The Apostle (4/10) Movie CLIP – One for the Road (1997) HD

[Crowd Cheering] [Man] Come on, Bobbie.
Bring him home, Bobbie. Bring him home.
Let’s go, Bobbie. [Man]
Good eye. Good eye. Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie. [Jessie]
Keep your eye on the ball. [Boy]
Yeah, hit that ball! Come on, Bobbie. Come on, Bobbie.
Come on, Bobbie. Come on, Bobbie. I really wish
you hadn’t come here. I come here to see my beauties,
Mrs. Jesus He’s All Right Dewey, if that’s all right
with you. – Everything all right here?
– Everything’s in order, Rodney. I’ll go get ’em.
Y’all stay here. Right on, Your Highness.
Right on. You feel all right? I feel about as good as I’ve ever felt
in my life thus far, Rodney. Yeah, I do. Sonny, why don’t you
just stay here, you know? And my… my name’s
not Rodney. Well, I want to see my beauties,
if you don’t mind, okay? Sonny, listen to me. I’m really
and truly sorry about what’s
happened here; I really am. Well, let me tell you somethin’. Why don’t you just butt outta here
before I take my… my boot here… and tear you out another asshole
right where your nose is at,
you understand me? All right? – Sonny, there ain’t no call
for that kind of talk now.
– We’ll see about that. Come on. Let’s go.
Let’s everybody go home now. – Let’s everybody…
– Y’all go ahead and play. I’m sorry to break up
the party here. Come on. Let’s go, now. – Here. Give me that.
– [Crowd Gasps] One for the road, Rodney.
One for the road. What’s the matter with you?
[Screaming] Let’s go home now.
Let’s go home now. [Jessie, Children Screaming] Come on, everybody. Move. You wanna go with me?
Wanna go with me? Baby, give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss, babe. Come on. [Woman] Oh, God. We plead
Your mercy, Lord. Your mercy, Lord. In the name of Jesus.
Hallelujah, Jesus. [Praying Continues]

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  1. Is that considered murder or manslaughter? Being that the dude did die later as a result of that whack. Was there an intent to just hit him and not kill him? Just curious how the law sees that. Not to mention lots and lots of witnesses can corroborate this. And what degree of murder would this be?

  2. Such a tragic scene, and one all too easy to identify with…that single moment of blind rage you can never take back.

  3. I've known a number of preachers just like Sonny.  Desperate to keep feeding the illusion that 'all is well' with the family and within relationships..    And when they can no longer keep it behind the veil…   they lose it.  (perhaps not as violently as in this scene, but eventually something has to give.)
    Duvall's performance was amazing.

  4. For the person who asked what kind of murder this would be, clearly it would be manslaughter probably in the 3rd degree, he did not intend to kill him, but yes, it would be manslaughter.

  5. Don't fuck with the preacher man!!!  An Idea driven man is the most dangerous, especially when the idea is his faith.  Sonny is working from an inspiration, the fact that he calls the guy by the wrong name is all the truth in the world. That guy is a pussy hound and Sonny is a spiritual/idea soldier.

  6. I am really glad I watched this part today. I was feeling rather crummy but watching this reminded me of how much sin can screw your life up!

  7. One of the best films ever produced! I'm not Christian, but this movie is extremely meaningful. A man who had built up his own church and congregation, only to have it taken away along with his children and home by his adulterous wife and her boyfriend, let's his emotions get the better of him. Commits murder. He leaves, ends up in Louisiana, and finds a way to help people with nothing but his faith and love. Like he's finishing what he had started before the "devil" ruined his life. And before they can lock him up for life. But you're left thinking he's gonna do fine in prison and touch even more lives. The Apostle was a perfect title. It captivated me.

  8. The man he killed was an adulterer and family wrecker. It was murder for sure yet I don't feel that sorry for him. You never mess with another man's wife or family. Adultery is a common but evil offense and sin. It should be made a criminal offense.

  9. I'm not saying that Horace deserved to get a bat to the head, but when an angry drunk guy whose wife you are screwing tells you to back off, then it might be a good idea to pay attention.

  10. I guess it's some testament to Duvall's performance that so many here find him sympathetic, but…come on. Not only didn't the other guy deserve the bat to the head, but I'm surprised no one is trying to see the wife's side. Does this violence and bullying (dragging her across the field) seem like the isolated behavior of a bad day, rather than character pathology? Do you imagine their marriage up until the point she cheated on him was a happy one? (He admits elsewhere in the film that he was a womanizer.) Everything we see suggests the kind of abusive guy you'd be advising a friend of yours to leave.

  11. much like the book of job, everything was taken from him. the lives he impacted present themselves just as the self-righteous pharisees in Christ's day. despite his sinful nature, he stood redwoods above the piece of shit that was fucking his wife. this movie is life.

  12. I had the pleasure of hanging with my mother while she was a consultant for this classic movie..Mr Duvall is a very nice man.& this movie echoes real life for a lot of people

  13. Both Sonny and Horace reaped the harvest of the seed they sowed. For years, Sonny had been a womanizer and a wife beater. This obviously influenced Jessie to look for the love she should have received from Sonny elsewhere and to take the church they founded from him. As a result, Sonny ends up killing her lover and ultimately spending the rest of his life in jail. Indeed, Jessie was wrong for what she did however Sonny had it coming and only received the harvest of the seed he planted. As for Horace, he put himself in jeopardy when he decided to have an affair with his pastor's wife along with helping her take the church away from him. As a minister, Horace should have recognized his actions were out of order and that Sonny would want to kill him for stealing his wife and church. Sonny was flat wrong for killing Horace however he also had it coming because of the seed he planted.

    They both reaped what they sowed. That is the lesson to receive from this scene.

  14. Well, Duvall was known to womanize in every town. It got back to his wife and the strain was too much. She told him it was over.

  15. Things h/n changed ONE BIT in the AR-LA-MS small churches! We worship our Lord but dont come asking for trouble cuz most R packin w/fists/guns even during worship "services"! Amen!

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