The history of football!

Cambridge 1848 within the walls of Trinity College an important meeting is being held. College representatives of Eton, Harrow Rugby, Winchester and Shrewsbury have come together to define after 18 intense and animated hours of discussion the so-called Cambridge rules Namely the first attempt to set common rules for a sport whose origin dates back to ancient times a sport called football China third century BC these men are playing cuju According to FIFA “the very earliest form of the game for which there is scientific evidence“ If we shift slightly more west a few concrete details exist on another game called Episkyros Famous in ancient Greece as well as the more recent Harpastum, played in Rome a mix between football volleyball and wrestling Not much different really from the primitive forms of football that were played in the following centuries in Europe And most of all in Britain disorganized, violent Spontaneous and usually played by an indefinite number of players Then in 1848 the first official rules were conceived in Cambridge and would later inspire the more modern laws of the game in 1863 the year in which the Football Association was founded Ebenezer Cobb Morley, the FA’s first secretary, is considered by many as the father of modern football. Five decades later in 1904. The FIFA was established in Paris by now football had become an International phenomenon as would be demonstrated by the inauguration of the first worldwide Championship play in 1930 in Uruguay where actually the first of a long list that brings us to today true doesn’t remember the 1970 World Cup the last played and naturally won by Pelé not to mention the1986 World Cup and the hand of God or the one in 1954 the first with television coverage Or better yet. The one in 1994 the first in the USA and the first to be decided by a penalty shootout Now are you ready for this new challenge in Russia 2018 very well then Enjoy the show and perhaps take a moment to make a toast to those chaps in Cambridge who tried to lay down the rules for this splendid sport

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