The Cricket-Eating Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, I’m Brooklyn from
Brooklyn and Bailey. And you guys all know
we’ve been moving. And we are currently
moving right now. But my mom just
went to California while we were moving. She brought us home
a little surprise. Crickets. This one is sour
cream and onion. This one’s bacon and cheese. But we are going to be doing
a video about our whole family and Jenny Show Me
Cute kids we are all going to show them eating
one of theses crickets. OK. Gotta eat this. Kind of tastes like a sunflower
seed– chewy yet satisfying. This is Bella from
Jenny Show Me Cute. And do you want to
eat your cricket? -Not really. But I’m going to. -Sour cream and onion,
or bacon and cheese? -Bacon and cheese. -One, two, three. -Tastes like
sunflower seeds to me. -Well that’s nice. -So, this is Trevor
from Jenny Show Me Cute. So, do you want sour cream an
onion, or bacon and cheese? -I’ll take some bacon. Get a big nice juicy one. I approve. -What does it taste like? -Dry bacon. -This is Jenny
from Show Me Cute. So do you want a sour cream and
onion, or a bacon and cheese? -Well I don’t
really want either. I know want any one. I’d rather do the
cheese, I think. -Is it good? -Actually it’s not bad. It does taste like a nut or
sunflower seed, or a nut. -Would you like another one? -No. But whoo, whoo! I did it. -Sour cream and onion,
or bacon and cheese? -Bacon and cheese. -Ready, set, go. Just stuff it in there. Go! Go! -Sick. -What do you think? -Doesn’t taste like a cricket. -What does it taste like? -Cheese. -Your fate waits you. Sour cream and onion,
bacon and cheese. -Ick. I hate bugs. -On three. One, two, three! Go! -Oh I don’t want to bite down. Oh. Oh. Mm mm. -Chew. Chew. -Bacon and cheese,
sour cream and onion. -Bacon and cheese. -On three. One, two, three. Is it good? -Not bad. -Crickets. -Um hm. Which one do you want to eat? -Um– -Hurry. -That one! -OK. Here. Here you go. Ready? -Ready? Do you want to eat this? Say ah. Say ah. Is it yummy? -Um hm. -Yeah. Chew it. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Is that gross? Is that yucky? -Um hm. -OK. -Sour cream and onion,
bacon and cheese? Oh wait. That way. -Eww. I guess bacon and cheese. It’s disgusting. You guys seriously eat these? Oh, they’re not bad. Eww. -Is it just the idea? -Um hm. It kinda tastes like
a sunflower seed. -Cameraman, which one? Sour cream and onion,
or bacon and cheese? -Sour cream and onion
and bacon and cheese. -Oh, he’s going both. Oh. Oh! OK. -Grasshoppers are better. Pretty good, huh? -OK. Were they good? -They’re kinda hard to swallow. It’s like you ate the
sunflower seed shells. It’s totally just like that. -I can smell them
on your breath. -Mm. If you guys like
sunflower seeds, I’m pretty sure
you’ll enjoy cricket. They’re pretty good. But anyways, go
follow us at Instagram at Brooklyn and Bailey. And we will see you next week. Bye! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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