The Champions: Season 2, Episode 1

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite and start getting Real. This is The Champions I kick shins and knees like they’re balls. I also kick balls like they’re balls. I am so pumped to join Chelsea, because I was in danger of actually winning things at Dortmund, and that would go against everything the U.S. men’s national team believes in. Every time we get a bad result, I take a hard look in the mirror… and I blame the officials, the wind, the cut of the grass, the smells of the stadium, the I’m back, and winning I’m back, and winning is in my jeans. Nice to finally be out of that shadow. Hey Cristiano not to be that guy, but would you sign my Ronaldo jersey? Of course. It is very tiny. It’s from when I was a baby. It’s from when you were a baby? Oh my God, you’re like a man now. And you…are a legend. Merci, mon ami. A legend? Like…Raul? Or Pele? Or Figo? Legends are old. No. Am I…old? Thank you for seeing me doctor Iceland guy. I’m having an emergency. Oh no, did you chip a tooth? What? No! My teeth are perfect. I here because… I think I’m aging. I don’t think he understands what a dentist does. Cristiano, you have the body of a 23-year-old. 23? Oh no. Just a year ago all the doctors say I have body of 22-year-old. Now he tells me 23?! This is more serious than I thought. I thought it best to seek out advice from another Juventus legend. One who has suffered for many years with…the aging. Aging is nothing to fear. I have been 50 years old since I was 25. It’s just scary to think that one day I might not be the best player in the world. Maybe it’s time for you to take a long look in the mirror. Oh nice, do you have a mirror? No, what I mean is, do you expect to play this game forever? Umm… yeah? Nobody can play this game forever. You are mortal. You can die. You are going to get old. You are going to die. So at this point, I’m like, whoa. For someone known for his passes, Andrea can be quite a straight shooter. So, so what… am I going to have to…like…retire someday? Not yet. You still have a few years with the Old Lady. What do you mean Old Lady? Oh…Georgina is 25. I mean Juventus. OK, but then what? Then…you do what all the former elite players do. Are you an aging soccer er…sorry, football star in Europe? Come join MLS! Where you can score three goals a game! Make hundreds of millions of dollars! And you won’t get bothered on the streets because no one will recognize you! Note: The U.S. dollar may be worth less than euros and pounds. In MLS you may be forced to play defense and take commercial flights. Also everyone has guns. Come on over! It’s actually more challenging than you think! Believe me. Oh God, I need to go. Hello, worse Ronaldo. I’m so scared. Please tell me retirement will be OK. Oh, no, it’s great you get to eat whatever you want!

100 thoughts on “The Champions: Season 2, Episode 1

  1. Pulisic left Dortmund because he was afraid of winning trophies, but Chelsea just won the Europa League ?

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    ปลูก องุ่น
    ทีม บราซิล

  3. Did nobody realized that when dybala moved to the other chair, the sheet behind him is a reference to him moving to Atletico Madrid? Also because atletico’s history includes them as mattress makers with white and red color too

  4. Ronaldo is old 🙁

    But he is a incredible player one of the best players in the world and one of my favorite players in football

  5. Cristiano: Just a year ago all the doctors tell me I have a body of a 22 year old. Now he tells me 23!?
    Uhhhhhh is someone gonna tell him his body’s gonna look a year older every year?

  6. This is rich on content, well planned, I mean they actually did thier research on players. It was probably made by Americans. ????
    Happy they did stuff like this. Remains a reality TV show.

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