The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!

okay in this video today I’m gonna go
over my keys for shipping to be a great chipper of the golf ball which is really
really easy if you know the right things to focus on so let’s do it right now I’ve been bummed it’s been raining super
hard here living in a Los Angeles and look at my net so I gotta fix that we’ve
got a little break in the rain so we’re gonna go over some chipping tips for you
to help your game and this is really going to be I think a game changer for
for all of us it’s something I’ve done for many years and so I’m gonna share it
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you’re gonna love it I hope I hope you can love it let me know let me know I
think I think it’s good I don’t want to oversell it but I like what we’re about
to do today let’s go okay so today’s Chipping it’s different
than pitching and I have some keys that will work for pitching as well but this
is something I these are things I like to think about when it comes to really
those short little chip shots that give so many of us so many problems so first
things first before we get to that let’s go through just basic setup fundamentals
your weight is gonna be on your front foot okay and your hands could be Center
floor or more forward so if you move your hands way far forward I want you to
open the face up a bit okay because the more forward your hands go the more this
leading edge is going to interact with the turf I don’t like that it makes it
really difficult so if I go way forward to my hands I want to open that up and
engage the bounce but just set up weight on the left side hands Center or forward
depending a chance personal preference in my opinion okay so that’s just basic
set up and then step one here’s are we gonna go the first thing I wanna do for
these little chips and we’ll talk in little chips like that like these little
guys you know those little dudes I know I’m here I’m here on the mat and hitting
on my concrete because grass is all muddy so it’s fine here we go so step
one is going to be your takeaway here we go the takeaway needs to be really slow
that’s too quick okay we want a nice slow takeaway like this right here set
slow little takeaway this is too slow okay that’s that’s too slow and this is
too fast now that’s neither of those are good just nice and smooth slow takeaway
right here okay that’s step one of the process you got to have the right speed
on the takeaway slow takeaway okay step two here’s my thought process
for this is I think thigh high high high okay what does that mean every one of my
chips is gonna kind of be in my thigh area that’s where I’m going
bye hi this is hip high that’s too high that’s that’s that’s for pitching the
ball different shot okay chipping everything’s gonna be thigh high slow
takeaway hi hi right here okay that’s those
little guys hi bye somewhere around my thighs hey super
short you just right there okay so thigh high right there that’s step two okay so
step three now here’s what it is it’s the getting into our transition plagues
a lot of people okay so we’re taking them back slow we’re going thigh high
and we want to slow down into the transition so you’re you’re not going
there at the speed at which you took it back you’re taking it back and then
you’re slowing coming to a stop into the transition right we take it back slow
and we keep and we slow it down right you don’t take it back and then stop
that’s no good you wanna take it back and then slowly slow dance like you sped
up a little bit you just start accelerate and now you’re you’re backing
off mmm and you’re backing it off that’s the
thought you want to slow it down into the transition point the end of this
back swing okay you just slowing it down slow it down into the transition area
the top of the but the end of the swing okay because we’re gonna come to a pause
like tin cup said like you want a pause give a little wiggle to the the golf
clubs right so we’re coming to a paw so in order to stop you have to slow down
first that’s the thought of going to the end of your chip backswing right just
start slowing it down guys now step four is a it’s we’re adding on
to step three which is step four and so it all kind of all happens together but
in my mind I like to think of them as two different steps so step three is you
slow step four is you can accelerate and it’s like you’re coming into a stop sign
but you’re not going to stop all the way right you’re gonna do the the rolling
stop so you come up you slow down and then you slowly accelerate after the
stop right so when we want to except when we say accelerate through the ball
it doesn’t necessarily mean our forward swing has to be faster than our
backswing it just has to not slow down as we approach the ball so that’s this
step is it come to a slow stop and then we continue and we accelerate through
slowly go down you wait you wait like a I mean infinitesimal amount of time and
then you and then you accelerate through okay okay go slow
pause slowly accelerate up in other words another thought is I’m
waiting to feel the weight of the club head before I accelerate it’s just this
little it’s like a curve like a little s wave like a little that’s what you want
that’s the thought process of 3 and step 4 step 3 step 4
that slow acceleration don’t think like Oh uh-uh no it’s
OOP right there and it’s gonna it’s that right if you get that if that’s all you
get out of here it’s gonna be a game-changer just that piece which is
this little like little ass little just feel it slowly accelerate it’s not like know you could go slow
you’re gonna have great shots it’s just a chip shot you’re not trying to go that
far so it’s just slow you got it so acceleration let’s go to step five
you don’t love this okay Step five is uh this is going to really uh I think it’s
gonna really help I it’s all gonna help but this is something that’s really
going to be like a turning point for you so where do you accelerate right we we
took it back slow we went thigh high we slowed into the transition point we
slowly accelerated beyond that now here’s what I’m talking about where is
the acceleration point at which you’re thinking go right and it’s right it’s
right at impact but not before impact it’s literally like at impact it’s like
this here’s the ball here’s the ball here’s your club right if I just did
this and hit it that’s fine right that you’re gonna be fine
but this is what I’m thinking I want this if I come in and then I give it a
little boom boom like a little little hit right there right and I just bump it
so I’m coming in I’m coming in and I bump it right that’s what I’m feeling
like you know like a little extra bump and it happens it’s in my chest it’s in
my arms it’s just mmm it’s just that little boom
that’s your acceleration point right at the bottom like you’re almost under the
ball and then you start to give it that little bump and it’s a feeling right and
but the fastest part of your swing is literally right try to time it so I’m
slowly and then I go right as I make contact with that ball you’re it’s wet
it impact right there right right right if it a little short you ready I’m just
feeling that little bump right there right there and it’s just a little pop
now uh not like that but just just a little bit you just you feel a little
acceleration right time it at impact will revolutionize your chipping if you
just can get that piece but now those are five steps you think that that was
that what’s s to the end we just begun now I’m gonna show you how to
exponentially use this to make your short game exponentially better than
ever before so then take this everything we learned and watch this here we go okay you’re like what’s he doing okay
this is my little putting on indoor putting Matt from pro pro advanced
sports you can use this you could use just tease you can put on lighting for
clubs area I don’t care what you use I’ll leave a link below for this I get
nothing out of it but I want to use it so you could have a
visual of what I’m trying to accomplish right now just think about it with every
sport you do you kind of learn a technique and then what do you do you
drill it you do it in a drill so that you can learn it and it just
exponentially increases your abilities just like that but doing the drill so
here’s what we do I’m gonna do all those techniques combine them together I’m
gonna use what I just learned those five tips and I’m going to do this I’m gonna
hit each ball farther than the next and this is perfect because everything’s
represented by one foot marks so I’ve it’s about two feet in front of me goes
to eight feet so it’s ten feet and I’m literally trying to land a ball at 1
foot 2 foot 3 foot 4 all the way to 8 and I want to see if I could do it using
the 5 steps that I just learned I mean if I just went to 8 feet all the time I
would be a lot better but if I could control the distance while I’m
incorporating these steps forget it lights out my my chipping is good you’ll
never get again so I’m going right here just too close to one foot as possible ok pretty good now I want to hit the 2
foot pretty good just went maybe to happy now
I’m going to three okay so that went shorter than the other one
so I start all over again back to one you get the idea you see how I’m using a
drill to to use the techniques that I just learned and the more you do stuff
like this the much better you’re going to be in your short game use something
like this do it on the green and put clubs down put tees I don’t care what
you put down do something one foot increment that will really hone in your
touch your feel your ability your game your scores will lower and you’ll lie
your friends will just like you a lot better or they might not like you
because you’re whooping them so badly let me know I want to know how you got
to do this part of it okay but if you only even if you didn’t get all the tips
perfectly if you did the drill forget it you’re gonna be way better but hopefully
a few of these little tips will you know sink in and it’ll help you so much in
your those little those little chip shots so let me know how you like it
hit the like button subscribe to your channel for haven’t done so already I
love you guys good luck I’ll see you next time you

59 thoughts on “The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!

  1. Love these videos where you show each step. Very simple to follow. Could you maybe do one on hitting out of a fairway sand bunker farther, instead of just getting out?

  2. Love your videos, (Both content and style) I won't be surprised if the golf channel comes knocking. Keep up the good work. and Thank you for the great tips.

  3. Great exercise. Now I need to find a way to set it up inside my house when it's too dark outside…not a whole lot of room if you catch my drift. Keep up the great vids.

  4. I agree with all the steps.. I get that feeling sometimes. Just so hard to do it all the time..I guess I need more practice.

  5. Get a dog who will fetch 2" tennis balls. I pitch high shots and low shots, short chips and long chips all within 18 yards. The dog doesn't know what shot is next and he always wants to practice. Then I hit golf balls the same way and the action is almost the same. (without the dog- to dangerous) Your tips are right on, but it takes a lot of practice.

  6. I just watched your video on chipping from deep rough where u use more wrist rather than hip movement. So do u use different swing method for chipping from deep rough?

  7. Great video ! This drill is fantastic. Will be practicing this when weather breaks. From Ohio . Cant wait until March…….Wow

  8. I’m working on it about 2hrs/day. I thinking of holding club less tight and feeling more the actual weight of wedge moving through the ball. What kind of mat you using? GO Cal. Born in Berkeley ??

  9. Just got back into golf 14 months ago after being out of it for 30 years. My wife got me the complete Cobra Max set and an awesome Hot-Z USAF bag. Yes, I’m a veteran. I love the sport more than I did back when I was younger and playing. Your videos are an inspiration and a learning tool. I’m so glad and fortunate that I found your channel. I even joined a club here (Pointe South Golf Club, Hephzibah GA) and play at least 3 times a week. Your videos are always with me. You are my coach! Keep doing what you do my friend! ??

  10. There are problems like grounding and topping the ball in the chip shots. Using the mat is easier to hit than in the grass. So, I think you forgot the steady level of your hands to avoid grounding and topping.

  11. Good tips. Any advice on beating the chipping yips? I bat 1000 on the practice area, but am 50/50 on the course. I think my technique is sound. Help please!

  12. Another great instructional vid. Quick question: How many golf balls have you hit into the pool through years of practice? 🙂

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  14. I love your videos, they have helped me tramedously with my game. I can now hit my driver straight, my long irons farther and straight, and my chipping has improved. Thank you.

  15. A viable way to chip to be sure. Great video too. Mr. Short Game has his act together. However, the best chipping method available to amateurs is the Paul Runyon "chip/putt" method. Basically you use your putting stance, grip, and stroke to chip with. Better distance control, and accuracy. Yes, there is an adjustment using the putting stance/stroke to chip with, but once learned, the golfer will never hit a fat chip again. Every club face, ball contact will be crisp, and clean Runyon's chip/putt stroke is available on You Tube also. Give it try Mr. Short Game. You might just change your mind on chipping. Another thing. Don't forget to read the green from your landing spot to the pin. Makes for shorter first putts, if you miss the chip.

  16. I have put tees from 1-10 foot beginning with 2 ft on the green for years-it works. Your advise on hand position and opening the face is what I do not do well-thanks!

  17. how you chip when you are on the fringe on real grass, I can do it on the artificial turf, but when it comes to the real thing I screw it all up.

  18. do you accelerate faster to get the longer distance or do you bring the club a little past your thigh, lets say between thigh and hip.

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