The Basics of Baseball : A Brief History of Baseball

BEN GRAHAM: The exact origins of the game
of baseball are debatable. We know that in this country, it’s been played on an organized
level since the late 1800s, and played professionally here since about that time. Two leagues, the
original what we now know as the American League, we also had the Negro Leagues at the
time. There was also evidence that baseball, or a game similar to baseball was played by
Native American tribes, they used sticks and various balls made out of different materials.
So, the game that somewhat resembles what we have today. Also, taking back to the English
game of cricket, there’s a lot of similarities between that game and the game of baseball.
Pitching, hitting a ball, using a bat, using a mitt to field. And also, even going back
to Genghis Khan and the Mongols, they played a game similar to baseball mounted on horseback.
What we know today, Major League Baseball, is probably what you are the most familiar
with, that’s split into two leagues, the American and the National League. The American League
is, often times, called “The Senior Circuit.” That was the original league in baseball.
The National League was added several decades later as the game expanded. The game of baseball
has pretty much remained unchanged in this country since it’s inception, basic tools
are a ball, a glove, a bat, and obviously bases, which you may be able to see right
here in front of me at home plate. And that’s a brief history of baseball.

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