The Dream of Baseball Begins with a Letter

– What do you got there? – Mic’d up. – You’re mic’d up? – Jack is as passionate as you can get for the game of baseball
as anyone can possibly be. (slow guitar music) – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah! Let’s go! Yes! My name is Jack. I’m 11 and I’m the bat boy for GCU. (soft guitar music) – [Mom] He’s just grown up with a ball and a bat in his hand. Baseball’s his life. I can say it because I’m his Mom, but he’s pretty gifted. – My job is basically picking up the bats after they get a hit and
having fun with the players. – So Jack got his job of bat boy when he was I want to say
first or second grade. He was really interested in
different baseball programs around the country, you know
different collegiate teams and he would associate where places were according to baseball teams. So we thought it’d be
kind of a fun project for him to you know well, why don’t you write a coach
that you want to reach out to. We helped him sit down and write a letter to Coach Stankiewicz and
just kinda wrote about what it takes to be on
a baseball team like his and low and behold a couple weeks later, Coach wrote him back. He answered his questions
and put his letter up on his bulletin board in his office and today it serves as a reminder to his players how hard people are working to get where they are now. Jack would show the letter and he would show Coach’s MLB Yankee card that he sent and included in it. Sure enough time went on,
but it was a winter camp that the baseball team hosts. Jack went to it, excited
and Coach recognized him and he was like you’re the
kid that wrote me the letter. You know I think Jack
included like a photo and he offered him the opportunity. – He asked if I wanted to be bat boy and I said yes. My favorite thing about being a bat boy is picking up the bats and
celebrating the walk-offs. – [Announcer] Lopes win it five to four. Walk-off double. – [Jack] Everybody goes
wild and it’s super fun. – After the relationships
that he developed with some of the players come summer all the players go to their
different summer leagues. He would write to some of the players and some of the players
would write him back. He wrote Jake Wong and he
was in the Cape Cod League. Jake took the time to write him, took the time to go find a stamp. He even sent home a
t-shirt it was fun for Jack to get that package in the mail and have that relationship to continue on. It’s funny because he will say
that he has college friends. He’s like all my friends at GCU and we have to kinda wheel
it back a little bit, like no you don’t have
too many college friends, but they’re his buddies
and they treat him like he’s one of the guys. They, I think see a younger self in Jack. They’re a good group of guys. They’re role models. Jack mimics a lot of what he sees and the good, so he sees
some of those traits and brings them onto the
Little League fields. – It’s fun. I get to play every week
and I have tournaments with my club team and I have
games with my school team so it’s like baseball every single day. I want to be a baseball
player when I grow up. You could do your favorite thing in the whole world for the job. – The dream of becoming a
Major League Baseball star it’s kinda tangible for Jack. He sees some of these players right now at the collegiate level working hard and they’re getting drafted and I think it just gives him a little extra push. (Soft guitar music) – If I go to the MLB I’ll
probably wanna play second base. If you’re good enough you
can play every single day. – The best bat boy in America right here. The best looking bat boy
too in America right here. Give me knuckles.

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