The Basics of Baseball : The Infield in Baseball

BEN GRAHAM: Let’s take a walk around the infield.
We’ll start out at first base. This is where it would normally be. Now, right now we’re
filming this on a public baseball field and when there’s no organized games, they do remove
the bases to prevent theft or damage from the weather or the elements, whatever. Well,
this is where the first base would be. It’s 90 feet from home plate; it would be right
in front of me. All the bases are separated by 90 feet. It’s 90 feet from home to first,
from first to second, second to third, and third to home, and makes a perfect square.
Now, there will be a first baseman playing in this position, which we’ll get into the
positions a little bit later. And the first base side is the right side of the field.
And we’re going to walk to second and it’s considered up the middle. Second base is flanked
on either side by a second baseman and a shortstop. The second baseman plays on the right side
of the field; the shortstop plays on the left side of the field. It’s exact directly in
front of home plate. And again, when you talk about field positions, we’re talking about
from the batter’s perspective. As we round second and we head toward third, we’ll pass
the shortstop who would normally play about right here, getting into the realm of the
third baseman. Third base is again 90 feet from home plate. It’s on the left side of
the field from the batter’s perspective on the infield. And as we round third base, we’re
heading for home, we’re about to score our first run of the game, and we’re going to
come to the plate. The plate is probably the most important place on the baseball field
because it’s where the offense starts and ultimately where the offense ends if you’re
going to score enough to win the game. So here we are after travelling 360 feet from
where we began. We’ve taken our first trip around the infield in baseball.

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