The Cringy Baseball Game

Ah Mario Odyssey, it’s not really my type but it’s Mario Mario, where are you? Mario, there you are Reggie, I know that. I don’t think you I forgot to go to the next meeting but sory It’s just you Luigi, No my game cut off Mario you really need to get off this little switch thing. You put it since Ever since Christmas and you have not enough time to go in the other room to play And you would think it will cut your switch off. Oh my gosh Expedition, Mario. Whatever Luigi I don’t care about your dip-thongs what you said wherever you say. But Mario you really need to start doing something active Because you’ve been you’ve been playing with that switch sense Christmas and and you haven’t even gone to work yet You need to do something active Mario Yeah Mario, I think you’re sad but oh I’ll go with you, okay. (Squishy Toy Sound) What are you gonna do Luigi I’m gonna call some of your friends so you can play Something fun like let’s play baseball Baseball Come on, Luigi, you know sports aren’t my thing but Mario you have to do something active You know what I’ll call your friends. What no Luigi. Please don’t. Come on really Luigi these four idiots Dad said that I have to do something active instead of playing with the stupid switch I wanna do something. Alright guys, so we’re playing baseball who’s excited I’m excited Well, yeah good one person is excited out of all four of you But anyway, let’s play baseball okay I said let’s play baseball. Oh, yeah I’m on your team Mario and Luigi Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s good. Well, let’s play baseball Okay Okay, I’m that first, okay, okay, here we go Say what man um I said “Strike” Don’t say that I got a strike no more Second ball Okay, look first why you have to work the bib (bandana) Are you serious man Is it my turn to bat now yes is your turn to bat Okay, one more one more strike One… More…Strike Oh my gosh look at the ball, whoa, look at look at the ball look at it go Wait run This isn’t football

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