The Football Helmet Reconditioning Process at Riddell

This is the offseason. The cheers comebacks great catches and heartbreaks are just
memories now. But in this small community of Elyria, Ohio at the doorsteps of football legends next season has already begun. From
Friday Night Lights to the elite stadiums in the NFL football equipment comes to Riddell ready to begin the journey of game played … to game ready. The Riddell reconditioning process insures the equipment meets the same
standards of excellence as the athlete’s performance helmets and shoulder pads are
inspected for any wear and tear that might
compromise its protective performance each helmet is deconstructed to its basic form the shell. The marks of last season’s games are buffed out and sanded down revealing the layers of past seasons played. the sweat of hard work is washed away
ensuring that each athlete will be gearing up with the best equipment. Once cleaned and inspected the helmet is rebuilt. The paint is mixed and last year’s victories and losses are painted over with team colors ready to shine under the stadium lights shoulder pads are stitched where worn. Rivets and grommets replaced. Helmet clips, straps and cages are reattached by hand and secured with the utmost attentiveness so the athlete can focus on the game Finally, the most important equipment is ready to take its place as the icon
of the game. Ready to represent a school, champion a team and protect the player.

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