THE CLICK IS MY FRIEND!?!? | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 21

Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Ps4 Xbox one pc Steam Spike Volleyball Multiplayer Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball game geez okay fire it over here this guy oh
that click the freaking clip open me out click what hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back playing spine volleyball and I’m super high because we got a new guy
on the squad Exedy sixth overall Adam Jones he’s got a ninety nine attack
height so if this guy’s not like way up in the air I’m gonna be pissed
anyways thank you guys so much for supporting this channel I really
appreciate it I see you guys enjoyed this spike volleyball facility so that
just makes me love and more inspired to make them I’m trying to make this
channel the best that it possibly can be with the best community and trying to
improve the following and make it just a community that’s fun for people who love
volleyball games and video games and and and all that sort of stuff and Jo Phi
and all that stuff so if you like that stuff and you know anybody who would be
interested in being a part of this community just send them some of them
video shut them out like subscribe all those great things would really really
appreciate that anyways we’re playing Russia here in this world league with
our new guy I’m really hyped to see if he sucks I would be so I mean anyway
let’s get to it announcers we don’t care we’re really
keen to see this new guy though see these in them he’s number 25 over there
he’s enough front right all right oh my goodness not a great start with the
click jeez he’s on the right side now he’s looking a bit okay he’s looking
weird are you kidding me he’s now sir II really think he’s got a
good flow let’s flow with him whoa that’s some serious strength there on
that float whoa that was aggressive I’ll get a block what that guy’s soul added me nutmeg
damn it right through my legs libero what the hell is going on here
anybody Sonne miss serves the click geez okay fire it over here this guy oh that
click the frickin click open me out click what oh my goodness it’s gonna be
one of those ok ok let’s try to stay focused stay positive that’s just the
taper what because it looked like it just went nothing no tape just went
right through the guy alright what I will take it but really net flipper all
sorts of trouble oh I didn’t block there’s a jig set the Big Unit oh yeah
Oh huge tool nice the big guy is in 6 right now the new guys in 6 I haven’t
had a chance to set him yet that’s good let’s just maybe get one up so we can
rotate set him the pipe sure ok didn’t work
ok who’s getting that there’s a dig set in a row he’s the p2 now he can pound
oh yes the net flipper what I thought for sure that was going over it didn’t
though nice coaches loving the net flippers alright let’s just should take
a ton of risk with this serve a ton of risk oh that looked in oh it was out the
back barely ok 6 3 yeah I’m trying to guys I’m trying to rotate the new guy to
the front row I want to see that attack height jeez I shanked that that’s a big
you hit found it that’s definitely a question guys like there’s no way he’s
just half way I look at this guy is that way higher than everybody else I
will take it all right Taylor take a ton of risk on this sir really risk it okay
let’s get a successful block that would be so sick got a big new guy he’s got a
strong point dig but nobody’s there to follow up what the actual yeah you know
what whatever whatever game I’m not concerned
with your bullshit right now oh I shouldn’t say that because what I’m very
concerned with your bullshit right now again don’t be giving me that garbage
net flipper crap thank you said Monroe in the front row Murrow all right that’s
not at all where I aimed dude it hit you it literally hit you I’m pressing the
button you you went for it gave up and it hit you in the hand what the hell is
going on set the middle guy we’re up bounce come
on at least that’s working nice black shoes all right new guys in the front
finally it’s eight six like the game is almost over
full power Moreau well done yeah Moreau with the net flipper although I want to
set the new guy you know I’ll give him one that they can pass so we can make a
dig here you go yep okay maybe get a block new guy
yeah set the new guy what’s this hi oh it’s off the net the first set is it
great hey guy I was just about to say it the first set he gets he hit HSS to hit
it over at scores yes alright I’m just gonna get it in with an
aggressive seeker for sure okay who’s getting set oh I thought I
got a block you know how I get for those successful blocks and I didn’t get one
gosh okay can you get one over Russia so I
can make oh you can’t get one over you really can’t get one over all right fine
Serta ear libero hold on did you guys see where I aimed that it was short I
didn’t even hit it that hard a little bit too much spike melon ball starting
to lose my mind all right now that I moving forward
knowing that I’m crazy yep set the new guy bounce it new guy
yeah pretty good how’d he get not that hot he’s not that high in the air means
nothing he’s supposed to be 99 he’s the guy in the game with the highest spike
touch or attack height or whatever he’s not even that high let’s get a block on
this guy Josh did you see that get out yes
come on ouch nice successful block rip one short
maybe never know we’ll get another successful block jump
now yep good dig set the new guy he’s pretty slow bounce it buddy this new guy take the advantage in this first set
they pulled off some very nice moves it’s a great start to the match 41 episodes in yes not including the
other ones I did so I may be like 23 or 24 episodes in a spike volleyball it’s
getting to me all right you know what lean back lean back relax try to enjoy
okay what’s fun tough question answer let’s
look for the seeker get successful blocks are fun let’s get a successful
block oh like I’m all over that shit and he even hit it up into the hand there
you didn’t hit it down and it nothing nothing you hear that nothing great pass
set the new guy on the right how high is he get up there okay the right side is
just bugged for sure like look at that look at that you got up so high on the
right side right side is just way better than left side
why oh the new guy but the click make a sort of over 120 kilometers an hour I
would have balanced so I don’t know if you saw that achievement I got yeah
that’s a hard server buddy but it said make a server I didn’t make that server
without whatever geez bounce it the phantom hit whatever whatever
whatever stop getting discouraged have fun it’s our job Boeing Netflix
go back he’s going back for sure I I pressed the button you know what you
know what this game yep said it what the hell happened there what actually
happened there Oh get out yes successful walk what yeah
saw his face it’s a way to use your head I’m going to
get ahead in life you’ll definitely be the head of a major corporation to many
head jokes all right forget your bullshit in the middle
pound it Morello I needed you to put that away buddy and you did actually no
why does that happen oh my it’s not only up by one hit that
why am i fluent serving it I’m just pressing buttons you guys mad flipper
that guy died with two who are they gonna set no one yeah all right yeah all right all right we’ll
float it again why I don’t know our net flipper yes that guy’s out of it why did
the other guy not jump set the sea ball in my mine hit a geat corner yes yes
Taylor a deep shot that feels good it feels good all right now witness serve
over here at the Libero let him know how much he sucks pretty good actually
all right oh the bum set C ball free ball I mean set C ball again holy shit
did I ever get slammed I was Moreau hitting it on the right side there he’s
in the front row what it’s not even possible
I’m gonna replay that I I think we just saw him miss the ball on a serve is that
what happened I can’t watch the replay you guys I just did it you can’t I’ll
see you later what I’ll take it but this game right
now you guys really this is a messed up game right now if I want to set oh
they’re click thank you definitely going see ball Oh middle I want it
yes said the new guy yeah he’s got some power he’s got some
power well done hit a short spinner Morell the click Oh would it matter
no probably not whatever eight five ah what new guy deep new guy yes
new guy he’s good even though it’s attack height is low all right pound it
down the line there Galliard great sir buddy even went for I miss it completely
I’m out I’m just gonna put it in easy like that oh the sea ball what how is
this game a product right now like how does this exist like if that’s what they
do on see balls let’s see if he does it again oh we didn’t do it again new guy
rotate on it oh we dug you new guy feel it Oh Oh what what actually happened there he balling
it over I should have played it middle most often short on reliable yes come on
let’s get something exciting happening here seeker here we go
damn it let’s get a successful block goes off the block the diggers have no
chance didn’t even go off the block jeez how many mistakes said they made
this game like enough it’s short over there like it’s so far away from the guy
yes that slippery yes nice eggs if I can land one short oh all right
going back for sure okay yeah yes they made silly error plates all the more
difficulty don’t you think that they would get a few more is it actually
makes you make a day for a block to make some place I think that would be
something that would be you know pretty standard but no easy
I just want he’s kind of fooling around and the clique in the way and kind of
just doing nothing good play volleyball let me get a second patch is it too
early to be asking for a second patch maybe okay I just got a new center but I
have another setter completed I sent some good agents there we’ll see if it
pays off fingers crossed Oh Louise Sanchez that’s a real Canadian
name in addition they have strong points in power and smash great the exact two
things I don’t give a shit if my Center has I’ll take it
alright let’s check him out Louise Sanchez 74 overall he is the same
overall as Kevin Lin but Kevin Lin has no none of those strong points but Luis
Sanchez has power as a strong point which is something that you know I value
very highly I think I’m going to turn Santa even though it’s settings 85 Kevin
there are Luis Sanchez settings 85 Kevin Lin is only 78 but that’s okay
and that the same overall I don’t really know if that matters in the center but I
will take this guy as a consultant for sure for power absolutely yes
we will take that and I will use it on a hitter or something perfect all right
guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike volleyball I gotta
thank you so much for watching I appreciate all the support you guys have
shown to the channel to the series to everything on a journey to try to be my
best self trying to make this channel the best thing it can possibly be and
you guys have been helping out so much on that journey so thank you so much
keep those likes come and keep the comments coming love to engage with you
guys in the community starting to feel really cool having people who watch
every video and comment so you guys know who you are thank you so much
keep it comment if you have any friends maybe you’d be interested in this yes
kinda community and stuff like that let them know also got some cool stuff
coming up trying to do some maybe some clothing I don’t know we’ll see if I
were to get that going if you guys are interested in that let me know I’ve
already added people who say hey let’s see some yes guy merchandise so I’m
trying to get that going that’d be a ton of fun just trying to make this channel
the best thing can be and make and hopefully have everybody who comes to
this channel have the most fun that they can have with these videos because I
know I have a ton of fun making these and interacting with you guys so thank
you so much know while that was a mouthful but anyways thank you guys so
much for watching we’ll see you next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Ps4 Xbox one pc Steam Spike Volleyball Multiplayer Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball game

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  1. Is the game getting crazy or what? Or maybe the players stamina are low and theyre getting tired and is time to switch player, who knows…

  2. Man, they need to make another patch to fix the AI, like they should successfully block you a lot, attack more aggressively and make almost no mistakes, no?

    Guys! We need help to makes Our Dreams to play volleyball but we have Financial problems if you want help us please donate some money we will be happy for that and Thanks so much for all please help us❤️❤️

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