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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario. Ittipat has asked us a question about the different terminology of a loop and a topspin. I think of a loop as being a slower spinnier ball but other people think of that as just a topspin.
Some people also use the terminology of a loop drive which is probably just a faster topspin. So don’t get too hung up on the terminology.
Let’s just focus on the fact that they’re all
generating topspin on it. So we’re just going have different types of topspin. One can
be a slower a topspin, one can be a faster topspin and as you’re
learning just learn those different variations and
see if you can start to adjust and play with different variations of topspin

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  1. I call it a HYPER-LOOP. When its a faster loop. The kind where it arcs really low over the net and has massive spin.
    I call it a SLOW-LOOP when it has a higher arc with a slower trajectory with massive spin.
    I consider the topspin and drive stroke the same thing. 
    A LOOP-DRIVE is a stroke with the same motion as a loop but a flat contact with more speed and less spin.

  2. In general i think of a loop as using the friction of the rubber to send the ball over the net and less smacking contact of the blade. A brushing motion using the rubber.

    A "topspin" or "drive" stroke is using a flat contact to add slight topspin but more speed to the ball. This relies on gravity to bring the ball down, not topspin.

  3. Can you please help which rubber to choose for looping, 2.2 mm or 2 mm? Should it be soft or medium hard, I face a lot of difficulty in looping backspin returns even after changing my bats angle.

  4. Topspin is a ball rotate type. Loops are technical term of it.
    Loop is a topspin for attack low ball or counter backspin.
    Loop Drive is a faster loop.
    Loop Kill is a super fast loop or loop smash.

  5. Hi Alois kindly make a video on loop kill where the we can understand the racket angle and contact point for counter the loop with heavy spin which is generally produced while opening

  6. thanks a lot. I'm not a native speaker and I often had the problem with the vocabulary when I watched videos or read articles/books.

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