The Hurdle Drill | Softball Pitching Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Hurdle Drill [Intro Music]>>Jessica Vogel: The hurdle drill is a great
way for pitchers to implement some cardio in their pitching workout. The hurdles force the pitchers to focus on
exploding forward and pushing hard off the mound.>>Vogel: To execute the hurdle drill, you
want to start by putting a couple of hurdles or markers down back near the mound a few
feet apart. Bouncing on your push off leg, hop over the
hurdles while maintaining your balance. After you clear the last hurdle, explode forward
and finish the pitch.>>Vogel: Make sure to bend your knees while
you hop over the hurdles, this will create a spring which allows you to explode forward. The hurdle drill is a great way to build leg
strength and practice good balance.>>Vogel: You can incorporate the drill into
your pitching warmups and get both your cardio and strength workout in at the same time. [Outro Music]

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