The Battered Bastards of Baseball | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[Todd Field]Long before steroids
and multi-million dollar contracts,
there was a truly independent ball club,a bunch of guys who were hopeless dreamers
looking for a second chance.
In short…the best kind of people. [Carren Woods]When we first heard
about Bing Russell,
there was this buzz about,
“Well, who’s Bing Russell?”
[Field]And he was in
The Magnificent Seven
and he’s the sheriff on Bonanza. My dad got killed 126 times,
I think it was. [Field]Why would Bing Russell
come to Portland?
Bing was out to prove that
independent baseball could work. [Bob Richmond]And I think we charged Bing
$500 for the franchise.
[Kurt Russell]So we started from scratch.“We’re going to have open tryouts.”“Show us for the fools that we are
coming from Hollywood.” [Frank Peters]You’d expect maybe
40 or 50 people to show up,
and I think 300 showed up. [Woods]Guys who drove
clear across the country
and sacrificed this or sold thisjust for the chance
to come and try out for the team.
I don’t care about the money.
I just want to play ball. [Field]There was no press handlers.There was no groomed image.There were just these furry, hairy, funny,
great bunch of guys…
[bat cracking]…and the things that happened
on the field were absolutely insane.
[bat cracking] [Woods]Organized baseball
didn’t like Bing
and they did everything they could
to make sure Bing didn’t win.
[bat cracking] [Kurt]He couldn’t stand them.They couldn’t stand him. Portland is the greatest
baseball city in the world. [Field]We broke attendance records
in the entire Minor Leagues that year.
[Rob Nelson]We really emphasized fun.[Richmond]The fans loved it.[Field]I’ve never seen a ball teamand fans behave the way
they did with the Mavericks.
[Kurt]He created the most successful team
in the history of Minor League Baseball.
[bat cracking] “This is gonna be magic.”

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