“The Cricket in Times Square” | 60second Book Review

In 1961, The Cricket in Times Square won a
Newbery Honor. Fifty years later, is it still a book worth reading? You’ll find out. The Cricket in Times Square doesn’t have
a clear main character. Some of the events that move its plot along are a little…convenient.
And its portrayal of minorities isn’t exactly PC. All of which is to say that if you can remember
that this week’s Pick comes from a more innocent time—and maybe a more naïve one,
too—you’ll be able to overlook some of the book’s flaws and enjoy it for what it
is: a story of friendship, industry, and charming animal antics in the heart of New York City. Chester is only a country cricket until the
day when a trip into a picnic basket lands him in the Times Square subway station. There
he meets Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat—and the Bellini family, the hardworking owners
of a newsstand that’s fallen on tough times. As in all good animal-human stories, Chester
and his friends conspire to help the Bellinis—in the most ingenious of ways. I’ll leave you to find out how for yourself,
since this imaginative, old-fashioned tale is perfect for the slow, lazy days of summer’s

2 thoughts on ““The Cricket in Times Square” | 60second Book Review

  1. You posed the question “is it worth reading” then ignored any meaningful answer. Lol. Not hating, just made me laugh.

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