THE HOME STRETCH!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 39

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game PS4 Xbox One PC Steam FIVB Volleyball game let’s go I’m a little bit too energized
right now like hello and welcome back to Jess guy I
came in and we’re back playing volleyball I found and I I’m sorry I’m
in it back in this game in a few weeks but we’re back and I’m just looking
ahead there’s four tournaments left in May and foz career we’re ranked number
one in the world so we have three tournament stuff our skills that last a
little bit before we get to these Stockholm games in Sweden in December
interesting that they’re having the Olympics the Summer Olympics in December
anyways thank you guys so much for the support for the series and and thank you
for voting in that poll I put out a while back volleyball I bound came
second despite volleyball but I have a ton of fun playing this game it feels
like everybody I talked to in real life goes well yeah I love the volleyball on
down videos so anyways I’m enjoying that thank you guys for the support trying to
make this channel the best thing I possibly can be trying to celebrate the
things that I love volleyball video games having fun and hopefully inspiring
and helping you guys do the same to really do and celebrate what you love
and be the best at it that you possibly can be so these videos are cousin a lot
of fun for me to do and I’m gonna join them so I will keep coming back
something to keep in mind I don’t want to throw a volleyball and bound away
when we’re done the Olympics I want to come back so comment down below with
some of your thoughts about ideas of what I can do a new team maybe should we
bring back Joe fun what should we do because it’s over after this anyways I
gotta stay focused because I don’t want to lose this I gotta be ready to go
right away no practice rounds nothing let’s get to it boys
welcome back that’s right it’s made ah volleyball and bound these graphics
looking nice alright boys how do I play this game
please I don’t want to forget who we plan let’s have an open mouth Shane
never played these guys before their check
okay so the one guy’s name is Janus sec the other guy’s name is just jam I guess
he didn’t want to go with the full name Janus sec let’s how it’s got incredible
shot it’s like it’s obvious we’re going and they’re both chrome-dome both of
them earth ball we’re going to Jan / Maj a chrome dawn one Oh / magic let’s go
all right how do I play again okay just focus I think I remember how to play /
magic into the corner over there that’s a nice piece block the left side
Jo I’m ready I’m on that Jo on the net mmm what’s open mine oh you moved okay
make a dig make a dig I’m on that Jo put me on the net what’s open
sneeze open let’s go oh I’m focused not screwing up the first points like I have
in the past you guys know I’ve been known to do that
found the spin may that’s all rip you pass it up well though I’m on that don’t
Joe Joe Joe that’s okay buddy but it was risky
the turning lefty patty-cake deep spot shot patented yes guy gaming trademark
alright / magic here we go here comes a rip that was not as good as the other
one I’m reading it I’m reading the play I’m on that Joe put me on the net I’m
feeling today it crosses open he’s there though shoot I got to pay attention to
the block yeah me Joe on the net what’s open mine come on I’m always looking for
that line bounce let’s go don’t give me the sneak this snail snake
let’s go I’m a little bit too energized right now like I got stay focused that was not good
yeah oh they’re serving me the weaker player what’s open oh wait what I gotta
watch this replay it’s like I hit it off the block did it hit me it didn’t look
like it and it landed right there is the ref gonna call that in or not he gave
the out signal out does that mean I got this point Janice – yes so good feel it
over Matt where’s he going what the hell were they doing
that was weird why did it my mind it may move up like that what is happening
these bugs creeping their way into this game I hope not now put me on the net
Joe cross Jess big first-round win come on I got a state oh yes ah I need a size
matters after that all right on to the second round boys nobody really cares we
we got out of the first round you gotta stay focused boys all right
who are we playing Engelbert Snell and Evert simul from Austria all right
what’s the play here Snell is a great setter
he’s a slightly better setter but he’s also a better attacker
but Snell is shorter you know what I think we’ll just serve tough maybe
schnell schnell the shorter guy yeah I don’t know I don’t think there’s any
right answer here but we’ll just try now we’ll be ready to move if he’d start
citing it well rip the spin make great serve watch watch I’m on a Joe Joe Joe
Joe Joe you lazy I was a tough one I know you
were gonna get it showed I was on that that’s up I got to be focused
that’s a tough serve but be on the net what’s open
look yeah it’s down the line the sneak don’t give me that pay attention
marshmallow you counted the first one I know you had good spike so I should have
been ready for that ready for the good spike cuz he’s a good Speicher
come on it Joe put me on the net and that could have been better buddy that
was weak made I’m on that nice dig by me thinking yeah that’s the baddie cake
sneak it works come on let’s go dug that fall on to
simul trying to take over know we’re putting all the pressure on Chanel oh
all sorts of trouble I’m on it in the middle Joe nice pound Joe Fah are you
kidding me whoa Joe with a crisp deep lefty to ball pound here we go
nice sir okay make a dig may you could dig oh the volley dig I’m on it
what’s open hit sharp Jess no one’s there
come on the ball we dig that was strange but I like a hat oh my god what am I
saying guys I am out of it right now hey focus
nice sir okay watch watch it Oh what am i doing I went the totally the wrong
direction got caught guessing side out for the
match here we go pass up yep on the net Joe what’s open
don’t give me that sneak I won’t bounce and for the win come on what yes guys
batters guys I am all right what’s in this Cup
I’m throwing it a little bit too crazy I’m getting height I’m high energy which
is good I need to be focused though and look who we’re playing as the naída are
an on cell we played these guys four times and we’ve won four times they were
number one in the world for a while all right what’s the play has an a dart for
a number of reasons first off he’s bald second he’s a better setter but he’s got
worse attacking skills than the other guy or he’s shorter fifth
he’s got dirty facial hair and sixty’s fault let’s go here we go
as the nade are always wearing a hat to cover up that chrome-dome
here we go no offense thinning you bald folks up there but well no buts here we
go pass up Joe right doing got wrong wait I got to
be focused they got the first point whoa that was a good serve what’s open out of
balance yes a tool come on I love those tools love that all right how’s in a
dark let’s put in a tough serve Joe put some pressure
that’s a tough sir here comes Joe I’ll put you on about my setting look at that
sect are you kidding me did you see that set for me I’m dishing
the butter er hey let’s hurry up replay okay look at Mays back here and he sets
it from like the back line pretty much a perfect set right on the net Joe could
have pounded it I really would have liked him to have pounded it but he’ll
just dinky a roll shot okay whatever fine Joe here we go Joe to has an eight
hour or two one nice serve Joe it’s the serve pressure that causes
trouble I’m on it height height for me Joe what’s open
sharp Jess come on that angle great dig by me you go off my back I missed it
that was two I blinked nice red Joe this guy’s eating this watch come on a joke
come on on the net hmm Joe you need a block buddy
you haven’t had a block yet this tournament yes Joe I’m calling your
shots buddy you need a block and he goes out and gets a block
what a guy Joe look at this guy he’s like all over that was probably gonna
hit the antenna but then he just blocked it back socket has an 8 on all right Joe
big rip big rip for the match Joe hasn’t had an ace in a while either
watch I’m all over that in the middle Joe what’s open
this way Janice come on to be back up that way to come in and pound it yes
all right boys were in the semi-final all right do we play an open Switzerland
all right Philip Guyer and till Oster we’ve only played these guys twice and
we’re 1 and 1 against them look at those stats jeez what’s the play
here Geiger oh I as soon as I said the name it
reminded me of Geyer is the guy here it’s weird how I remember that shit
that’s from so long ago I feel like Geyer is the guy you’re when is that
bomb what episode is this have i reached 40 episodes yet maybe not I don’t know
so many episodes anyways but guy is the guy let’s get to it
here we go alright guy we’re in tough Joe so we got to be focused be ready to
make a play right off the bat good serve to start he passed it well though okay
watch watch him what are you kidding me Geyer like that is a sharp angle are you
frickin kidding me look at that shit so I supposed to go and dig that geez
you Joe I’ll look for the two ball absolutely guy here right back at you
buddy not quite as hard or sharp but still
scars all right guy he may not be the guy here he’s gonna be pounding it like
that oh shoot I wasn’t ready for that gosh these guys are okay side up and
stay focused these guys are playing well you Joe great pass I could have gone on
to but I’ll set you pound it I’ll off the block watch what a shot oh
my goodness we’re down by two this is not good here we go you Joe
gosh Joe I’ll set you fine though gee nice Joe God you see that setting
paid off what can Imay setting okay it’s three two for them we need a steel guy
he’s been signing out well get out there Joe block the right side a little bit of
trouble on the serve watch I’m all over that height Joe Joe what are you doing
buddy I make the dig on two I make the dig and you go on to and get your shit
slant are you kidding me Joe that was match ball fight it off fight
it off Joe they’re serving me yes that is so clutch oh my gosh disturbing me
and I just my god panic he backed up the dull boy
oh man match ball for them we need a point come on Joe here we go nice rip
bit of trouble watch my hat hit my toe and that really hurt
alright stop waving to the crowd boys Joey you embarrassed me last match you
went on to after I made that sick ding to tie the game up and you got your shit
slam Joe you’ll just serve that garbage who we playing oh my goodness look who
it is our countryman Sartre and lemare how
would we 2 and 1 against these guys this must have been the team we lost to way
back in episode 1 or 2 the only loss because they are shit
Sartre looks like the guy he’s short he’s less skilled as an attacker he’s
got better stamina though that’s fine sarch was the guy alright Joe for the
bronze medal like it’s been a while since we’ve won a bronze medal that’s I
feel so bitter though Jess you see that ace rip another one named Sartre is not
ready for this business all sorts of trouble for this guy they are how did
they make it this far Joe be smart with it Joe that’s a high hard and deep hit
by Joe deep line whoa Sartre cannot handle macer pressure
right now all sorts of trouble shanking it backwards Joe Joe spilling easy free
ball digs pound – Joe well that’s a sharp angle bud
come on a sick Joe alright man deep corner great serve
these guys off with this guy sucking right now ladies turn for an attack Joe
you piece of shit Joe you literally heard me say alright it’s my turn for an
attack and you go on – just to piss me off
great well done Thanks sorry you suck we are kicking your ass right now and
there’s an ace for the win 5 0 q Sartre sorry guys just so bitter
just so bitter about our last loss but what a clean
in the bronze medal oh my god two aces three four three attacks you guys did
suck it got here and Auster didn’t even win the tournament
they came second we came third all right well I had somebody comment asking to
see the training and the skill chain and I realized I’ve never done that so I’ll
show you guys what’s up so this is the skill thing I’m still better than we
lost by the way but that’s okay so these are the skills you can see may
shot accuracy I have two down to zero I’ve maxed out all my body skills amazed
rip torn shredded looking great the only skill I can really improve that’s gonna
help me much is the setting I guess I could improve shots I don’t know well
the setting to max and I’ll still have some stuff left over for what though
like what am I gonna use that for shot accuracy why not sure I don’t know maybe
because may sure you can have six shots I don’t know I don’t really think it
helps me much and we’ll check out Joe so Joe is a little bit more room for
improvement right cuz I haven’t even I don’t even know why Joe is like not
nearly as max known as me I don’t know maybe a ceilings higher because it’s a
big big dude but gosh I got to choose between some physical skills his defense
like him digging when he peels is a big thing is shot accuracy so I didn’t get
blocked like that I think that’s maybe the most important thing is Joe because
Joe is a computer player he’ll he’ll rent he’ll I kind of randomly choose to
spike or do a roll shot and so I need him to be able to do both pretty well so
I think we’ll probably max that out that probably makes the most sense right
now and now I have one training unit left for something else
defense I don’t know it’s only one unit maybe run could be slowest five y is
five anyway guys that’s gonna do it for this episode of volleyball inbound I
gotta thank you guys so much for watching and stick it all the way
through the video trying to make this channel the best that it possibly can be
hopefully you know and I need your guy’s help to do it so I love the support
really appreciate that all the likes and the great comments and you guys coming
back video after video means so much to me I love this series don’t forget
comment down below some ideas for what we want to see after man foz careers
over we want to go back into yes girl and Josephine fought I mean that was
okay do we want to play another woman’s team should I be the blocker for once
maybe and actually get blocks we’ll see anyways thank you guys so much for
watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game PS4 Xbox One PC Steam FIVB Volleyball game

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  1. Man, this game is so much better made than Spike Volleyball, i mean the animations look way better, you can block and be blocked and the stats really make a big difference in the gameplay. And btw, thanks for listening to me and adding the training part. Great video, really missed May and Fa. 😀 😀

  2. love the channel ! keep it up! just recently got this game and have been having a blast watching your volleyball gaming vids, bounce it!

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