THE CLUB RIP – Pass Rush Moves – Defensive Line Drills – American Football Tutorial

(slow techno music) – [Voiceover] This is
Coach Rolle and we are here in the lab at Five Star Lineman Academy coaching you through another great pass rushing move, the club rip. The club rip is a commonly used move because it’s so dependable. It’s not the fanciest,
but it’s one of those powerful and gritty kinda
moves, and that’s why I like it. Heh, and if it’s done right, it’s gonna have you sacking
the quarterback a lot. That’s why the club rip, for
me, it’s coming at number two. Coacher point number one. Flip your hips. You have to be able to flip your hips. If not, the opposite
lineman will always be able to punch or grab the nearside the chest. To flip your hip successfully, you have to set your feet and replace that front foot in a hurry. One, set your feet. Two, flip your hips. Three, keep your leverage. You gotta club ’em, club ’em like a boxer. Big guys. You can’t just club an
opposite lineman with your arm. You gotta club ’em with your core. When you club, engage your core. It’ll flip your hips. Your hips will always obey your hands. The harder you club with open
hands, the quicker the hips. Why club ’em with open hands, coach? Because when you club ’em with open hands, you can grab cloth and snatch him down. This next point is key to a great club. When you set your feet, you must make sure that you are half of a man. If not, your chest will be exposed, you’ll be clubbing across his body, but you’ll never get to his hip. If you have to, walk it,
slow it down in your mind. Set hands, feet, feet. Set hands, feet, feet. Now finish him. Now that you flip, rip. Finish your move with a powerful rip. When you rip, punch the clouds. Use your weight as a weapon and turn your toe where you wanna go. Keep practicing, big dog. When you master that club rip, it’s gonna be a hard one to deal with. Keep repping these five key things. Set, club, flip, rip, and run. I had somebody come up to me and say, “Hey big dog, how you spell champ?” C-H-A-M-P. How you spell chump? C-H-U-M-P. But what’s the difference? The difference is the U. Will you be a champ or
will you be a chump? It’s your choice. And if you wanna be a
champ like I know you do, then I got one recommendation for you. Let’s go to work.

16 thoughts on “THE CLUB RIP – Pass Rush Moves – Defensive Line Drills – American Football Tutorial

  1. Thank you for starting this video series.

    All those defence pass rush moves, do they have some situational factors, when to use or not use them ?

    I mean using a club rip vs more physical bigger o-liner would not be efficient, am i right?

  2. Love all your videos, been working with my son on these. Son is a DT in a 5-4 front, with one gap responsibility are these pass rush moves suitable to attack a gap to stop the run? He almost always is responsible for C gap. Will the single gap repetition hurt their effectiveness?

  3. Hi, my name is Luciano. I really like the videos you make. They all teach me a lot. I am 8 years old and I play MLB, OLB, & DE. My favorite part of football is using the moves I learn to sack the quarter back. My best game was 6 sacks. My favorite move of your videos is the spin move. Also I subscribed to you.

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