The Biggest Mistake in Golf and How To Fix it FAST!

– There is a major epidemic. A disease in golf that’s most likely affecting your game and
you don’t even know it. In my opinion, it is the
worst thing in golf today and we’re gonna fix it, right now. (upbeat music plays) (hits ball) Did you see it? Did you see what I did? I did what you should never ever do. So, let’s break this down, alright? Well, hey, first, thanks for watchin’! And if you like the videos,
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subscribing to the channel. Keep you up to date, hit the bell, so you get all the latest
updates and notifications. Thanks for watchin’. Okay! So, here we go. Watch closely and let me
know if you pick it up here. (hits ball) Did you see it? Did you see it? Did you see what I did? Alright, check it out, watch! Here’s what I see everybody doing. You’re moving your hands way too much! You start like this. Wait! You see this is how you start. Those hands, those hands
are your worst enemy. They’re, it’s the nightmare, it’s the, it’s the disease that’s
plaguing your game. And it’s causing so many issues. And we’ve gotta get rid of it. You cannot start like this. Here’s why. See, watch this. When you start with your hands, your club could go like this, and your hands can get
farther away from your body. If you’re picking your hands up, and rotating ’em at the same
time, it looks like this. (motor running) That’s horrible! That’s gonna be a mess when you get to the top of your back swing! No, no good! No good! Also, you could do this. I
see this all the time. That’s no good either! See, you start rotating those hands and you never lift your arms! You never swing your arms,
you just, you just rotate! Who wants this swing? (hits ball) And you’re gonna be a disaster. No one’s gonna wanna hang out with you. But we hear from so many people, for so long about
rotating those hands open, getting that toe pointed up. This, here’s the toe. They talk about getting it pointed up. So we interpret it as, turn the hands. Totally wrong. Totally
wrong! Don’t do that! It’s better to have the toe this way than this way. If you’re gonna make a mistake, make that mistake; not that mistake. Even toe-up, eh, this is better. Toe-down a little bit
is better than toe-up. Here’s toe-up. It’s better to be here. They say, they say you want this, this, to match your angle
of your, your spine angle. So, if you’re here, if I’m standing straight up, well then, that’s toe-up. Okay? When I’m bent down a little bit, oh, that’s where it should be. You see that? No one stands like this. Never have that open! No way! Toe-up, just match your
toe up on your chest, that’s your stance? Well,
that’s where that should be. Like that. How do we get there though? Here is how we get there. Like this. You see watch, watch this weekend at the U.S. Open, alright? Watch Xander Schauffele, watch that guy. Or search him on YouTube,
look for his swing. He does something that is just perfect. You’re just gonna work on this. Nothing going on here.
No, no. No! Don’t do that! This is your take away, right in here. Nothing. Nothing here. You’re gonna take, I, I don’t
even want this. That, no. No! Too much! Nothing! That’s what I want that
takeaway to look like. And you have your arms straight but no hands at all. Hands are your enemy! Don’t even think about it. Right here. No hands. And that’s your swing. Not in here. No. Hands going straight back;
straight back and up. Right in here. Right in there. Just the “no hands” rule, we’ve got to get your hands outta the golf swing. I’m begging you, I’m pleading with you. Take your hands out of your swing. Please! Whoever you take lessons
from will thank you. Everybody, your friends will thank you. People on the street will
stop you and thank you. Thank you! They can’t stand watching you, guys at the range are just walking up to you saying, “thank
you! You’re making me sick! “Finally, you took your
hands outta your swing!” And they’ll hug you,
everybody will love you more. The world, we’ll see world peace. Just take your hands
outta your swing, please! (hits ball) I probably, I probably had
too much hands, even there. I’m telling you. This will solve the world’s problem. Take your hands out of your swing. I’m begging you. So, please, please,
don’t make me beg again. Okay? You guys are sending me
your swings, thank you! I love looking at your swings. Keep sending those in, and
I’ll analyze your swings. Alright? Click the link below. I’m looking forward to
analyzing your swing. But what I see everybody doing is getting those hands,
way too many hands. Too many hands, too many hands! When you take it back with no hands, you’ll be looking like this. Nothing. I didn’t rotate one nibble. Nothing. None of that. Nothing. Just no hands. Not back here. Not this. That’s not good, right? We’re gonna go straight
back with our hands. Straight back with our hands. And up. That’s your drill. You don’t, you don’t need
your hands for distance. Now just, forget that! Let’s remove all hands for now. We’ll add a little wrist later! But, first, we gotta
get rid o’ those hands. (techno music plays) Alright, so while you’re
watching the U.S. Open this week, all you’re
thinking about is no hands. Watch everybody! Watch all their swings and see how much hands they start with. It’s probably zero. Most everybody I see. That’s all I want you to think about. Look at hands, this week. Okay? Thanks for watching, comment below. Let me know whose takeaway
move you like the best. That’s what I wanna know. Who’s your favorite
takeaway-er of the golf club? Comment below. Let me know. I like Xander Schauffele, that’s my guy. For takeaway. My favorite
takeaway on tour. Alright? Anyways, thanks for watching! I hope this helps. No hands. No hands this week! A week of no hands. I’m telling you, it’ll
help the whole world. It’ll help you. Thanks for watching, hit the like, hit the share, hit the comment, subscribe to the channel, too! We’ll see ya next time. (intense music plays)

100 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake in Golf and How To Fix it FAST!

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