great help at visualizing what's happening here for non-chess players. I love the end, with the inclusion of the "Lost Elf" theme, and the Solas and Bull walking off together.

  25. Omg this is absolutely amazing!! The visuals are so stunning and the editing is perfect! ❤️ your work is always so breathtaking, I love it!

  26. Gosh I don't know what to focus more on…the editing, the fact that you actually took time to make this into one awesome cutscene! Or the voice acting which I have not heard before because somehow I never have these two in the party at the same time (a mistake I must correct immediately it seems) or lastly on the fact that Solas has cute freckles across his face?!

    Urgh this is beyond amazing and I applaud your skills, patience and knowledge how to make all of this work so perfectly together.

  27. Perfection as always, Lethallan! (Gosh, I miss DA:I… I wonder if this chess game, apart from being a famous game from 1851, isn't also some sort of metaphor for what happened with the Evanuris. I mean, Solas lost his Queen, he was down to one mage, maybe he was the pawn that did the checkmate…)

  28. i love how its so easy to understand now when u made the chess board and the pieces. I also love how dramatic this feels even tho its just a chess game xD

  29. Solas rarely shows deep respect for others. That's why I enjoy his chess game with Iron Bull so much.

    This is such gorgeous brilliance. I love your work, Lethallan! ^_^

  30. I've never appreciated something so much, nor did I know I was missing something in my life. I'm just happy someone took time to bring back the love of this game after some years. Thank you. 😗❤️

  31. I not only looooove this visuals and audio editing but I also appreciate it! Makes these banters (and really all of the ones you do) easier to understand. So glad I stumbled across your vids and excited to show my friends!

  32. Oh, oh, oh, this is so good! You added tension beautifully to something that, on its own, wasn't very interesting or high-stakes. Very well done. 🙂

  33. Hey, Lethallan! I want to pay your attention to Blue Gillespie music band, whose frontmen is Garreth David Lloyd – Solas voice. There is an interesting monologue in their song called "The Swamp". I just think it could inspire you on some new Solas videos)

  34. WHY am I JUST discovering your channel???!!! You have done AMAZING work, I love your creativity. True Dragon Age fans will pick up on all the nods you have given….happily a new sub🐺

  35. I'm blown away with your videos. I can't even START to imagine how much hard, scrupulous work it takes to make one of those. Everything looks and sounds so smooth, it's just… perfect. I adore you vision, your taste both for drama and humor. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  36. Somehow I've not triggered this party banter yet between them, so this was all new to me xD That "careful" 2:33 made me giggle. The visuals makes it so much easier to keep up, just amazing!

  37. I wish we could Favorite youtube videos, cuz this would definitely be one of them. I suck at chess — I had NO idea how to follow what these two were even up to. FANTASTIC JOB!

  38. Спасибо за то, что во время просмотра любого видео на этом канале во мне каждый раз просыпается жгучее желание совершенствовать мой английский. Although maybe I'm a bit late with commenting. Love all your amazing work!

  39. I wanted to know if you would do a video with the song Impossible but the cover of it. I think it would fit Solas and Levallan very well.

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