100 thoughts on “The Game That Changed Modern Football – Tactical analysis of Real Madrid – Barcelona 2-6

  1. Guys @6:50 I just meant that you shouldn't lose the ball there. I was trying to be a bit sarcastic but since it's on the computer not everyone interpreted it that way.

  2. Fuck all the bullshit about tactics. Eto'o, Henry, Messi, Iniesta and xavi. front five. If they all on it. Nothing you can do. Accept it and move on. ps… When playing Real, just constantly niggle foul Zidane.

  3. This would be good if only there were voice overs instead of text on screen. Voice overs are 100% more informative.

  4. 1. This wasn’t a game that changed football at all. In mid 2000s bus driver mourimho actually killed the epl using a 433 since everyone was using 442. 442 you actually have 2 midfielders not 4 so in a 433 you’ll always have an extra option in the middle usually the cdm. That’s what got barca the space and goals.
    The “hole” creates wasn’t by Messi. It rather Madrid having to compensate in the middle hence creating a domino of holes in the attack.

    2. Barca’s 433 had actually been around for a couple years now and even tiki taka had bees around since 1970s from Ajax total football system.

    3. This was an immensely weak RM side. 19 yr old Marcelo on the wing, that tells how how deep the team was. Barca was hitting their prime while Madrid were a mess.

  5. It should be noted that 74 minutes the game was played without a ball and most people never noticed, Barcelona players were just pretending to pass the ball while Madrid just followed the players. Occasionally Messi would sneak the ball without anyone seeing and score a goal. Barcelona players were also exchanging shirts during the game so the Real Madrid players were left confused as to which players to mark. Also Eto'O kept telling Cannavaro and Ramos that they were very attractive, leaving them flattered, confused and more importantly, aroused. Finally, Xavi had sprayed cocaine on the white lines so after a while, the Real Madrid wingers were high as a kite.
    After that game UEFA introduced new rules such as: reducing the use of cocaine except for penalty kicks, Barcelona can only 26 games in a row without taking a technical loss, players must wear their own shirt, and Ramos took Eto'O out for a date. It would be several more years until Roy Hodgson revolutionized football by introducing having your top striker take corners.

  6. they did not invent the 1v1 situation with LM and RM to fullbacks could overlap and help with crosses, thats been done for so long LOL

  7. Music is horrible to me, but analysis is great. I would prefer something like Mozart or Bach for music :p

  8. This is exactly the game that the "Golden Team team of Hungary" INVENTED in the early 50s to a devastating effect (254 games unbeaten – except for the scandalous 1954 Bern Worldcup, which was FIXED, everybody knows). Anyway , watch England – Hungary, 1952, 3 – 6 (at Wembley) to see the splendid display of the "fake 9" (Hidegkuti). THIS is that everybody copies ever since then.

  9. Well that's 9.45 mins of my life I'll never get back after basically watching absolutely nothing remotely close to "game changing football" at all. I'm guessing the person posting the video is
    A) obviously a Barca fan and/or Messi' s tax accountant and/or personal bad taste stylist
    B) approx between 8 to 10 years old.
    My assumption (Will be amazed if not for their sake) is based on wondering what was trying to be explained through the WHOLE video other than basic attacking/counter attacking football?? The one thing you did say that was close to being common sense was that Barca were tactically better than Real from start to finsh, however this had nothing to do with a sacrosanct yet 'phantasmic' 9pm phone Pep'tastic call to Messi and the birth of him inventing a false 9 role!?? This is why I think you must be fairly young of age because anyone that's aware of the game of football would know that the false 9 role has been around since, probably even before, the days of the first world cup in 1930 and a young lad from Brazil illuminating the field in such a role. Pele, I think his name was, don't think he did much after…. or did he??
    All criticism aside, keep your passion for the game but try to adapt the same passion to learn the game from the start and not just since the days "Pep personality onguard iola " and Lionel "named after an afro moustache wearing blind girl stalker" Messi. That and having blinkers set to anything that's not Barca ☺

  10. @6:50 – Please can anyone help me as to what I'm meant to notice other than a terrible first touch that allows Barca to score??? I feel mislead into giving my faith towards the fact some actual intellectual comments were going to be made? I think you should stick to being TheNextManager of a Blockbusters video store, even though still under qualified

  11. Now a days REFFS help Madrid Penaldo with record penalties every year, offside goals, fouls by Ramos Pepe allowed..
    And disallow MESSI legit goals, kick messi whole 90 minutes.

  12. I dont agree that every time Cannavaro stepped out for Messi there would be a hole in the defense, you can see Ramos was still there, it's just that he was too shit at that time for unknown reasons.

  13. Hey, I want to become a professional coach(UEFA level) but I don't know where to start from. Let's say I have no experience in coaching, where can I start from? And also I noticed you have a great understanding of tactics where can I learn those? (like strength and weaknesses of formations and stuff)


  14. Barcelona with such a good team, Real was not bad either but no match for Barcelona.
    4- 4 -2 is the best defence Barcelona.

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  16. Terrible music for this style of quality football. The predominant Duh,Duh, Duh should rather be something that flows to match Barcelona's style of fluidity. Analogue not digital

  17. What a bunch of ballshit, her is no game that hoes like you plan it, strategy go up in smoke as soon as the game start, how many times we made plan and never got acomplished

  18. Bunch of crap I smell. This guy sounds like a person who makes predictions after already seen the results. Can you predict or analyze before the game happened? Obviously not. When you play in the game, there is nothing you can do to predict the play or where the ball will be played. It’s obvious that any team in any sport would try to get the ball to the best player in the team. In this case, Messi is the best. When you have a player like messi plays in your team, there’s always an opened space between the line and a good team work and communication during the game is always the key to winning games.

  19. Real Madrid scored their first goal due to a cynical foul by Robben in the box. Watch the replay. It was an uncalled foul! Later the victim, Abidal, waited until no one was looking and elbowed Robben in the forehead, sending him to the ground. When Robben got up he gave a little shrug that meant "Okay, now we are even." That was my favorite moment in the game.

  20. well, tbh: there are these days when messi becomes a major concern for the opposing team. and at that time you simply cant do anything. you could break his legs, but that wouldnt be very sporty.

  21. whoever made this video is a real fan…………you need to learn a lot about football….and sorry to say you are pathetic..
    i am neither a barca fan nor a real fan..But you guys are pathetic..Useless piss of shit who doesn't understand football.
    please stay away with your expert advice..thankyou..
    learn something before giving your expert advice asshole…..PLEASE..
    Or else stop watching football.
    #piece of shit

  22. johan cruyff did.., not pep's barcelona… and then guardiola turn that beauty total football into a boring possession game. he kicked out Eto'o, and then he also Ibrahimovich just to make that false 9 shines. as result.., they play cowardly.., holding the ball 90 min sloooowly.., with so many meaningless pass that force enemy retreat. because they don't have an actual striker.. the lone striker is deep down at middle or the pitch. so they keep building the play slowly waiting for enemy to retreat and forcing them to play 70 % game infront of enemy's penalty box. When 6 or 7 defender player already in their penalty box, and then barcelona just ask messi to do penetration. if he fail.., they lose the ball at enemy's penalty box far from their own. and as time passed, it became dull. they don't have target man. no one can duel in the air.., can't even play high ball. to play with drible is their only option. they only has messi but the penalty area already crowded, no room for penetration. then they just start new trend.., blaming on the negative football. it's not the play. it's just messi. if they don't have messi, that play style won't be effective. solo penetrating is not a strategy. it's just pure talent. messi's talent. and pep claim it as his philosophy

    the game in the video upthere was an interesting one. they play openly. but in the next season.., they start playing cowardly. Okay they had so much high pressing but the fact was they just play cowardly, using 100 % passing rate attitude and 100 % talent on diving act. sending short pass slowly.., waiting enemy retreat to their own penalty area. that way, they minimize the risk being counter or conceding the goal. and the game becomes boring. sending pass to a player only one foot away and that player send the ball back to defender. using one two between defender and anchorman far from enemy's marking. all of the enemy already retreat making them hard to penetrate the penalty area. and they also didn't have tall and strong striker. only messi played as false 9 deep down in the midle of the park. but it's all okay.. they still have 2nd weapon, "blaming those who use negative football. as a reasult.., most La Liga club hesitate to pull back.. they insist to play openly in most case.., almost all la liga club play terrible defense.., having 3 defender vs 5 barcelona player almost all the time at the penalty area. if a club play defensive football, all the world will judge them as an insult to modern football. as if asking as.., just let barcelona get the goal. 10 barcelona player play at enemy's teritory and they prohibit that enemy to have 10 player retreating to their own teritory. Yes this type of pep's barcelona also change nowaday football, especially, la liga club. they don't give a fuck abut defending. everything is about possession. It's okay to have poor defenders as long as they can pass the ball like a playmaker. there's so many small club turn into naive club. having decent player yet they force their way to compete in beauty play style againts bigger club. so many small club in laliga play stupid football. they insist to play openly againts barcelona. the sole reason why messi create so many goal. since being defensive is alaready a taboo for modern football. let them create goal, that's what the fans of football want.

    Luckily, There was Inter from Italy with mourinho who didn't give a damn about that "taboo" for playing negative football. that beauty barcelona got kicked out from champion league… and there was also roberto di matteo's chelsea with his cattenaccio, a negative football that also kicked barcelona from champion league… 75 % of modern football fans judge this two team as a insult for modern football.

    Guardiola is not only change the modern football.. he also change the fans attitude toward football. an attitude "let barcelona wins", an atitude "if you play defensively, barcelona can't play beauty football. we buy ticket to watch barcelona's beauty play, not to watch you parking that bus infront of penalty area". any team who beat barcelona with their defensive game will be judged as an insult for modern football by those fans.

  23. I heard somewhere that Arsene Wenger predicts A.I and algorithms will be doing all the tactics and substitutions

  24. Totti already did false9 in 2005/2006, when rome banned to make transfer, so he placed at flase nine,
    And he got golden foot at that time

  25. Bitch, false 9 was ‘ invented’ by great 50s Hungary team. That was revolution, follow up was Brazil, Ajax (Holand) , Liverpool, Sacchi Milan , Cryuff as coach.

  26. Messi played as false nine until suarez came and suare started at the wing and messi was the striker ,then messi realized that suarez would fit better at striker and changed back to right wing

  27. I like your tactics analysis very much but how do you manage and understand all these game plans and position of fielders can you reply me please.I myself is a huge football fan. you are really the next manger??

  28. The only team that really changed the game was Holland with J.C in 1974. A lot of teams like Barcelona are a product of J.C´s tactics.

  29. So tactics that have been employed in game for almost 90 years, but with the best player ever in one of the best teams ever. ..

  30. I'm glad that beautiful soccer is shared through the media and I do know that Spanish clubs have an interest in the best players but how can lower teams stand a chance against them when is about what money can buy.

  31. Who's that Real Madrid goalkeeper "Casillias"… Never heard of him… Maybe if RM hadn't invited Casillas' clone to play, Barcelona wouldn't have scored 6

  32. I'll be honest… I like your diligence to follow piece by piece and discuss, but this is nothing new. This game is not conclusive evidence that people have changed their tactics on how to play defense. Defense ought to be dictated by who you are playing and how to recover possession of the ball. For example, if you have C. Ronaldo playing, keep 4 defenders, and make sure the midfielders always force the ball out of the middle and allow Ronaldo into 1on1 situations. (He does not challenge people anymore). If you have an average team, with average players, you can adjust according to who has speed and who is predictable. Certain players always have tendencies. Again, I like your diligence, but this is just a study of a game with no goal enjoyment.

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