The Best Chipping Drills to Fix Your Golf Game!

it’s chipping day today let’s do it okay
first thing up today we’re gonna go short chips okay
one bag shag short chips to a short flag open-faced we’re gonna open the face of
these and we do short chips with the open 60-degree or highest lofted wedge
make sense and the reason we want to do that is because this this shot is a
critical piece of the game that costs people so many strokes so we need to be
comfortable with this and get it down so that we don’t scull one or blade one
across the green this is where you start building that confidence so the this
shot is going to do that here we go if also if you haven’t subscribe to channel
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thanks for supporting the channel I really appreciate it and if you liked
any of the products whatever links are in the description below here we go I’m
going off tightly because that’s going to give me the most difficult
challenging shot and that’s what we need to improve also I’m using Volvox
coloured balls for you guys so you can see them better and I’ll let you know
how they perform as go but so far I like them I played played with them their s3
and s4 ball those are really solid high quality performance golf ball I’ve got
vivid and the vivid soft these are really soft it go higher go no
one see how they work around the green you should have more balls in this I
just don’t have as many yet so technique-wise all I’m doing is Wade is
way forward okay open the face hands are right on my left pocket and when I take
the club back I just kind of take it out here and hit the bounce right on the
ground right beneath the ball and I try to drive that bounce in the ground
underneath the ball really trying to get under the ball with the balance just
right do that and you’ll hear this smack in the the turf that’s the technique
piece and I keep my knees bent the whole time you’ll see that okay so this shot is really about
discovery you’re learning about yourself and you’re building confidence so you’re
gonna learn what you can do what you can’t do and just practicing very
challenging difficult shots is gonna help build your a confidence level
because you’ll you’ll get to a shot you’ll you’ll say oh that shots too
difficult for me I’m gonna do this one and you immediately shift into I got
this kind of mentality your mind changes as oh I got this shot I’m not gonna do
the other one so we’re we’re just learning it’s a discovery of who you are
as a player and how you’re going to improve that’s why we’re doing this shot
let’s go to the next thing here’s what’s awesome the next shot is the same shot
except we’re gonna use a square clubface we’re not gonna open it same Club same
everything same location same flag square clubface new shot let’s do it one
bag check you got it oh and in case you don’t know what I’m
doing here I’m actually kind of tricking you you’re you did an incredibly
challenging shot first now you’re doing an incredibly easy shot you’re gonna
pull this one off so much better than ever before just because I challenged
you like to the extreme and then we dial in and be like oh this is easy and you
start making these and having your confidence level is gonna go through the
roof with this shot just because of how we kind of did the whole drill let me
know let me know if it’s worth it that what happens to you comment below let me
know dude this shot was way easier than ever
before because of the other thing okay technique-wise I’m feed together real
close together weight on my front foot I don’t transfer my weight when I shift I
keep it on the front foot and I stay there at the entire time when I’m
chipping clubface the square hands are slightly forward I keep my hands right
here just on my left pocket and I lean into it and I don’t really hinge my
wrists too much it’s just a Tad’s club head speed adds variables it adds
co-pay to stay away from that just keep your weight shifted forward the whole
time and you’re good you’re getting better I can feel it feel
it listen button okay next up we’re going
nine irons chip and runs a little bit a little bit farther flag this time one
bag shag same shot you just did with the square clubface but you’re just using a
different club going to a different flag good luck let’s move on
it’s your hybrid if you have one if not then do the same thing you just did
again but if you have a hybrid this is what you want to do it’s going to be the
same shot to the same flag you’re just gonna use this instead right out of the
first cut or the second cut right there one bag shag let’s go or technique with this just use your
putting grip this is my putting grip so I use that I hold the club kind of in
the front pad up here on on here and then I just put this right over here and
I choke down a little a little bit kind of almost to the end of the grip and I’m
just turning my shoulders shoulder swing similar to what you’re doing with your
putter and your tendency might be to put your weight on your back foot really be
conscious of where your weight is be on your front foot the entire time don’t go
back and forth keep that shoulder down a little bit K just just accelerate to the
ball get a good feel for it and if you need to put a stick down just
to make sure you’re going straight back straight through on your target do it do
it there you go that’s your chipping day
that’s it we’re done hopefully this video is helpful and you’re getting
better let me know how your scores are progressing and how your confidence is
growing in your game when you’re playing okay hit that like button subscribe to
the channel if you haven’t done so already love you guys I’ll see you in
the next video you

71 thoughts on “The Best Chipping Drills to Fix Your Golf Game!

  1. Great video. Your tips and drills have helped my game. Can you explain when you would use a hybrid to chip instead of an iron?

  2. Hey MattGreat stuff love the 5 stroke challenge. I am up to 30 in a row for 3ft circles. It has really improved the putting game.Do you have any advice for the mental aspect of the game? I can execute the drills really well on the range but when I am on the course playing it doesn't seem to translate. I am assuming it the mental game that needs practice but not sure. Any Advice Thanks once again great stuff

  3. I like the grip to lay between the 2 palm pads of my left or upper hand for chipping and short greenside pitch shots!?

  4. there is no doubt that everyone should learn this shot. but if you are talking percentages of the average golfer making this shot it would be quite low from this distance. you would be much better off using a 8 iron and going with a pump and run shot.

  5. Net 71 on my round today. That's two in a row. Still can improve consistency in my irons and with driver as I game some of the things I've learned from this practice series.

  6. Was leaving everything short today – glad for the practice – the bump and run with the hybrid sure helped my confidence with that shot. Maybe will start to use it instead of the putter when more than inches off the green.

  7. You weren’t kidding about the difference between the first two drills. My accuracy skyrocketed after trying to hit those open face ones. Contact on these shots is getting much much better.

  8. Used the flop shot successfully twice today. Love it. Would be helpful to see your ball position (face on view) when you are showing different shots. Thanks

  9. Spent a couple hours working on this on the weekend. Tough drill with the open 60 off tight lie but seems to have helped, I have a lot more confidence with the square ones. Thanks

  10. Is this not a really high tariff shot to play? The safer option is a) putter if possible then b) putting stroke with a PW/9/8 iron is it not? For me this would only come into play if I was well below the height of the green and the bump and run wasn’t an option

  11. Lots of fun doing the drills around the green, for me it was always a weakness and now its a strength due to time practicing. Took me about 6 months of practice though, slow learner LOL.
    Now for the bunker play that's my next challenge :-).

  12. I have a question about the left leg. If you bend the leg, the height may vary depending upon how you bend it. So, you may thin or chunk the shot. Should you straight it before the hit so the height is constant? Thanks,

  13. There are problems like grounding and topping the ball in the chip shots. Using the mat is easier to hit than in the grass. So, I think you forgot the steady level of your hands to avoid grounding and topping.

  14. Thanks for the video, but I am really having trouble with the tight lies. I try to use the bounce and continue to blade or duff it about 6 inches in front of me. What about hitting the ball first instead of sliding the bounce under the ball? Thanks again.

  15. Hi MrShortGame I have been practicing my short game a lot because of you and I am getting better feel. Still need to improve and on that note in your opinion for a mid handicapper does it matter what type of ball to use for example high performance ball or a Titleist Tour Soft type of ball.

  16. i wish i could watch this, cause my chipping sucks balls. but the way he walks up to camera and talks like he is gargling peanutbutter in the back of his throat is so off putting that i found myself pausing the video every 10 seconds to text some friends or find anything to avoid the video until i realized 4:20 seconds in that i just cannot finish this video.

  17. Been practicing short game a lot. How much? Practically every day. I tend to want to plant both feet at a left angle to feel more stable and easier to turn left for a relaxed follow-through. Help me understand the forward weight on the left foot. I always feel off balance. Thanks very much. Like your candid approach.

  18. Thank you! Great series. Scores already coming down! Looking to get a 60 degree wedge. How many degrees of bounce on yours in this video?

  19. if the balls in the center of your stance whats the point of putting your weight forward seems like it might get you to deloft the club somewhat

  20. Wouldn't you just play a low chip? The ball is Right on The Fringe. I'm not seeing why you would want to get that much air for that shot

  21. Just saw your 'The Best Chipping Drills to Fix Your Golf Game!' Video. Yes, I practice this as I chip 10 times a round. I'm conscious of my weight being on the forward side … so my club handle always forward of the club head; even after contact. This helps me avoid 'chilly dipping', my weight going on my back foot, and it focuses me to see the loft of the club lift the ball. Now …. it appears your right hand pushes forward passed your left after contact. I Can you explain.

  22. Thanks you for your golf tips you are very good and I can understand your English. Im getting old and its time to take up golf. My soninlaw is a plus2 and he has motivated me to start playing. Ive lived on this golf course for 30 years and this is my 1st season pass $600 includes cart maybe one of golfs best deal..the Jerry Ford Open was played here Jack Nicolaus couldn't score on this course shot over 80.

  23. I'd love to have seen you hit a few if those fat as that's what happens me a lot and I just want to see others do it to make me feel a bit better , I can't fkn chip

  24. Thank you so much for this video! My chipping has been my weakest part of my game for the longest time until watching this video and working on these drills. Now I can walk up to just about any shot with confidence! Thanks again!!

  25. Something I do.. Open the face.. When you come thru, keep your right wrist clocked… Come thru without uncocking.. All shoulders!

  26. Mr Short Game: You are the man. I love all your videos. You have helped my game so much it’s ridiculous! My friends and family can’t believe my progress. Thank you!! Mike “49”

  27. My goal this summer was get under 80 it’s mid July and shot 74 the other day! You shortgame were a big part of that happening my online teacher ty Sir! ✌️????‍♂️?⛳️

  28. Chipping used to be my "par saver" stroke until last year. I replaced my wedges with the Cleveland CBX wedges and thought I needed to go through an adjustment period with the new wedges. Well, needless to say, IT WASN'T THE NEW WEDGES! Watched this video 5 TIMES and took my wedges to the range this week. Wow! All I can say is "WOW". Found it was me, not the clubs (now isn't THAT surprising!). It all came down to basics: playing off the inside of right foot, keeping feet together and knees bent, leaning SLIGHTLY forward, hands over left pocket. That's all it took! Chipping like a crazy man now! Saved par on at least 4 holes yesterday. Thanks for the tip–you are a BEAST! Watched the video again today and wrote everything down just to keep these setup thoughts in my head.

  29. Will definitely try both methods for short chips – open and square club face. You're right, getting up and down is critical. The pros aren't always hitting fairways and greens. But their ability to get up and down is amazing to watch. The only question for you is do you have a different swing length for open vs. square club face for shorter chips? I couldn't tell from the video. I'm guessing shorter swings for square club face?

  30. When you chip do you use left or right hand as your dominant hand. For my regular iron shots I use left hand dominate but for my putting I use right. Still trying to figure it out for chipping. I play right handed clubs.

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